Goosebump a thon #32 The Barking Ghost

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The Barking Ghost



Cover: I like it. It’s really cool, and it takes the idea of an evil dog and makes it works really well .i approve.


Front Tagline:  “Bad dog. REALLY bad dog”

Back Tagline:  “It’s a dog gone nightmare!”


CarlyBeth + Gary Lutz=Cooper holmes.


He’s a huge scardey cat, and his brother mikey pranks him a lot. Also, he just moved into a new house in maine.

Oh shit, I accidentally picked up a Stephen king book

Cooper is so afraid of his new surroundings that he stays up all night thinking he sees strange, unexplainable things through his window, like a snake (garden hose) and a horrible monster (bunny rabbit).


He hears some scuffling below his bed and when he goes to investigate, someone tries to choke him. It’s only his older 16 year old brother, Mickey who was wearing a Half-dog, Half-Dragon mask to frighten and choke poor Copper. This then leads to the two boys fighting in Copper’s Bedroom, only to be interrupted by their father, who tell them that fighting is inappropriate behavior for the first night in a new house.

Get used to mickey getting away with asshole-ery

Once Mickey leaves, Cooper hears two dark shadowy ghost dogs barking outside his window. Cooper thinks it could be Mickey again. Still, Cooper believes it could be real dogs, and this scares him. The next morning, Cooper investigates his back yard and the surrounding woods for any evidence of the two ghost dogs, but finds none. He decides to be brave and go into the woods.

He gets lost. Wah wah.


he meets a strange red-haired girl named Fergie-


I wish-

who knows Cooper’s name and warns him that he and his family must move away, that their house is haunted. Cooper rushes away to go tell his parents that they have to move..


he believes  her. Without a thought.


What the fuck?

On the way back to his house, two Labradors appear out of nowhere and chase Cooper all the way home. He tries to convince his family of the dog’s existence, but they think he’s lying.

Cooper spends the rest of the day pouting in his room, unpacking his snow glob collection.  Which he calls snow DOMES for some odd reason.

That night, Cooper hears barking from the living room. When he goes down to investigate, he sees a bag of potato chips torn open and scattered all over the floor. Mickey shows up and makes fun of Cooper. Cooper picks up and throws the gutted potato chip bag at Mickey.

What a badass.


The next morning, Cooper runs into Fergie and she apologizes and admits that the chips in the living room were part of Mickey’s scheme to scare Cooper. Mickey had asked Fergie to tell Cooper that their house was haunted. But once she saw how scared Cooper was getting, she felt bad.

What an asshole., am I right?

Also, she’s a redhead in a GB book…and she’s nice at the end? WHAT A TWEEST!


He asks her if she believes him about the dogs and she says yes and they become friends and then Mickey shows up in the woods, his clothing torn open and blood all over. He laughs when they freak out and mocks Cooper by saying “You always fall for fake blood.”

I hope you get crushed by RL Stines mole


Fergie and Cooper decide that they’re going to come up with the perfect plan to get Mickey back. Fergie’s family is leaving for Vermont so she stays with the Holmes for a few days. At midnight, the two prepare to deliver revenge on Mickey with their genius plan. Cooper and Fergie plan to tie a fake rat to a string and dangle it in Mickey’s bed. Mickey fools them by hiding in the closet.

So yeah, this book is no longer about ghost dogs, it is about an asshole brother,


Oh wait, here they come.


Cooper and Fergie see the two dogs running around the house and Cooper insists that the two go out and investigate. This leads to the two ghost dogs holding them captive outside their house, and then dragging them to a shack out in the woods.

 Fergie thinks they should go ahead and see whatever it is that the dogs want to show them. The two dogs shove the two kids into the shack, where they fell down was a well. Then the dogs start speaking to them.

 See, the ghost dogs were originally humans who were turned into dogs and so they’ve been waiting for two humans to trick into going into the Changing Room so they can take over their human form.

Yep, freaky Friday meets cujo!


Fergie and Cooper turn into dogs and meet larry boyd.  The dogs turn into Cooper and Fergie. How can you switch bodies with a ghost, which has no body to speak of?

As dogs, Cooper and Fergie communicate telepathically and try to find a way to tell Cooper’s parents that they’re not really dogs. Cooper tries telling them directly, but it comes out as, “Woof woof woof woof woof.” The two dogs then try running around and barking some more, which only frustrates the Holmes.

 The ghost dogs then re-break into the Holmes’ house and Cooper tries to write a letter to his parents but discovers that dogs can’t write.

I have no words.

The parents show up and ask the dogs “Didn’t we just tell you to get out?” In a final act of desperation, Cooper hears the fake-Cooper telling his parents that he hates liver, when in fact actual Cooper loves liver. Realizing that this is his chance to convince them that he’s the real Cooper, Cooper-Dog runs into the house and eats the liver from the plate.

Because that makes perfect sense, right?


Finally, Cooper and Fergie decide the only way to get the two humans back into the Changing Room is to drag them there. So they do, and the parents follow behind the two kids getting dragged away by giant dogs, calmly noting that it should be interesting to see what the dogs want to show Fergie and Cooper.

They drag them in the shack, and switch. The bodies of Fregie and cooper walk off…

Twist Ending:

Cooper and fregie wake up to see the bodies walk up. They look down. Seems there were two squirrels in the Changing Room, so their dog bodies switched places with the squirrel bodies. End!

Great cruel twist. I dig it



TV Episode:  

This one is more faithful than I thought .it sticks to the plot for the most part, so let’s talk about the two big changes.

One, the shack is a tree. The episode opens in the 1700’s with the two dudes becoming dogs. They are pirates. Why? no idea

At the end, the two kids actually become normal. But mickey…switches the squirrel. End.

Great ending. Fuck that guy. Decent episode



Notable Lines: “What am I  thinking of right now?”  “chicken

Useless Fact: stine has cited the cover as being the best.

Final Thoughts:

This one was fun. It had it’s dumb moments, as usual. That bogged it down, but I liked some of the ideas and the twist was cool.  A typical Goosebump in many ways,  but a fun one. Not much to say, but it was decent.

Grade:  B-

See ya!



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