Goosebump a thon #56: The Curse of Camp Cold Lake

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The curse of camp Cold Lake


Cover: FUCK. YES. It’s creepy, well detailed, and graphic for the series. Love it.

Front Tagline:  “Last one in is a rotten…ghost!”

Back Tagline:  “Sink or…sink”



Sarah Maas hates water, hates sports, hates camp,-

My kind of woman!

– yet tragically finds herself at a water sports camp.  Her parents made her do it.

Sarah’s younger brother, Aaron, is popular and easily makes friends. . Sarah has trouble making friends at camp. She forces Briana, one of her bunkmates, to give up her bunk because she won’t sleep under a window. Through this, she apologizes and shows that she doesn’t want flies bugging her.

Meg says she (meg) is too short, and Sara says she gets picked on for being tall

“Boo hoo, would you rather be a shrimp?!”

…what a bitch! That came out of nowhere!

Sarah follows that by accidentally picking up Jan’s bag, spilling out her asthma medicine and revealing that medical secret to the whole bunk. Woops.

Jan, Meg, and briana tell her, at the campfire that night, that some boys put fireworks in the fire, she yells…and it turns out  it was a prank.

The fuck? She’s made like two mistakes, and it was clearly obvous, since she apologized. I mean, seriously!

. Sarah runs away screaming and the entire camp laughs at her. Wow, this camp just breeds asshole. Then the girls offer to make up with her, but this too is a ploy to simply place a snake on her back.

Okay, these chicks can fucking rot In hell.For some reason, Sarah is not a well liked character among the fandom. I guess everyone ignore the bits where everyone IS AN ASSHOLE  TO HER FOR NO DAMN REASON.

The two main camp counselors, Richard and Liz, present the camp’s water safety rules. You know, besides Sarah, I can’t find a single good character.

“Liz wore  denim cutoffs and a half-shirt,. The boys Whistled”


Liz is all business and starts rattling off the twenty-item swimming safety list.  This bugs the kids, since two rules about water Is dumb.

Liz emphasizes that the most important rule is to follow the Buddy System when going anywhere near the water. Liz proceeds to hammer home the importance of always going out in the water with another partner. Richard follows this by leading the camp in song. After the bonfire, Sarah races off into the woods and scoops some spiders into her flashlight, screwing the top over the creepy crawlies. Her plan is to place the spiders under the covers of Meg and Briana’s beds…fuck yeah!

I think Troy asked why we should root for someone who does this. Sure, this isn’t a good way to react….but she has done very little to piss people off and they are HORRIBLE to be for no reason. They deserve it!

After she makes it back to the empty cabin, Jan catches her tucking back the covers on Meg’s bed and tattles once the girls get bitten by spiders.

Now completely shunned by the camp, Sarah eats breakfast alone the next morning. At canoe class, no one will be Sarah’s partner and she tells liz this, and jan becomes her partner.  Out in the boat, Jan …tips over the canoe on purpose?

“You ruined my summer. Now everyone knows I have asthma”

What. The .FUCK.

She reveals you have asthma. So you TIP THE CAMEO?!. FUCK YOU. That’s bullshit! I mean, yeah maybe you are meant to hate her, but it’s written In a way that doesn’t fit.

Plus, this has the worst bully motivation EVER. I mean really? She does that and you fuck her over?

This is a great representation of people with asthma, am I right?

Jan then tells liz that Sarah did it. Oh my god this chick needs to die.

That night at the campfire, Liz tells a big speech about saftey, since sarah fell and stuff. Jan glares at her…


Sarah  tells her brother that she’s going to run through the woods to the small town on the other side of the camp and call their parents to pick them up. Aaron reminds Sarah that the camp counselors specifically warned against walking in the dangerous woods.

Sarah gives up on the running away plan and hatches a new plan: she’ll go out into the water during free swim and pretend to drown. Since she can hold her breath for a long time, she’ll just go hang around at the bottom of the lake for a few minutes, then float back up. Since no one will be her buddy, she convinces Liz to let her swim alone.

“I know I set up a buddy system…but go ahead”

Sarah enacts her drowning plan. As soon as she makes it back to the surface of the water, she can tell something’s wrong with the campgrounds. Though it was summer when she went under, the air is a lot colder and all the leaves have fallen off the trees. What’s more, there doesn’t seem to be any other campers around. Sarah swims to shore and exits the cold water, shivering in the bitter air. As she walks around the deserted camp, flakes of snow begin to fall.

Brrr, creepy, well done setting

And behold, as this book kicks into gear and gets GOOD!

The camp is eerily quiet until a single voice catches Sarah’s ear. Sarah encounters the source of the sad song she .. A pale girl wearing all white greets her. The pale girl introduces herself as Della. Della is thrilled that Sarah’s come, because she needs a buddy before she can enter “the Other World.”

Della floats up, revealing that she’s a ghost, and that Sarah too has died. Della tries to bully Sarah into being her buddy but Sarah freaks out and runs towards the water. She swims out as far as she can and is suddenly greeted with liz.

She is giving her mouth to mouth…and the boys are cheering.

No comment.

So yeah, that must have been  a dream,…made by della, as said later.

