Goosebump a thon #21: Go Eat Worms!

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Go Eat worms!


Cover: This one is meh. The worms are cool, but the cover itself is dull.


Front Tagline:  “Homework was never  this gross before!”. Lame!

Back Tagline:  “They’re creepy and they’re crawly..they’re totally disgusting’. This sounds like a missing lyric from the adams family theme. 



Todd  loves worms. He loves digging them up on the baseball diamond behind the school after it rains, loves collecting them in an aquarium in his basement, loves tormenting his sister Regina and her best friend Beth with them

Yep, he loves tormenting little girls with big worms.

Luckily his best friend Danny Fletcher (No relation to Ferb) always gives him a hand in collecting worms, even though he doesn’t quite share his friend’s enthusiasm. Yep, he shows great excitement for big long worms.

Okay, Stine, stop with the sexual innuendo. Seriously.

Todd’s planning on entering a worm house in the Science Fair. The Worm House is a wood house with worms inside.

I don’t think worms are all that scientific, Todd.

Todd learns that Patrick, a rich blonde good-looking kid, is also entering a worm-related project in the Science Fair. Are worms so popular that a rich kid wants to piggyback on this?

Todd becomes obsessed with finding out what his project is, to ensure that his will be better than Patrick’s.




Regina tells Todd Patrick’s address and Todd and Danny set off late at night to first meet with Patrick to try and get an answer from him, and then later when they see his mansion is abandoned, they decide to break in and see his project.

Oh yay, more breaking into houses, what the fuck?


 Then an evil spirit dog chases them and they see a corpse inside the house and run away.

Todd overhears his sister the next day talking to Beth on the phone about what a great trick she played, sending the two boys to the abandoned mansion where some kids threw a Halloween party a few months ago.

Wow, what a bitch. But wait…Todd is also a dick for torturing her sister. But she’s a bitch for always whining about todd..

So we have no one to side with!



Todd gets revenge on her by putting worms in the beak of the paper mache bird she has created for the Science Fair, which she’s named Christopher Robin.

Do these kids know what SCIENCE is?


So the fair comes and the judges are ready to judge. Regina accidentally opens the bird’s beak when the Science Fair judges walk by and they land on the head of the judges.

Patrick sets his project down next to Todd’s modest worm house and reveals that he has built a massive worm skyscraper, complete with working elevators.

Yep, Patrick and Todd are competing over how big…their…worms are.


It’s not even subtext anyone.


The judges spend a considerable amount of time on Patrick’s project, mostly ignoring Todd’s. they ask a bunch of questions


“What does this project prove about gravity?”




Todd is furious, especially since he’s the worm expert. Seriously, kid, calms your tits! They’re just fucking worms!

He had even refused to let Danny help him with his project, leaving Danny to build a solar system representation made out of balloons, half of which deflate by the time the judges come around.

So it’s time to announce the winner! Who is it?


“The winner is…Danny Fletcher and his solar system!”


That…is the funniest thing ever. Oh my god, I can’t stop laughing. RL Stine actually put an actually funny scene!

Oh god..


Anyway, Regina gets pissed due to todd’s dickish ness, so she pushed him….into Patrick’s worm thing, which falls onto another student’s project about gases..


And then It blows up.


It blows up.




“No one was hurt in the explosion”


Good. The next day…wait, the next day?


What about the explosion?






*one mental breakdown*


You cannot fucking tell me there a damn explosion in the gym,. Caused by Todd mostly, and no one fucking mentions it! Regina and Todd get away with it?!


Fuck you!


The next day, he is in the basement with the sister and her friends. He carries all his worms in there. he takes a worm and slices it in two. The two halves continue to wiggle forming two worms. Regina tells Todd that the worms in his fish tank are watching him, that they know what he did and they’re not happy, that they’ll take their revenge on him.


This is gonna be freaking awesome.


And the next 40 pages feature Todd finding worms in places where worms are normally not found. That’s it.

It’s extremely boring and the only suspense in this is wondering is worms will show up. BORING!


He finally decides that Regina is right, and becomes so convinced that the worms are seeking their revenge that he sneaks down to the basement to apologize to the worms, (seriously) where he’s caught by his father, who is wielding a baseball bat. Todd’s father tells him he has to get rid of his worms once and for all.

The next day at school, he and Danny overhear Regina telling her friend Beth about how she’s been the one freaking Todd out, carefully placing worms all over his things to get him back for sabotaging her project



You mean to tell me that the first 100 or so pages of this book are…ENTRINLY FUCKING POINTLESS?!


My god, fuck this book. So hard.


Todd wants extra worms for his revenge. As Danny and Todd are digging around in the ground at the baseball diamond, , they feel the rumble  and this time, a giant worm the size of a tree trunk pops out of the ground, grabs Todd, and drags him underneath the soil of the baseball diamond.


…giant worm.

Okay, so the worms are getting they’re revenge this time. Sure took them long enough!

Regina and her friend walk by carrying their paper mache bird, the shadow of which falls onto the baseball diamond, casting the shadow of a giant bird. The giant worm sneaks back out of the soil, sees the bird shadow, and releases Todd from his grasp.



Seriously, that was the book, minus the twist coming up. Fuck you Stine.


Todd decides to abandon his worm hobby once and for all by tossing his worms out into the garden, and he begins to collect beautiful butterfly specimens instead, much to the delight of his sister. Oh and kills them, as he shows danny. How is this a happy ending?

Twist Ending:                                                   

That night, todd wakes up to see a giant butterfly in his room with a giant silver pin.

That’s the end.

That’s the fucking end.


That is the stupidest freaking ending in the world.  I don’t like it.

TV Episode:

The Tv writers are 100 times smarter than RL stine sometimes.

First, none of the science fair bullshit. No Patrick, no worm wars. Todd just tortures worms and the worms get revenge. It’s not a prank, it’s legit

Oh, and todd’s asshole ness? It’s fine. You see, they make it a POINT. All his friends point how much of a dick he is, and thus this entire episode is an  asshole compunace story, unlike the book which it just dumb.

Oh, and the giant worm anticlimax happens, but it’s still fine since it’s the only meh thing in the ep.

Oh, and the ending? Todd gets into fishing instead. It ends with the fish reeling him into the lake. It ends with Todd…talking to the fish, and we read his mind and get this


“I’ll never fish again! Let me go! …oh, thanks! …what, I have to swim back!?”


It ends. Okay, lame ending, but a solid episde!



Notable Lines: “WAS THAT THE ACID?!” .no ,I won’t give context.

 but wait, i’m not done! here are a ton more!


“He liked them long and purple and kind of fat. And squishy. Squishy was very important.”

“Danny grinned. “So what? Now you’ve got two little ones. But I only like big ones,” Todd replied”

“”It was so huge!” Danny added, pulling Todd to his feet.”


Useless Fact: none

Final Thoughts:

This is what I get for saying Scarecrow walks at midnight is dull. This has to be one of the most fucking awful things ever! The characters are annoying, the scares are few, and the plot is messy. Seriously, NOTHING happens! It’s just bullshit scene after bullshit scene! Nothing makes sense, it’s dumb, and it really adds to nothing! The entire first half is pointless, but just as it gets readable, it hits you with another wall banger! Then we get a stupid climax AND an awful ending. Skip this turd of a book

Grade:  D


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