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Shy CarlyBeth was bullied a lot for being a scardey cat. One day, she got sick of it and nabbed a mask from a store. It stuck to her face and tuned her into a monster. She was told the mask was a face made by the shop owner, that turned evil.. she found a symbol of love…a head her mom made for her. She learned her lesson about hiding behind a mask, and everything was fine…until noah put on the mask. Let’s see what happens next!


The Haunted Mask 2


Cover:  pretty cool. I like the gross mask, and how detailed it is. I dig it


Front Tagline: “New face…old nightmare”

Back Tagline: “Just call him prune face!”


As the book opens, Steve is telling the reader about how much he hates first graders

…yes, the asshole bully from the first one is our main character. Well, at least he learned his lesson and that scare made him nice, right?


Steve wanted to let out a squirrel in the girls’ locker room but it escaped and caused chaos in the gym.

…wow, he learned nothing. I can tell this will be a likable character!


s punishment for this, Steve is told by his gym teacher that he can either blow up basketballs in the gym by mouth, or coach first grade soccer.

He should have stuck with the blowing balls thing…that sounded bad.

He chooses to coach. Steve calls the kids animals since they are unruly brats who always torment him. The kids trick him into kicking a concrete soccer ball.

…dead serious. These kids rolled made a ball out of concerte, and painted it and thrse 1st grader, with their painted ball…fool steve.


The hell?

After practice, Steve runs into Chuck and discovers the kids glued feathers to the books in Steve’s book bag.

At the next practice the kids send their fattest member to tackle Steve. Steve declares that he will get the kids back by scaring them.

 Coincidently, at that moment, Carly Beth and her friend Sabrina are walking near Steve and Chuck and the two boys decide to scare them for old time’s sake. The two boys attempt to sneak up on the girls but then they notice that Carly Beth is carrying her decapitated head around… of course it’s really another plaster head made by Carly Beth’s mom.

Carly Beth’s mom.

Steve tries to save face by stealing Carly Beth’s head and playing keep away with it until Carly Beth will tell him where she bought her scary mask from last Halloween. At one point he threatens to drop-kick her head onto a nearby roof.

What a lovable scamp!

She eventually gives up the name of the shop. Steve and Chuck head out for the party supply store where Carly Beth bought her mask. But it’s abandoned!

Luckily the two boys notice that the basement door to the shop has been left open and the two sneak down to steal a mask.

Stealing heads, sneaking into stores…this guy is so awesome, don’t you think?

Chuck initially expresses some concern that maybe they should stay out of the basement, but since he won’t find a sweat man tied up by a plant monster, he goes in and  finds a box full of disgusting and scary masks. Steve finally decides on an old man mask, which in addition to looking hideous, feels and smells hideous.

 The two boys hear footsteps above them from the supposedly abandoned shop, and Chuck ditches his friend Steve, who is now stuck in the basement as the Shopkeeper from the first book clomps down to the basement.

Steve tries explaining to the man that he wasn’t stealing one of his masks, which doesn’t work. Steve offers to buy it, but the shopkeeper will not sell it to him. So Steve makes a break for it and runs out of the basement with the mask.

Oh yay, he stole it. This kid is so amazing. Okay, I’ll stop with this gag.


 He and Chuck run all the way home. Steve doesn’t tell Chuck about the mask, hiding it under his shirt. Once he gets home, Steve thinks he feels the mask bite his stomach.

Figures the mask would act like a real old man.


Steve’s Halloween revenge plan goes into action on the day before Halloween, as he tells his entire first grade soccer team to meet in front of the haunted Carpenter Mansion on Halloween Night to go trick-or-treating together. With his plan set, he goes home to try on the mask, in hopes of scaring his friend Chuck.

However, as soon as he slides the old man mask over his head, it melds to his skin and suddenly he feels tired and starts cackling like an old man.

Yep, it’s already bound to his skin. Way to build up suspense.

After scaring his dog, Steve hears his mom approaching his room. He makes up an excuse about being sick to explain his old man voice and his mom tells him from outside his door that she bought cookies

. After his mom goes away, he tries to make it to the phone which takes several minutes of trying for Steve to be able to hobble in the direction of the phone. Steve reasons that maybe the same thing happened to Carly Beth with her mask and she’ll know how to save him. When Steve calls her house though, he forgets it’s a bad idea to call a little girl when you sound like an old man, and her dad hangs up.

Steve craves oatmeal –

How can a 60 year old writer use old man stereotypes?

-and laments on how he’s outgrown trick-or-treating. Steve’s plan is to act like the old man costume is his Halloween costume so he can leave the house without alarming his parents. Then he’ll go scare the first-graders, then finally find Carly Beth and get the mask removed.

