Goosebump-a thon #19: Deep Trouble

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Deep Trouble



Cover: Yes, I know this cover blatantly  lies. But it’s still badass as hell. I like it.


Front Tagline:  Just when you thought it was safe…

Back Tagline:  Don’t Go In the Water!


I don’t own this one, the blogger beware summary isn’t horribly helpful, and nor is the one on the goosebumps wiki.

So I have no jokes for this one, don’t remember the great details and such. So this goosebump a thon, sadly will be really bland and will only contain a vague summary ripped from the goosebumps wiki


Sorry, thems the breaks!


Siblings Billy and Sheena Deep are spending their summer vacation on their uncle, Dr D’s boat.

 Dr. D’s assistant, a muscular graduate student named


Alexander DuBrow, serves up lunch to the kids: chicken salad sandwiches. Only his cooking’s terrible so Dr. D offers to grill some fish for dinner. Billy overhears a private conversation between Dr. D and representatives for the Marina Zoo. The zoo crew wants Dr. D to find and trap a  mermaid that has been reported in the area. The zoo offers Dr. D the princely sum of-

Take it away Dr Evil-

one million dollars.

Billy is too excited to sleep so he goes out early to search for the mermaid. Billy’s night swimming is suddenly interrupted by a hammerhead shark that almost kills him. Fortunately, the mermaid comes and attacks the shark, saving Billy’s life.

How do you have to be to get saved by a mermaid?  Dr. D nets up both Billy and the mermaid and drags them onto the deck of the ship.

Billy tries to argue that the mermaid saved his life, but the mermaid is put into a large glass tank on the deck until the zoo crew arrives. Billy is enjoying dreams of Sea People when his slumber is interrupted by the sound of crashes and a splash. Above deck he discovers the mermaid is in the process of being kidnapped! The men brutally toss Billy into the tank. ]

Billy starts yelling for Alexander, as Dr. D is knocked out on the floor and Sheena is offering no help against the four burly men. Finally Alexander does show up, only to side with the thugs.

The thugs toss Sheena and Dr. D into the tank, lock it, and then throw it into the water. The top of the tank is meshed, so the three characters inside the tank fight to break the locks before the tank submerges completely underwater. As they struggle, the kidnappers and Alexander speed off, mermaid in tow. Just when things look their worst, a myriad of mermaids appear and hoist the tank above the water level.

…mermaids getting an awesome moment? YAY


Dr. D and the kids break open the latches and escape to the dinghy. Oh, and the thugs …go away, I guess. Yeah, the GB wiki says nothing after this, so I assume that they ran away with thi tail between this legs. Why can’t i own this one?

The mermaid is set free. Billy sneaks out by the coral again in hopes of catching the mermaid to say goodbye.




Twist Ending:

When Billy is searching for the mermaid, he is attacked by a sea monster. It just ends there. Decent twist. Simple but nice.

TV Episode:

There are two interesting things about this episode

One, it was the series finale

Two, it is the textbook definition of in name only. SERIOUSLY.

The only from the book are the names of Billy, Shenna, and Dr D. the rest is completely new. Instead, they have an assistant named ritter wanting to turn kids into freakish mutants, leading to an amazing climax where his mutants fight back.

It’s a good episode. Full of fun, horror, and mutants. It’s also fun and has a good villain. But why did just throw the book away like that?! It has ELEMENTS from DT 1 and it’s sequel, but that’s all

I will stress that I enjoyed the episode, but it angers me what they did. And as a series finale, it fails.


It was the director by the same guy who did the Horrorland episode. That explains a lot.


Notable Lines: none


Useless Fact: none

Final Thoughts:

I may not remember much, but I do remember that I like this one. Yes, it’s not a scary boo,. But it’s good. It’s fun, exciting, and has an interesting storyline. It’s a different kind of goosebumps book, and I really liked that. But of course, it is bogged down by it’s often odd moments, and predictability. But the mermaids were awesome, so bonus points for that. I’m sorry for a lackluster review, but the next book is one I DO remember, so see ya next time!

Grade:  B+


See ya



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