Goosebump-a thon #23: Return of the Mummy

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Hey Kids, it’s SEQUEL TIME! This time we have the sequel to “Curse of the mummy’s tomb”. Yeah, that one had such a cliffhanger ending, right?

Return of The  Mummy


Cover:  It’s pretty good, and cool. Not much to say, it’s just cool.

Front Tagline:  “He’s back…from the dead!”

Back Tagline:  “Dead…or alive?”



Gabe was with his cousin Sari, and uncle ben in Egypt. Ben is an archeologist, and his team were exploring a pyramid. However, the kids had found a man named Ahmed who didn’t want anyone coming across an ancient priestess’ chamber, and for years anyone who did was mummified alive. Gabe and Sari found it, and were threatned, but thanks to an old mummy hand from a garage sale, gabe brought the mummies to life and saved the day.

Everything is fine…or is it? Gabe is going back to eygpt…and he may never  come back. *evil laugh*


Gabe is flying back to Egypt one year after the events of the last book. He is talking to a blond stewardess he says he likes. No, I will not make any sex jokes. We got enough of those out of go eat worms to last a decade.

This bit serves as exposition to tell us what happened in the last book.

“I visited him last summer”

No, it was Winter, dumbass.

He ends up at the airport, and meets up with Sari and Uncle Ben. Uncle Ben informs Gabe that instead of a hotel in Cairo, they’ll be staying in the Pyramid Hilton, his name for the tents lining the exterior of the pyramid.

Oh RL Stine, you are such a master of comedy.

Uncle Ben announces that he and his team are very close to breaking the seal on a tomb inside the pyramid. As Uncle Ben walks the kids to the pyramid’s entrance, a mummy staggers out and attacks the three. Except it’s not really a mummy at all, but a guy dressed as a mummy making a commercial for “Sticky Bird Bandages.”

I’d criticize this but…it’s goosebumps, this kind of thing is  expected after 22 books.

So yeah, they head in and Ben warns him about getting lost

“I remember last summer, you got lost!”


That’s the end time they got it wrong.. it must be a minor mistake, right?

So anyway…ben is taking them into a pyramid even though last winter’s events should have proved they can’t be trusted in there. Dumbass uncle.

Uncle Ben gives Gabe a necklace with a pendant made of amber.

Lucky, all my uncle got me was wait I don’t have an uncle.

Inside the amber is a scarab, which Uncle Ben explains were sacred insects to their ancestors. Sari thinks it’s a dumb gift but Gabe wears it with pride.

Over breakfast the next morning, Uncle Ben tells Gabe about the tomb they’re opening. Ben believes it belonged to King Tut’s cousin, Khor-Ru (is this real or did RL Stine just make it up), and could be filled with millions of dollars worth of valuable jewels.

After breakfast, Sari tells Gabe that she’s worried about her father. He’s really set a lot of his hopes on the discoveries inside the tomb making him famous and she’s afraid that he’ll be really depressed if there’s nothing inside the tomb.

…of course Ben actually SAID it could be a false chamber, since as an archeologist he knows it’s a high possibility, so Sari is stupid for assuming he wouldn’t know this.

Uncle Ben hurries over to the kids and drags them into the pyramid, as his workers are ready to break the seal. The three don’t make it very far inside the pyramid before they’re stopped by a beautiful woman.

And almost have a page is used to describe how much Gabe finds her hot. This guy is a regular Johnny Bravo.

The woman introduces herself as Nila Rahmad. Nila is a reporter for the Cairo Sun and she wants permission to accompany Uncle Ben as he opens the tomb. Ben consents, as she claims to have run this idea past Ben’s partner, Dr. Fielding.

Oh, and Ben likes nila. Most of her pagetime is spent having ben flirt with her, and Gabe comments on this a bit. The fact that he likes her doesn’t lead up to much, so it’s just fanservice for the fans who just hit puberty.

Nila admires Gabe’s pendant and shows him her matching necklace– only hers doesn’t have a scarab inside.  She always sees his mummy hand and reconizes it. Yea, that thing is given more of a focus in this one.

Two days later, Ben’s workers finally prepare to break the seal to the tomb. Ben gathers up the two kids and Nila and they head down the pyramid. Ben prepares to chisel away the soft gold seal when he hears a booming voice: “PLEASE- LET ME REST IN PEACE!”

They all turn around and see a lanky man. The man crying out is Dr. Omar Fielding, Ben’s partner. Dr. Fielding tries one last time to reason with Ben, to not break the seal

Dr. Fielding reminds Ben that the hieroglyphs on the door warn that anyone who repeats the ancient chant written on the door five times will return the mummified prince to life. Ben says he doesn’t believe In curses.

….uh, remember Ahmed? The guy who said there was a curse…and he was right? So …this could be right too.

Does this book remember it’s a sequel?

Dr. Fielding refuses to be privy to incurring the mummy’s wrath and flees the pyramid. After working all day, the workers remove this seal, and behind the new door they find a large mausoleum filled with pots and chests of treasure. The attention of everyone in the tomb soon turns to the stone casket resting against a far wall. Ben and three of his workers slowly lower the coffin to the ground and slide off the lid. Inside they find the tar-stained, mummified body of Prince Khor-Ru.