After fooling his parents, we find the only good scene in the book.

 Old Man Steve approaches the rowdy first graders who were waiting for him in front of the mansion, but unfortunately instead of being terrified of him, the kids immediately become considerate and helpful, asking if he’s lost and if they can help him. He attempts to convince him that he’s the ghost of the mansion, but the kids cry out in concern for his safety. Several of the children take turns holding Old Man Steve’s hand as they lead him to Carly Beth’s house.

You read that right. A creepy old dude who is mentioned having a spiders on his face…and these rowdy kids think he’s normal.

That’s funny as hell.

‘ Unfortunately, Old Man Steve looks too much like an old man and Carly Beth thinks he’s the creepy man who prank called her earlier. She runs away to get her dad to call the police. Fortunately, Steve gets Sabrina’s attention and her and Carly Beth, who is dressed in last year’s abandoned duck costume, stop and come back to attend to Steve.

“She wears that duck thing every year”

…no, she bought it in the first book.


Carly Beth recaps the end of the previous book for Steve and tells him he needs to find his own symbol of love to get the mask off.

Wait…what about noah? Did he ever get the mask off? The owner said if anyone else puts It on, it’ll be fotrever. They’re not gonna mention it”?

Fuck this..

Steve thinks he knows of a symbol of love, and the two rush off to Steve’s house. Once inside, Steve’s dog attacks him and Carly Beth has to hold the yapping little dog at arm’s length so Steve can safely move around the house. Steve’s symbol of love was those cookies his mom had bought him. Unfortunately, Steve’s dog ate all the cookies while Steve was out. The dog tries rubbing against Old Man Steve’s leg to get him to pet him. Carly Beth realizes that the dog could be Steve’s symbol of love.

Read that again. The hell?

Steve hugs the dog tight and nothing happens. Carly Beth shrugs her shoulders and figures that maybe it’s different for each mask and it must take something other than a symbol of love for Steve’s mask to come off.

The two trek off to the “abandoned” party shop and sneak into the basement, which is still unlocked.

Where’s the owner? No idea. He says he lives there, yet he doesn’t hear these guys.

Carly Beth pokes around some boxes and finds an old tuxedo suit that looks like it goes with the old man mask. She holds the suit up and suddenly the old man mask floats off Steve’s head and lands on the collar of the suit. The old man is now complete and alive, happily thrashing around in the room as Steve is reverted back to his old self. The old man makes a break for it out the basement door and Carly Beth and Steve just leave




Okay, there are so many things that make this climax shitty

  1. It just floats off and then forms a new and runs? No climax? Steve never had to do anything? He didn’t learn ANYTHING from this?! He’s still an ass!
  2. They pay no attention to the OLD DUDE THEY MADE?!
  3. They let him run off? Knowing how evil he can be? Knowing he could spread chaos? These kids are idiots!


Twist Ending:

As they’re walking home, Chuck pops out wearing one of the other masks from the shop. He explains that he took the mask from the basement before he ran out of it. He also tells them that he has trouble getting the mask off and he wants their help to get it off.

Really? Rehashing a similar twist from the first one? Lame.

TV Episode:  

Okay, Tv writers, you deserve a TROPHY. You took another awful book and made it GOOD!

No 1st graders. No soccer. Steve actually learns a lesson. But on to the big thing…the mask from book 1comes back, and takes over the shop keepr

CONCLICT! SWEET SWEET CONFLICT! So anyway, the mask threatens steve to give him the plaster of paris head so he can burn it. It’s cool, a good conflict and adds a lot of depth to the story

Oh, and chuck’s costume is a gangster out of the godfather

All kids love that movie, right?

Anyway, it heats up until the end. The mask finally attacks CarlyBeth and Steve throws his body out to protect her. Then..the mask dies and is the shop keeper is normal again


‘When you threw yourself out, to protect CarlyBeth…that was a symbol of love”




And to think the book had old man fun.


Needless to say, this is a great episode, on par with the first one.

Notable Lines: From the Tv episode


“I’ll make your bones soft… LIKE CHEESE”

Useless Fact:  Steve’s actor has been replaced from ep 1. Now he’s the guy who played Micheal in Cuckoo clock of doom

Final Thoughts:

What an awful sequel. Steve is too much of a jerk to like, the story is rushed, and there is no real reason about what Is going on. The main issue is how much it rehashes the first one. He puts on a mask and feels evil. That’s it. The pacing is really off, and it doesn’t give us one original idea. No need ideas, no new ideas, and it’s too stupid to be good.

Grade:  D




See ya!




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