Goosebump a thon #43: The beast from the East

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The Beast From the East


Cover:  It’s very cool and well-drawn…but the beast looks more cute than scary. I wanna hug it.

Front Tagline: “He’s a real animal!”

Back Tagline: “Every beast for himself!”


In  a rare  case, I DO own the book, but the summary on the GB wiki is sparse. Guess I gotta get up and take the book out…

Ginger, and her twin brothers Nat and Pat are on a camping trip with their parents. The twins are always causing trouble, and at one point, Dad suggests they go on their own to relax

“Try and lose them, heh”


They get lose, but pat ends up running off. They spot a bunch  of beasts. They try  to hide, but they see them anyway and..

“Tag, you’re it!”

They act as if they should know what’s going, but they explain anyway. They are playing a game called, you guessed it, Egg monsters from mars,

The two beats introduce themselves as Fleg and Spork. Spork has a missing eye and just an empty socket…and he keeps picking at it during the book . Brrrr…

Wow, the first image in a GB book to…creep me out. Seriously, whenever I think of that…whoa

So they figure out that this is like hide and seek, just with beasts. (they say tag, but it feels more like hide and seek to me). They tell the kids that the losers gets eaten.

Yay, scary idea!

Oh, and they have their own language, though they can speak any language they want.





Back to the book

The game starts and it’s time for a fun but silly/random book of insanity. Oh, and they say later on this is an. “other world., as shown by the…well you’ll see.

They run off, and end up trapped in vines…that are actually snakes. Why didn’t it have to be vines?

I love subverting your expectations

Fleg shows up and tells them they got a bunch of points. “double snake eyes”

Does the points thing go anywhere?

Of course not,

He tickles the snakes, and sets them free. He runs off and only now do the kids get this is like tag. Gee, it’s not like they said “tag, you’re it!”

Nat climbs up a tree to see if he can spot a beast. The tree comes to life. What/

“maybe it’s tickiish…like the snakes”

This works. ..this is dumb I kind of like it.

Nat still saw a beast and they head to where he is. Nat thinks it’s behind this big rock and jumps behind it, while touching it.

The rock blows up. K

The beasts show up and tell him this is the penalty rock. So in short, they’re making up rules now. Sure, they never say that, but it’s heavily implied. So we have kids playing with monsters, who will eat them, and make up rules to help them win.

For such a goofy book, it has a creepy idea.

This is the scariest game of calvinball ever.

They put him in a cage, and say he will be eaten, unless ginger wins. Ginger runs off…and falls into a pit. The beasts show up and tell her she fell on a free lunch square. They said this earlier, but I  left it out. That means they will eat her…but a cloud passes over, leaving a shadow.

“made In the shade! You’re safe”

K, why not

Eventually, she tricks a beast into getting himself tagged (long story, don’t ask) and now Spork is the beast from the east. After a chase scene, ginger finds pat, who doesn’t believe her about the game. (he didn’t see the beasts, he ran off before they showed off)

Of course, the beasts show up and pat sees they are real. they then run into a squirrel dog.

No, really.

He tells them they can hide in the hiding  cave. As opposed to hiding in the…not…hiding cave. They find out it’s also a hiding cave for bugs, and I admit, this scene is scary if you hate bugs.

They run out when the beasts leave and keep running when..

“Tag, you’re it!”

Fuck, they’re caught.

The two are captured and taken to be eaten

“Today’s Flelday, baroque day!”




So they’re gonna get eaten. All is lost-

Then Nat shows up, as he escaped from his wooden cage by using his brain for once and of course the beasts-

“You doubled!”

LUNA: the nats have been doubled!

So yeah, they think nat did a classic clone (their words, not mine)   which can only be done by level three players.

Wait…shouldn’t they be saying level Zee,  since that means three? PLOT HOLE!

They can now leave, since it’s dark, and level 3 players can’t be eaten after dark, which is why the level one beasts play during the day. So they finally leave…

Twist Ending:

They dumb into a beast

“we’re level 3 players, let us go!’”

“hey, me too! Tag!”


A decent cruel ending, I dig it

TV Episode:  None

Notable Lines: “Hey dinner, stop talking!”

Useless Fact: none

Final Thoughts:


This book is dumb…but fun. I think the concept is good, ginger was a competent protagonist, the beasts were just plain awesome, and I think it had some fun moments. Yes, it’s goofy, yes it has a few problems, but I think it’s a very fun book, that does have a good concept. Sure, it could have been more serious, but this is an idea I think can’ be done seriously in a 118 page Goosebumps book. At the end of day, this is my grade

Grade:  B

See ya!


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  1. Alfred says:

    I love Fleldays

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