Top 4 Worst Spongebob Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love Spongebob.

It’s been a huge part of my childhood for years, and I just love it. The writing is great, the characters are memorable, and it has a big emotional staying power.

There’s a reason Nick has kept it on for so long. It’s meant a lot to me, and lots of other kids. Sure, maybe 9 seasons Is a bit much, but at its core, it’s still a great show


It’s not safe from stinkers

Let’s face it, every show has a bad episode. And Spongebob is no exception.

I may defend post movie ,but let’s face it, the writers became more prone to insane plots, dumb jokes, and gross out humor.

This show may be a fave for me, but I admit it can get pretty bad. I mean, it’s not awful for most of it, and it sure as hell is better than other shows. I’ve seen worse.

But still, it has bad episodes. but which are the worst? Well…you know what this means

This is the, Top 4 Worst Spongebob Episodes


Why top 4? Cuz screw you.

But seriously, i just really wanted to admit I dislike some episodes, I only found 4. But Squidwood was quite close to making it a top 5…


4.All that glitters

I put this at the bottom, since it’s not THAT awful, but it’s still weird and dumb

Spongebob breaks his spatula,  and he buys a new, fancier one. Now, that’s a decent idea and it could have been done very well.

And at some points, it works. But for the most part…it doesn’t

My main problem is it’s odd humor. Look, surreal humor can work well. But this is not the way to do it. The first big joke is spongebob crying over his spatula. For like 2 solid minutes. That’s it. He cries at the KK, he cries in the bathroom, and cuts to him crying at many different places. Sure it starts out funny, but it gets really annoying.

But there are two good jokes in this scene.

  1. Patrick randomly pops up and cries with him
  2.  Spongebob cries at a therapist…and it pauses so he can say “go on”

Then it gets annoying again. But it gets worse, guys

There’s one overly long gag where SB tries to buy the new fancy spatula from a dude, and he keeps showing him stuff to add to his overall amount to buy it. At one point you just want the guy to tell SB to fuck off.

But that’s not the worst part

He sells his clothes. He’s naked for the rest of the episode

Sorry writers, but nudity isn’’t funny when the only joke is LOLHE’SNAKED. It’s funny at first but….you get the idea

A joke that is funny on paper is the running gag of SB’s relationship with the spatula being….well…kind of sexual. At every turn we have a gag that sounds like he cheated on someone. Heck, the entire section where the new spatula declines Spongebob is..icky. it’s funny on paper, but I don’t know, it just seems dumb on screen. It starts out like a clever route but then it comes to a stupid head in the climax.

To be fair, there is a funny gag about this doctor at the hospital being an ACTOR and later on, when SB visits the spatula…don’t ask..

“I have bad news”

“you mean she’s…gone?”

“oh no, i…DIDN’T THE PART?!”

I admit, that’s funny

But uh…why is the spatula alive? Eh, I’ll let it slide. After all, if they’re underwater how can they make fire?

SB tells spatula about some stuff, but she’s like lol no. then he freaking cries again!


Another Spongebob pops up from the bottom of the screen and says “all that glitters is not gold” is goes away..


I know this show has surreal humor but that’s pushing it!

So yeah…then it gets odd as they hook up in the strangest way. Again, I hate to sound like a broken record, but it just comes across as really dumb. I mean, yes the idea itself is funny and it isn’t awful, but it’s just dumb.

This one isn’t mind blowingly awul or anything, but it isn’t very good. It has a few amusing jokes here and there, and a interesting idea.

But thanks to some overerly long gags, shit that makes no sense, and lack of real emotion, this one is just dumb

All That glitters, is not gold, neither is it this hunk or dumb.

3. Dear Vikings   

I admit, this one is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but it’s still incredibly bad

Krusty krab starts a  Viking promotion because…why not. Spongebob takes interest in Vikings because…why not.  He mails a letter simply saying Dear Vikings, and by luck some Vikings do find it. Why are Vikings in bikini bottom? No idea.

They read his letter, and come to the KK and kidnap Spongebob and Squidward and make them join their crew. Yeah, they’ve done an episode with Spongebob joining a crew be-‘

Oh yeah

so what is this episodes main problem? It makes NO SENSE AT ALL

look, I said before I love odd humor. But this isn’t just odd humor, it’s typical stuff but…it’s the way it’s written that bugs me

first, why a Viking promotion? I mean, I know he wants to mix things up for money, but does anyone care THAT much about Vikings?

2nd why do they capture them? They don’t need to do it at all! I mean, they never really do anything with them, so it’s kind of pointless

It’s hard to sum up why this epsidoe isn’t that good.

Maybe cuz  it’s really boring and has nothing imaginative or fun. It just needed some OMPHH, ya know?

There weren’t any jokes  I liked, since they barely even make a joke! There is one amusing gag about the viking’s names, but that’s about it!

