Goosebump A thon #30: It Came from Beneath the sink!

Hello, Spongey here


Welcome back to Goosebump-athon!


Holy shit, we’re on 30 already? Well it’s celebrate by looking at a book with an evil sponge!



It Came from Beneath  the sink!



Cover: really cool. I love the creepy eyes..


Front Tagline:  “It’s warm, it’s breathing…and it doesn’t do the dishes!” And worse: it don’t live in a pineapple under the sea.


Back Tagline:  “Their luck’s about to go down the drain..”





And her brother Daniel have been allowed to skip a day of school to help their parents move into their new huge yellow house.

While their parents busy themselves with unloading boxes, Daniel is put to work feeding the family dog, Killer, and Kat is told to wipe down the cabinets. While Kat is cleaning the inside of the cabinet below the sink, she hears a noise from the far, dark corner of the cabinet. She ignores the noise and continues cleaning. Suddenly a hairy claw pokes out from the darkness and grabs her arm. Kat screams and then realizes it’s not a horrible monster, but just her brother in his rat costume.

Why does he even have that?


For some reason the dog comes trotting into the kitchen and Daniel convinces her that he too is a giant rat, and she falls for it. It makes as much sense in context

. While tickling her brother, Killer the dog starts barking ferociously at the empty cabinet beneath the sink. The item to inspire Killer’s wrath is revealed to be a sponge. When Kat goes to retrieve the contentious sponge, she discovers that the sponge appears to be breathing.

Her brother at first is skeptical, but he still readily tries to claim the breathing sponge as his own, diving under the sink and hitting his head hard. He blames Kat, saying she pushed him, and the two try to justify their actions to their mother, who berates them for arguing over a “stupid sponge.”

Smart mom.

Kat, armed with breathing sponge, goes to show the item to her father, who is on top of a ladder in their living room. Her father has nails in his mouth-

Oh this will turn out well-

and he cheerfully agrees to examine Kat’s sponge, which by this point has sprouted two beady eyes. As he reaches down to grab the sponge, the ladder tips over and her father lands on the ground, grabbing his ankle. He angrily asks her why she tipped over the ladder. Kat insists she didn’t touch the ladder as the sponge in her hand pulsates wildly. Kat decides this is all too weird and disposes of the sponge in one of those big metal trash cans outside the garage.

A few days after moving in, Kat is in the process of making a list of who to invite to her birthday party. She hears a racket upstairs and upon investigating sees Daniel showing his friend Carlo the sponge she had thrown away. Kat pleads with Daniel to re-throw away the creature. Carlo wants to spook his babysitter with the creature, and upon placing the “sponge” in a gerbil carrier, his hand appears to be bitten off.

Turns out it’s a prank. CARLOS!

There, a magic school bus joke, no refunds

After Carlo and Daniel have a good laugh about his prank, Carlo does manage to get hurt, stepping on a nail sticking out of a floorboard in Daniel’s bedroom. Carlo lays on the floor in agony as his sock soaks up the blood and the sponge in the gerbil cage pulsates wildly.


..that’s freaking dark. I approve.

 Kat’s Mom goes over the details for her birthday party. Kat is worried about topping last year’s “Make your own pizza” party, which she claims was talked about for weeks after the fact. Kat decides she’s too old for themes. Her Mom has promised to take her and her friends to WonderPark. Kat has only invited her friends and considers inviting her brother until he raises a big stink about her sponge, which she has now claimed full ownership of, and in fact is about to take to school to show her science teacher.

Because evil sponge=science.

She stores the sponge in a used potato salad container and heads off to school.

On the way to school a tree branch falls and almost kills Kat. Luckily Daniel pushes her out of the way just in time, spilling her bag out onto the ground. The sponge falls out the container and starts pulsating wildly.

At school, Kat shows the sponge to her teacher. It just sits there like an ordinary kitchen sponge and the teacher tosses it back to Kat like it was garbage. Then the teacher slams her fingers in her desk drawer, breaking both her hands.

Yikes. This book loves harsh stuff like this

Kat walks back to class from the nurse’s office, where she helped her teacher, Kat knows she’s got to find some kind of peace of mind, and she might have been searching everywhere were it not for Daniel running up to her in the hall.

It seems he’s found the sponge creature in a very convenient book called Encyclopedia of the Weird. It’s called a Grool and is a mythic creature that causes and feeds off bad luck.

Oh, good concept. Props to stine for that one.

According to the book, the only way a Grool can be passed on is if its owner dies. If the Grool’s current owner tries to give it away, they will die within one day


You know-for kids!

. Daniel also shows Kat a picture of a potato-like creature with teeth called a Lanx, which is the Grool’s more dangerous cousin. (Because Sponge’s and potato’s are releated?)  A Lanx will attach to a person and drain them of all their energy.

Once home, Kat’s mom informs her and her brother that Killer has run away. Not to worry though, as Kat’s mom has called the police and they are out searching for the dog. Daniel and Carlo go out to look for the dog themselves. Kat gets frustrated and blames the throbbing sponge.

 Furious, she throws the sponge across the room. As she looks down at her hand, she sees blood everywhere. She had slammed her hand down on an open pair of scissors which were resting on a desk. Clutching her bleeding palm,-

For a book about an evil sponge, this is really gore-y

 she walks over to the Grool, which has changed color from a dusty brown to a tomato-red color, and now appears to be laughing.

A red evil laughing sponge. I love this book..

