Goosebump a thon #26: My Hairest Adventure

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This is one of the most infamous entries, thanks to Blogger Beware’s running gag. But is it still a good book? Let’s find out!


My Hairiest Adventure


Cover:  this one is okay. It’s well done, but the hair kind of looks more funny than scary…


Front Tagline:  “It’s growing. And growing…and growing”

Back Tagline:  “Hairy Larry!”



as the book opens, Larry Boyd is running from a pack of stray dogs. The strays are all over his town. Larry slides across ice and snow as he races towards his friend Lily’s house.

. The dogs flee eventually. . Larry was going to Lily’s house so that they and their friends Manny, Kristina, and Jared can rehearse for the upcoming Middle School Battle of the Bands. Their main competition is a band called Howie and the Shouters, the superior group led by the typical goosebumps jerk

Larry has big ears and wavy blonde hair; Lily is blonde and her eyes are two different colors (is that even possible?); Manny is tall; Kristina is fat. Oh, and guess which one is another useless boring character!

The kids decide to take ten and go play in the snow. While digging through Lily’s neighbor’s dumpster, Larry comes across a discarded medicine cabinet. He retrieves a bottle of tanning lotion by the name of “INSTA-TAN”All five members of the band think that it would be really awesome to get a fake tan during the winter.

Yes, put on a subtan lotion from the dumpster. Such a good idea!

They excitedly race into the bathroom and take turns squirting the liquid on their bodies. Larry initially refuses, as he notes that the lotion expired several years ago.

Yay, a smart Goosebumps character!


Larry expresses concern, but nobody else does, and Larry is pressured to apply the lotion when the group asks what harm an expired tanning lotion could really do.

…good point, but what could you GAIN from it?


The group participates in a snowball fight, in which Larry faints and collapses. Dr. Murkin, Larry’s pediatrician, gives Larry his regular bi-monthly shot and reminds the boy that he’s not supposed to overexert himself, as he doesn’t have sweat glands. Kind of like a-

Woops, almost gave it away

That night Larry is simply exhausted. But before he can drift off to sleep, he’s shocked to discover a thick patch of thick, bristly, oily hair growing on his palms.

Okay, I swear to god I won’t make any dirty jokes in this scenes.

He races to the bathroom and frantically shaves his palm.

The next morning, Larry is paranoid about his hair growth. He tries asking Lily if she experienced the same thing, as Larry assumes that the growth is the result of the INSTA TAN. But it goes about as well as most conversation to women about body hair go.

In class, Larry goes up to give his Bruce Coville (haw) report but Howie trips him. Oh, and Howie is said to always give a report on a sports book, which are all the same. That was funny, I’ll admit.

While picking himself up off the ground, Larry notices the hair has grown back around his hands, this time covering both palms. Oh god, I won’t make a joke, I won’t make  a joke…

A paranoid Larry, worried about what is happening to his body, soon discovers hair growth on the knees and legs. Oh, and I have to mention Larry has a pet cat named Jasper. I mention this because jasper likes larry a lot, and it adds to the twist later on.

Larry refuses to wear shorts to gym class, and temporarily avoids a crisis. Larry soon discovers that Manny can be found nowhere. He goes to talk to Manny’s parents, but his house is completely empty. A dog with the same shaggy hair as Manny shows up and runs away.

Larry, shaken that Manny or his folks didn’t say goodbye, knows that now the Geeks
(their band name, yea I would have gone with Ghost Tornado) only have two guitar players instead of three.

Things go from bad to worse when Lily also disappears. He meets a dog that has the same multicolored eyes as Lily. When Larry tries to talk to her parents, they quickly drive away, but not before insisting they never knew any Lily.

Wow, this book is getting semi suspenseful! …weird.

Larry tries to get the Insta tan back to fix this problem, but long story short, it doesn’t go well.’

Hopeless, the remaining kids ultimately decide that, regardless of the dwindling size of their band, the show must go on. Triumphantly, they declare that they’ll do it for Lily.

So we go from good suspense to school stuff. Baaaah.

Finally, the night of the Battle of the Bands arrives. Since Howie and the Shouters went on first and were even called back for an encore, the bar was set pretty high for the Geeks.

Larry is horrified to see that his entire face is covered in the hair and screams helplessly, knowing that everyone has seen his body hair. However, everyone thinks that it is all part of special effects.

Larry flees the stage. Larry runs home and tells his parents what happened. Well, here we go guys. The most infamous twist In the entire series…

Twist Ending:                                                                            

His parents drop a bomb


“You’re a Dog”


I’ll let that sink in.


Okay, let’s move on.


Dr. Murkin developed a way of turning stray dogs into children and then giving them to his employees. The twice-monthly injections were booster shots of the serum to keep the subject a human being. After a dozen years, the formula loses its effect.

Yeah, I guess the government is fine with all this. Also, I guess mr murkin is fine with torturing innocent dogs like that.

The INSTA-TAN had absolutely nothing to do with the hair growth. Red Herring ftw!

Everyone in the town works for Dr. Murkin but he decides that, after the serum’s failure, he does not want to turn dogs into children anymore

The book ends with Larry, now a dog, watching his parents bringing home a newborn baby girl ….named Jasper


Wait….this whole book, jasper the cat liked larry…even though he knew he was  a dog.

That’s kind of heartwarming in hindsight.


Anyway, this twist…I like it. It’s so dumb, so insane…that I really like it. At least it’s explained! It may raise questions, but I think it works in its own insane way.

TV Episode:  

Kristna is deleted.

So whoever guessed her back there was right!


Oh, and so is Howie…and any scene with school bullshit. No battle of the bands either. The entire episode is preparing for an audition with some…guy I guess.

The basic story Is the same. The entire ep has narration from larry, so you get in his shoes during the entire mystery. I think it works.

A lot of the crap from the book is gone, and It works. It’s a fun, decent episode. The ending is exactly the same, but I do need to make fun of one thing

You know how in the Goosebumps intro, there’s that dog on the porch?

Once larry becomes a dog, the first shot…looks exactly look the one in the intro. Eh, I’m sure it’s just a co-

“This looks familiar!”


…4th wall break…in goosebumps.  Nice.


Good episode anyway

Notable Lines: “It was weird talking a girl about body hair”

Useless Fact: this is the one where the kids turn out to be dogs or something

Final Thoughts:


Once you get rid of the twist, this book is alright. I like the mystery, and larry is a okay character. My main problem is all the school bullshit. Howie sucks, and there’s no reason for any of this. It just bogs the book down  I would have given it a C, if it weren’t for that insane twist. This is the only GB book I think is readable just for the twist ending. It’s still an okay book regardless though. This one gets a pass from a good way

Grade:  B-






See ya!


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