I really wish I could go indepth on why I don’t like this episode, but I can’t/. I will point that it has an abrupt ending, with Spongebob plugging up  the boat’s hole, and saying “that was a Viking size adventure!”

Yes, they don’t escape the Vikings. They don’t get home. The main conlict is not resolved

So it’s one heaping pile Of BLAM!

This was a tough one to watch, and it’s even tough to write about.

But hey, at least it wasn’t nominated for an emmy!

I know.

It’s just a lame plot tied with a lame jokes. It’s not really awful as much as it is really freaking lame.

In short, I’d rather lose my head…literally!

  1. 3.    That’s no Lady 


Season 4 is my least fave season, and this episode only cements that

Patrick bumps into a guy who yells “get out of town!” and thus he thinks it’s a killer, so he disguises as a lady to hide.

The joke is that the killer was just selling a vacation, which we see right from the start. Way to give away the punchline, writers.

Oh, and then Mr krabs falls in love with “her” and gets her a job at the krusty krab. Oh god..

Yeah, it’s that old cliché where a characters dresses a woman and a dude falls in love with her. I don’t quite mind this cliché but it’s used way too much

How many guys are gonna fall for really ugly woman that are really men?

Actually this may be the most realistic episode.

But yeah, this episode stinks because it is dumb and cliché. Plus, I really don’t like Patrick in a dress. Green is SO not his color.

Wait…his pants are..

Never mind.

When squidward (!) and Mr K start to love him, it goes downhill. I know it’s meant to be creepy, but this goes way too far. I mean really, it’s sickening to see them come on to her like this

We have these guys wanting to fuck Patrick in a dress. I’m sorry, but that is not funny.  Men dressed as women can be funny, but when your only joke is literally “HE’SAWOMANANDHE’SGROSS”, that doesn’t work

It’s a one joke premise that goes nowhere.

Oh, and at the end, Patrick finds out the dude wasn’t a killer, he takes his clothes off, showing his nakedness.

What is with these writers obsession with nakedness?! It’s not funny!

Seeing him naked made my eyes burn

But it does lead to the only funny joke?: Squid and Krabs being utterly disgusted.

“Anyone needs me I’ll be in my office for the next 20 years or so”

That is funny

But once again, I don’t have much to say. It’s a really lame idea, in the lamest fashion. It’s dumb, gross, cliché, and un funny

That’s no lady, is no good episode.

Those are some bad eggs, but what episode tops them all?

The worst Spongebob episode is…

1.    Pet or Pests



Okay, I’ll calm down but…ugh, is this one BAD.

First, the title is odd. In the episode, there are many pets, which becomes pests. But the title suggests ONE pet turns into many pests.

But that’s the least of the episodes problems.

SpongeBob adopts a stray worm who gives birth to worm babies overnight. When the mommy runs off, he has to take of the babies

Tell me if you’ve seen this done in Spongebob before. Yep, it’s a combo of Dumped and “Rock a bye Bivalve” just without the gay subtext.

So it has  strike for being a rehash with no imagination. But it gets worse. Far worse. First, the worms spew out green slime. Yep, it’s a gross out episode!

Don’t you want to see 11 minutes of these guys?

It’s gross out humor at it’s worst. The only joke is that they are gross. That’s it. It’s awful. I seriously can’t watch this episode without getting grossed out.
My reason for hating this episode is as simple as it could be. It Is gross, it’s been done, it’s unfunny, it’s lame, may I go on?

And some stuff makes no sense!

Like at one point, the babies end up in front of a boat. So of course…he goes inside the boat and wires it to slow down.

Uh….i guess he couldn’t PUSH THEM OUT OF THE WAY!

Yeah, It’s almost cool that he did that (Tv tropes lists it as a crowning moment of awesome) but I don’t know. Him pushing them would have been just as cool to me.

Rule of cool at it’s worst.

Yeah, it’s nothing but gross out jokes. It’s sickening. Even the splinter had more to offer. This? Less so.

But there is one joke I laughed at/

Spongebob tells Patrick they need to do something…but midsentence he vanishes. Meaning he was like “fuck that’ and went home. That’s funny.

But when the dumbest character wants nothing to do with this episode, you know it’s bad!

At the end, it turns out it’s a rare worm and their acid spit is valuable…so they sell it at the krusty krab. End.


This was the first episode I hated on my first viewing. The other 3 took awile to sink in for me. When I first finished this, I wanted to punch someone.

If you can believe it, the same writer who did Dear Vikings was behind this. His name is Aaron Springer, and he has been known to be one of the most hated writers on the show. (We’ll get to the most hated ones some other time)

His episodes are mediocre at best.

Recently, he’s done funny episodes like “Glove world RIP” , but normally, he sucks. I mean, what other episodes has he done?



How  can you go from that…to this?! No idea. This episode is gross, unfunny, and has nothing to offer.

Pet or Pests, is a huge pest.

Ugh, I need a break. Overall, i Stil love this show but if we get more episodes like these, i don’t want it go on any longer.

See ya


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