The morning of Kat’s birthday, she gets dressed for her fun day at the WonderPark waterpark, except it’s raining outside. Kat naturally blames the Grool and pouts over her breakfast waffles when her mother tells her that she cancelled her birthday celebrations.

So this thing can control the weather? It plays god?

Kat sulks upstairs and makes plans for taking care of the Grool that are so intricate that she gets out a notebook and puts pen to paper. The plan? To bury the Grool in the backyard when the rain lets out.

Troy already made a  joke for this, so I’ll move on.

Kat somehow manages to master this plan and after burying the Grool deep in the backyard, she can’t find Daniel anywhere. Eventually she spots him cowering in the garage, afraid that something was going to happen to her for burying the Grool in the ground.

 Well, nothing happens to Kat but the backyard doesn’t fare as well, as the next day, all of the grass and flowers her father worked so hard to cultivate in the backyard have shriveled up and died, the entire lawn brown and dead. Kat concludes that the Grool is mocking and punishing her for burying it, and so she digs it up while she thinks of another plan.

The following day, Kat’s favorite aunt comes to visit. Kat thinks she’ll know a lot about sponges. Kat takes her aunt by the hand immediately upon her arrival and goes to show her the Grool, which has again reverted back to looking like a regular sponge. Her aunt throws the old dried up thing on the floor and leaves Kat’s room, laughing. After she’s gone, the Grool immediately reverts back to its moist pulsating self.

Oh, and that  entire scene is pointless and never mentioned again.

Kat gets frustrated and smashes the Grool into a million pieces with her textbook. But all of the pieces of the Grool pool together and reform as one entity.

Granted a reprieve from school when a teacher’s conference is scheduled, Kat relaxes at home, gradually completing an essay on why her family is important to her.

 She sneaks down to the kitchen for some milk and cookies and upon returning to her room she sees the Grool has disappeared!

Frantically she tears up her room looking for the sponge. She finds Daniel and he tells her that Carlo just left and he must have stolen the creature. Fearful for her life, Kat and Daniel put on their jackets and race out into the street, heading for the park where Carlo has likely gone to show off the sponge.

Yes, show off a sponge


“hey guys check out my sponge”




They don’t get far before they spot Carlo splayed out in the street, where he has hurt his knee from falling from his bike. He tells the two that he broke his leg racing bik

es with some older boys, and maybe they stole the Grool once it fell onto the ground. Kat and Daniel ride their bikes over to the park, where sure enough, a circle of high school boys are leaning over the dried up sponge. Kat tells the boys that it’s her favorite sponge and asks to have it returned.

The boys make fun of her and their ringleader, a tall blonde, tells her that it’s their sponge now. Kat, knowing how bad luck finds those in possession of the Grool, slowly walks away and waits for something bad to happen. It doesn’t take long, as some kids playing baseball lob a baseball right into the tall blonde’s head. The boy drops to the ground and Kat grabs for the sponge while his friends rush to his aid.

After more attempt to crush the grool, Kat enters the kitchen, shoves the Grool into the drain and turns on the garbage disposal. The disposal makes a lurching sound and the Grool is propelled out of the drain, safely, and lands on the counter, laughing maniacally. Daniel again pleads with her to quit trying to kill it, that the Encyclopedia of the Weird specifically says that the Grool can’t be killed by any means of force. That’s when Kat gets an idea.

He picks up the Grool and instead of inflicting pain on it, pets it. She then begins to coo sweet nothings into the Grool’s ear, and softly rocks the creature with love. The Grool begins to lose its coloring and shrivels up. Kat tells the Grool that she loves it and gives it a big kiss.


The Grool shrinks to a small shrieking ball and then explodes into a million little particles. Kat explains for her brother that since the book said the creature couldn’t be killed by means of force, she figured that it could be killed by means of love



Except there’s suddenly a scratching sound on the back door! It’s Killer, the dog. Rushing outside to greet the dog, Kat sees the dead grass and flowers reverting back to their previous state, filling with color as they come back to life.

Twist Ending:

Killer has brought something in his teeth with him. Kat takes it and…IT’S THE LANX! It bites into kat, the end!

Yep, implied death. Nice. Obvious brick joke, but a fine ending nonetheless

TV Episode:  

Like normal, the story simplified so some of the filler stuff is cut. Also, in the climax they LEAVE it at school for the teacher study. They learn whoever gives the grool away will die, and they sneak in. In a crowning moment, the janitor saves them from the grool…and gets himself knocked out.

Then she doe the power of love thing. However, in this version he doesn’t die. Instead, kat just makes it listen to music all the time to keep it calm. Kind of a bittersweet ending, but eh.

Oh, and at one point, Daniel is watching tv. You can he is watching Welcome to camp nightmare. Nice choice!

It’s a fun episode, at least

Notable Lines: “I was about to be crushed into Kat litter!”


Useless Fact: A friend of mine on Twitter once jokingly asked Stine for a sequel, and I joined her and going ‘I WANT THE LANX” he joked to both of us it wouldn’t happen. So yeah, I’ve had a run in with stine. Fun!

Final Thoughts:

This one is  so dumb I can’t even be upset with it. It has cool ideas with the  bad luck thing, and I like the gore, but the whole sponge  thing and some of the 2nd half brings it down. It’s dumb most of the time, but fine. The title tells you how seriously stine took this, and I don’t mind that.. it’s fun, just with some actually decent concepts thrown in.

Grade:  B

See ya!





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