Goosebump a thon #37: The Headless Ghost

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Guys,. I am so glad this one is GOOD . I’d go insane if I had to read another awful one.



The Headless Ghost


Cover:  pretty cool.  I like the old timey clothes, which makes it fit the book itself very well.


Front Tagline: “Major headache!’

Back Tagline:  ..i forget. Too lazy to check Blogger beware (don’t own it)



Well…don’t own it, GB wiki is sparse, don’t remember much.

Let’s just do this to the best of my memories.


Duane Comack and Stephanie Alpert love to scare the neighborhood kids. The two twelve year-old best friends are known as the Twin Terrors of Wheeler Falls. They love to see a local tourist attraction, Hill House, where multiple people have died,  and the guides named Otto and Edna give tours of the house, telling the story of Hill House.


Oh, wanna know it? Here!


The house was built two hundred years ago by a sea captain. On the day construction finished, the captain was called out to sea, leaving his wife behind in the big dark house all by herself. He never came back from his voyage in the flesh, but a year after he left, his ghost appeared in the house to see his bride. Calling out “Annabel!” over and over, he got no response, as his wife had fled the house in his absence. Over the next hundred years, families would report hearing the ghost crying out for his Annabel until the day the Craw family moved in. Thirteen year-old Andrew Craw was a nasty child who would play tricks on his servants and throw cats out of windows. Andrew discovered a secret room in the house. Inside the secret room he found a lit lantern and the ghost of the sea captain. Andrew tried to escape the ghost’s clutches, but the sea captain was irate that his hiding place has been discovered, and so in retribution he pulled off Andrew’s head and hid it in the house. The ghost of the sea captain hollered out for Annabel one more time and then disappeared, leaving behind a new ghost in the mansion, Andrew. Andrew still haunts Hill House, searching every room for his missing head.

One night, they decide to look for the Andrew’s head, to see if the legend is true. They walk away from the group to find it.

And now I must skip most of the book. Oh, I’ll spoil it. But it has some good suspense and good buildup, but it’s done In such a way it’s impossible to recap it while still making my point.

Let’s just say they’re search goes …not well.


Eventually,  they meet a kid named seth on the tour. The two kids tell him of their adventure and he says they’ve been doing it wrong. They should look after dark, when everyone Is gone. So, they do and more great suspense is used.


While they look through the house, they find a dumbwaiter, and seth jumps into another scary story. There was a kid who loved ice cream, and ,made the waiters (RIMSHOT) give up a lot through the dumbwaiter. However, one night it got stuck while going up. He looked down in it…and feel


When the waiter came down, the butler looked and saw the bowl of ice cream was now filled with…the boys eyes



Btw, this story is pointless like all the stories not related to Andrew in this book. They move on and after some stuff, seth takes them to a room they’ve never seen before.

Seth closes and locks the door behind him, trapping the three inside. Stephanie tries to reach the handle but Seth blocks her hand and refuses to step aside. Seth admits that he’s played a little trick on the two kids. His name’s not Seth, it’s Andrew. He’s the ghost who’s haunted the house for a hundred years.



Wait…seth has too much of a head for that


“I took my head off someone else. but I have to give it I need yours, Duane”


Oh. Well okay then


Seth pushes Duane and Stephanie into the back wall of the pantry and just as Seth places his hands on Duane’s head, Duane and Stephanie fall back into the wall, revealing a secret passageway. The two run down the passageway with Seth hot on their heels.

At the end of the concrete hall they find a ladder leading up through a hole in the ceiling. Halfway up the ladder, the whole thing breaks into pieces and sends the two kids hurtling back towards the earth, the ladder crashing into the wall behind them.

On the bed there lies a dim, shimmering head. Duane and Stephanie get very excited, they’ve found Andrew’s head, they’re saved!

They turn their attention back to Seth, who isn’t looking at the head on the bed at all, but at the ceiling above the bed. Duane and Stephanie follow his gaze and see a spectral mass float down from above.

Dressed in ancient clothing, the glowing ghost descends, headless, towards the bed. The ghost picked up the head and placed it on his shoulders. This figure, not Seth, was the real Andrew. Andrew turned around to thank the two children before disappearing into the walls.

…well that was odd. A ghost shows up and isn’t evil? Wow.


Wait….then who is seth?

Otto bursts in and chides his nephew Seth for taking Duane and Stephanie into such a dangerous part of the house, and also for pretending to be a ghost.

So wait…this book has no supernatural  threat…and it’s STILL good?

I think Harold camping was right after all

Duane and Stephanie agree that their scaring days are behind them, and the two kids find new interests.  A month later, the two kids are walking by Hill House and they decide to take another tour, for old time’s sake. Otto happily greets them at the door and calls Edna over.

As the two hosts take the kids on another tour of the house, the two kids realize how their experience has changed them, as they no longer find any scares in the creepy old house.

After the tour, Stephanie and Duane bid the caretakers farewell and make it about halfway down the driveway when a police car pulls up.

 The police officer wants to know what the two kids were doing in the house. Duane explains that they were just taking the tour, but the police officer doesn’t believe them. He explains that Hill House has been closed for three months!

Twist Ending:


. Stephanie looks up and, through the upstairs window, sees the ghostly bodies of Otto and Edna holding lanterns, looking out at the two kids.

Okay, creepy good twist, I’ll admit that

TV Episode:  

I like this one better. Go ahead Troy, burn me on the stake.

First, Sephanie becomes a bitch. Scaring the kids toruing at hill house, and otto actually hates the kids here. Duane is the nice one./

It’s faithful up to when Andrews takes his head back. Otto shows up and then it’s revealed that …seth is the ghost of the kid from the dumbwaiter.

Yay, they gave it a point~!

Otto says he is the ghost of the sea captain. (No edna in this). Then Duane lives to get help, but then Steph is trapped by accident. Otto wants revenge on her for being a bitch,so he makes her a ghost…by painting a picture.


So they stop him (I forget how…thank god this one is airing next Tuesday!) and they run away

The twist is a family buying hill house. Meh.

Still a fun episode. I like how they made a point out of the loose plot threads and I like how steph gets her comeuppance

Notable Lines: sorry Troy, but I have to crib from you. “I swallowed a scream.”

Useless Fact:  none

Final Thoughts:

Okay, I don’t love this one like Troy does…but I still like it. It’s just not for me. It’s the kind of Goosebumps books I want. Hell, even you can’t scare me was my style, but I found it only good. Troy loved that one too.

Clearly we are different in many ways../.

It’s well written, and I like all the classic ghost stories in it, and it sets the mood nicely. I’m just weary of the idea of no danger in the book at all. How are kids, or anyone meant to be entertained by all the Cat scares when they add up to nothing? Don’t get me wrong, it’s still GOOD , I just wish the idea had been made fun like in the episode. I will buy this one if I find it, but it’s just not the best.

Grade:  B-    




See ya!



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