Goosebump a thon #48: Attack of the Jack O Lanterns

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Attack of the Jack O Lanterns


Cover:  . I like this one. Nice and halloweeny. I don’t know who these guys are, as there are only two in the book…and no dog. But still, I like it.

Front Tagline: “Put one head in front of the other..”

Back Tagline:  “Pumpkin power!”



The female Drew Brockman absolutely loves Halloween. Unfortunately, her last two Halloweens have ruined by Tabitha Weiss and Lee Winston, two annoying kids who think they can get away with anything. After one scene of drew, we cut to a flashbacl

Two years ago, Drew, along with her friends Walker, and twins Shane and Shana, were targets of a mean prank where Tabby and Lee staged a fake break-in at Lee’s Halloween party

So, do you get that tabby and lee suck? Too bad, FLASHBACK #2!

The year after, Drew planned a scary Halloween party, only to learn that Tabby and Lee were spending Halloween at Lee’s cousin’s.

So…this wasn’t their fault. I mean. It’s not like they knew you’d be getting revenge. They just wanted to do something else. It’s your fault!

What’s worse, the fake slime that Shana had used for the party burned a hole through Drew’s couch.

Still you fault, dude.

So we exit the flashback. The kids head out and find a weird house. The couple asks them to come in and like any idiots, they say yes. They see a bunch of kids in the room

“we want to keep you here…forever

Then…it was all a day dream.

Troy said this, but what the fuck?! You put us through 50 pages of flashbacks and dream scenes? NO! You don’t do that!

So…yeah, back to the present/

. Drew and her friends are planning the ultimate prank to scare Tabby and Lee straight. On Halloween, Shane and Shana tell Drew and Walker to invite Tabby and Lee to go trick-or-treating with them, and the two will meet the other four later on for the prank.

“It’s mean, gross, terrible and shocking…I LIKE IT!”

I sure love main characters who stoop to the bully’s low and never learn a lesson

When Halloween comes, Drew’s mom is reluctant to let Drew go out due to the disappearances of four overweight adults.

Troy says this is a case of actual parenting. Yes, FAT adults vanishing from ANOTHER TOWN is a reason for concern for your kids.

Luckily, Drew’s dad argues that it’s okay for Drew to go out as long as she stays with a group.

They run into tabby and lee, and after a pointless cat scare with some teens, Drew, Walker, Tabby, and Lee head out, and they run into two people dressed in costumes with pumpkin  heads.  Tabby and Lee are convinced that the two are Shane and Shana, for sure.

The two pumpkin headed people take the kids to a street that the kids are sure was never there before, for the purpose of getting lots and lots of candy from the incredibly generous inhabitants. But when it starts to get late, Drew and the others learn that the two pumpkin headed kids will not let them go home, and want them to trick-or-treat forever.

Wait…so the horror of this book…is weird guys making you trick or treat.

I’M SO SCARED!!!1111

Tabby and Lee are still not scared, so they try to take the jack o’lanterns off the two, only when they do, the learn that there is no head beneath them and that the jack o’lanterns are still talking!

That’s a little spooky I guess

As the hours drag on, the two jack o’lanterns force the kids to eat the candy they already have to make room in their bags. This appears to be quite a lot already, since it takes a long time. The pumpkin-headed creatures get impatient and order them to eat faster, leading Tabby to accidentally smear chocolate in her hair.

This scene is so dumb I laugh at it. I mean, you have kids being forced to eat candy by evil pumpkin creatutres!

The children then complain that they are painfully full, but the pumpkin heads continue to demand that they eat every piece that they were given. They plan to take the kids back to the mysterious streets that they were visiting. They wail and summon a circle of creatures that surround the four, and four creatures step into the middle and hold four extra pumpkin heads, one for each child. Tabby and Lee try to escape, only to have pumpkin heads of their own slammed onto their heads. turns out that the two jack-o’-lantern creatures were Shane and Shana, and that the entire ordeal was merely the prank that the four had created to scare Tabby and Lee.

How does this work? Well..

Twist Ending:

“It helps to have two aliens as friends!”

Yes, they are aliens. That is so dumb…it works. I mean, can you think of a better reason for whats going on? So yeah, all the other dudes were friends from the alien planet.

As Shane and Shana prepare to depart, Drew offers them some candy, but the two tell her that their people do not eat candy.

“We only eat really plump adults, so you don’t need to worry”


So…this implies those missing people were eaten by them. Awesome. Why does troy say this is the worst twist ever?! It’s so lame, it’s amazing!

TV Episode:  

No flashbacks, but the dream is there. Besides that, the bulk of the story stays about the same. The writers clearly knew this book was goofy, so they made the pumpkins as hammy and funny as possible.

They also change it so walker DOESN’T Know about the aliens, but Drew does. Oh, and shane/shana had moved out before, but In  the ep they are visiing. So their alien thing fits a bit more.

Oh, and you get to see their real alien form. And…

I love this show

Notable Lines:

“Lee is African American, and he sort of struts and acts real cool”

Useless Fact: In the Episode, the girl who plays Drew went on to voice Candy on Dave the barbarian. Oh, and she was Kim in the piano episode.

And some chick on the magic school bus.

Final Thoughts:

Much like MB 2, this was so bad it’s good. But unllike MB 2, it isn’t  awful. The 2nd half has cheesy monsters,  dumb events, and some really goofy dialogue. The ending is so dumb it works. The first half just sucks. Nothing but pointless flashbacks. We get the point, can we move on?! I would give this a B but the first half was so dull I have to bring it  down. But still, this book is fun.

Grade: C+

See ya!


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