Liz exclaims she’s alive. She confides that they thought she had died.. So Sarah really did have a drowing scare, and it’s obvious she really was in danger. So what does jan have to say?

he did it for attention”

Fuck you.

But later on, The bunkmates eventually decide that they’ve been too mean to Sarah and offer her a genuine fresh start.

That excuses the canoe thing,…not! That night, Liz makes another speech

“Some campers joke that having so many rules is the curse of camp cold lake!”

PETER: Oh so that’s why its called that.

Everything seems to be going so well until Sarah starts seeing the ghost of Della everywhere around camp. She shows up the campfire, but vanishes when she turns her head. This keeps happening.

At one point she is water skiing. It’s fine…until the boat driver turns her’s della! She jumps ship, but sees the Della driven boat heading to her

“she was going to run  me over”


“then the whirring motors sliced off my head”

Holy shi-

She gets saved by her life jacket. But…della still fully intended to CUT HER HEAD OFF!


Sarah figures that she’s had enough of Della trying to kill her in the water and revives her plan to run away. She runs into Briana on the way to the woods and Briana wishes her good luck. As Sarah makes her way through the forest, she spies Della’s ghost hanging out in a tree and looking very happy. Della tells her that she’ll never leave her; after all she’s her buddy.

Sarah is repulsed and lashes out at Della for trying to drown her just because she herself drowned. Della laughs at this and asks her why Sarah had thought she drowned. Della tells Sarah that the counselor was right, no child has ever drowned at Camp Cold Lake. After all, how could anyone drown when there are twenty different rules in place to prevent it? No, Della had wandered off into the woods and was bitten by a poisonous snake.

So they have no big rule about the place where a girl died, but 20 rules about a place where no one died. Makes sense to me!

Della explains that she had to make Sarah afraid of the water so that she would try to escape from the camp through the woods. That’s…pretty cool! Props to stine/

There are so many poisonous snakes in the woods that it’s impossible to make your way through without being bitten. Sarah feels a snake wrap itself around her leg. Before the snake can bite her though, a voice cries out, warning that Della is not her buddy: Briana!

Briana rushes over and pulls the snake off of Sarah’s leg and hurls it into the woods. Briana reveals that she went to the camp last year and Della tried to get her to be her buddy, but she resisted. That’s why Briana came back this year, to warn whoever Della targeted next not to be her buddy.

That’s…sweet in a way. Suddenly empowered, Sarah proclaims that even though she hates the camp, she’ll come back next year to warn the next potential victim against being Della’s buddy.  Why is Sarah hated again?

Della howls out in anger and falls off the tree limb, disappearing into the darkness. Wakka wakka!

Twist Ending:

She goes to hug Briana and…she goes right through her!  Briana explains that Della killed her last summer, and the only reason she didn’t become her buddy is because she didn’t like her. Briana then holds up a large poisonous snake and asks Sarah to be her buddy.

Wow, unexpected and  scary.


Briana was being a bitch to Sarah …because she wanted to get her to run away, and thus die from the snake! That means…jan and the other being awful…makes sense!

…nah, that’s dumb. Still a good twist!

TV Episode:  none


Notable Lines:.None

Useless Fact:: none

Final Thoughts: 

This one is…mixed. The first half is meh. Characters are assholes for no reason? No thanks. But then in the 2nd half, it gets good. Interesting story, creepy moments, and a good villain.

It’s sad that the first half is meh cuz if they fixed it, this would be in the top 13. For a late book in the series, it gets creepy, but stine had to add jan…the bitch. I have no idea if she meant to be awful or what. As it stands, this book simply fairly good with a big flaw

Grade: B-

So next up is Deep trouble 2, which is-


I didn’t skip one  nope. Not  at all nada.

I won’t do it. I am not talking about it again. NEVER

…what’s that? I have to?


Join on me next time…as we look at the worst Goosebumps book ever

See ya!


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6 Responses to Goosebump a thon #56: The Curse of Camp Cold Lake

  1. Jatin says:

    What can i do with this book my teacher gave me holiday home work on this what is acknowledgement,context,themes, motifs symbols on this

  2. Jatin says:

    Very useless story

  3. sweetie buttons says:

    I agree with you about Sarah. I never understood why everyone hated her as a character. Everyone was a bitch to her for very little reason.

    • sweetie buttons says:

      Also: I think a way to “fix” the first half is to make Sarah’s bunkmates more justified by making Sarah more of an asshole. Have her actually mock Meg’s height, as opposed to Meg randomly snapping at her, and make her less apologetic about forcing Briana to give up her bed for her and revealing Jan has asthma. And not only that, but have her prank them first by putting spiders in their beds when they didn’t do anything to her, so they decide to get back at her by pranking her back. This escalates for a while until Sarah feels bad about how she’s acted and tries to apologise, but they don’t accept it. That’s when she decides to enact her drowning plan to make people feel sorry or her. Then they accept her apology, and the rest of the book proceeds as normal.

  4. Cartoon Cowboy says:

    Am I the only one who actually thought the girl on the cover of this book was hot? So many found her creepy but to me she was just HOT!

    • sweetie buttons says:

      So are you the one who left that comment about the girl on the cover being hot in the Goosebumps Fetish Fuel page on TV Tropes?

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