Suddenly four men burst into the tomb, waving guns. They announce themselves to be with the Cairo police. Dr. Fielding saunters into the tomb and tells Ben he changed his mind and called the police to come and guard the tomb’s treasures

That night, Ben, Nila, and the kids are eating dinner around a campfire in the desert. Nila has her arm wrapped around Ben (SHIP TEASE ALERT) and wants him to tell her the six words that will bring the mummy to life

Ben finally gives in and reveals them to be “Teki Kahru Teki Kehra Teki Khari.”. kind of complex for a chant, don’t ya think?

Ben scurries away to do some work in the communications tent and Nila heads back to her office in Cairo. Back in their tent, Gabe comes up with a plan to scare Sari, to get her back for all her pranks. He recites the correct chant five times and Sari is visibly disturbed.

Gabe…you saw that mummies are real, and you should know that this is bad news!

Seriously RL Stine, did you READ the first one?!

A gruff figure accosts the children in their tent but it turns out only to be Dr. Fielding. He tells the two youths that he must find Ben and the two kids decide to follow him for adventure. As they watch from a safe distance, they can’t tell whether Dr. Fielding is leading Uncle Ben towards the pyramid or just resting his arm on his shoulder as they walk quickly across the sand.

Dr. Fielding appears to push Ben down into the pyramid’s entrance and the two kids agree that since they don’t have flashlights, they’ll have to wait outside the entrance.

Gabe tells Sari that he saw the four policemen leave earlier in the afternoon, meaning that Dr. Fielding and Ben are alone in the pyramid. After waiting about an hour, Dr. Fielding emerges, alone, from the pyramid.

The kids try to catch his attention, to ask where Sari’s father is, but Dr. Fielding just runs away into the night. Gabe tells Sari to stand guard at the entrance in case her father comes out while he runs back to the tents to grab some flashlights. When Gabe returns, Sari signals that Ben didn’t come out. The two kids head into the dark pyramid, alone.

They see no sign of Ben until Gabe notices that the lid to the mummy’s casket was now closed. It was open when they’d left earlier in the day. The two slide the lid off and find Uncle Ben tied and gagged inside.

So he’s been knocked out by ahmed, and now he’s knocked out here. God, this uncle sucks!

Gabe and Sari realize at the same time that if Ben’s in the mummy’s coffin, then where’s the mummy? Right at the entrance to the room, and he’s heading right towards the kids!

The two kids maneuver their way past the mummy and into the empty room. They run right into Nila. They beg her to help them but she gets angry at the kids, telling them that they’ve ruined everything. Nila produces Gabe’s mummy hand, which she stole from him, and uses it to call the mummy closer. She reveals that the mummy is her brother and she is over 4,000 years old. Now, thanks to Gabe’s Summoner, she and her brother can reign over Egypt again.

Man,. All the pretty girls turn out to be evil!

She calls on her brother to kill the children…but the mummy walks right by them and instead starts choking his sister. “Leave me in peace!”

So the mummy is the VICTIM again. I admit, that’s pretty clever.

Gabe tries to break up the mummy murder and accidentally pulls off Nila’s amulet. It crashes to the ground shattering into a thousand shards. She howls out and tells Gabe that the pendant was how she stayed alive all these years. At night she would revert into a scarab and climb inside the amber. Nila shrinks down into the scarab beetle and scurries away into the dark of the pyramid.

Wow, Gabe gets a moment of awesome again? Nice!

Dr. Fielding bursts in, surrounded by police. Turns out Dr. Fielding wasn’t forcing Ben into the pyramid earlier, he’d just seen Nila trespass inside and wanted help in stopping her. Then when he ran to get the cops, he was so frantic that he didn’t bother to stop and reassure Sari.

He could have just told them “hey, that hot chick is evil!”.. but whatever.

Twist Ending:

Back inside their tent, Gabe is bragging about his accomplishments again. Sari jokingly warns that the Nila scarab beetle could still be after him and he should look out. Gabe climbs into bed and..



TV Episode:  


The book has nothing to do with the one it is a sequel to. They did not make an ep of the first one, but they did make one of the sequel.

Just think about that for a moment,

This is episode is decent. I like how they combine both books. They mostly stick to the basic story, with nila, but no Feilding. Oh, and Gabe is played by the guy who played Roger in Welcome to camp nightmare.

Oh, and Shari was in the bodysuit for Slappy.

Nila’s acting has been bashed but…she has some Russian (?) accent, so I excuse it…plus she’s hot. It’s a fun episode. No twist in it, sadly.

Notable Lines: none

Useless Fact: none

Final Thoughts:

You know…this one is almost pretty good. Thr story is interesting, it keeps suspense without being dull, and the twist with the mummy was clever. My only grip is the awful lack of continuity. It completely ignores the first one and creates many plot holes. Even Monster Blood 2 was semi consistent! I think it deserve a C, but since it is quite entertaining, and the story itself is good, I’ll let it off easy

Grade:  B-




See ya!

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  1. “Man,. All the pretty girls turn out to be evil!”

    Batman: “Why are all the gorgeous ones, homicidal maniacs?!”

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