Goosebumpa thon #16?: One Day at Horrorland

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So we’ve made to this one. This book launched games, a two part episode, board games toys, an 19 book series, and ended up helping Goosebumps getting a revival  recently.

Eh, it’s not that important.


One day At Horrorland


Cover:  this is a pretty decent, creepy cover. Not much else to say…


Front Tagline:  “Enter if you dare…”

Back Tagline:  “Their next ride might be their last…”




Lizzie Morris, her brother luke, and their friend clay are with Lizzy’s parents on a car trip to Zoo gardens. Sadly, they get lost cuz Dad is an idiot and forgot the map.

Luke loves being a dick to lizzy, and clay loves being a pointless character. Soon they come across a forest, and they are sure that there is no hope, until a frightening billboard reveals the existence of a theme park called HorrorLand, one mile away.

So of course they dedicd it’s good enough and drives to Horrorland. They walk through the gates, and park the car. Then…the car explodes.

The car explodes

The kids are shocked, and go “Wow.” Uh…the right reaction is HOLYFUCKINGSHITOURCARBLEWUP


Dad has the proper hammy reaction to this, thank god. They approach the entrance and ask a horror (The residents of the park are called “Horrors” ) what the hell is going on. t. The person in the toll booth is in a lifelike “costume” and he apologizes for the inconvenience, allowing them to enter the park for free.

So they forget their now exploded car and head in the park. The parents allow the kids to go roam on their own. My, these are wonderful parents we have!@


They decide to go on some rides. The Deadly Doom Slide is their first choice, and it consists of three slides, and you must not pick the one that doesn’t have an end. Clay picks slide ten, while lizzy and luke pick another one. They go through the long slide, and end up back on the ground.

It seems fun…until they see that clay isn’t there. Good, he has no personality and has no reason to exist anyway. They think he may have chosen the doom slide. They head on the slide to find clay. The slide is really long and they go through fake fire or something,

It’s mentioned that it leads them to the other side of the park. I don’t know how that works,  but sure. They find clay down there and everything’s fine.;

After that, they head to the hall or mirrors. It’s a creepy segment where they get lost, and the mirrors close in on them and almost crush them. But then a trapdoor opens and they fall back outside. These guys love trapdoors, the doom slide had one, I just didn’t mention it.

They try to find the parents, but with no avail. They find a place called the Bat Barn, which is in their path. They head in and it’s dark and bats seem to attack them,. Meh. They head out and they start to really suspect something about the park.

They find the parents and decide to go on one ride together: The coffin cruise. It’s a relaxing ride down a river in makeshift rafts made of coffin wood. Soon, they are locked into the coffins, and are shocked to discover that there are spiders inside. But the spider goes away once they get out.

“They went way too far!”

…it’s the safest ride so far, bitch.


they try to escape, only to find a sign that says: NO EXIT. NOBODY LEAVES HORRORLAND ALIVE.

The Horrors jump out and surround them. They tell them that this whole time…they were being filmed for the Horrorland Hidden Camera show, on the monster channel. Yes, there seems to be a whole world of monsters out there. I like that idea.

Also, hidden camera.



Anyway, they seem to be nice monsters, and they tell them to enter a building to find their way out. But surprise, they’re not. They are put into a maze, and are told they are now fighting for their lives. So they use this park to lure in humans to kill live on TV? I love these guys.

The leader is a chick called the Horrorland Mc. I mentioned this since it’ll be important once I eventually review the Horrorland series.

They are attacked by monsters in the maze, but make it okay, otherwise. The horrors congratulate them, so they decide to say bye in the typical Horrorland way…dropping them in an endless pit!

What nice guys.  


As they are about to be lowered into a pit of death, Lizzy, upon remembering the No Pinching signs around the park, pinches a Horror, causing it to deflate and die, and allowing them to escape

Die. You know-for kids!

Who knew one of the goofier books could have death in it?


They steal a Horrorland bus and drive home

Twist Ending:

they discover a Horror who had clung to the back of the bus. Once the monster gets off the back, he offers them free passes to the park. And that’s it. No real twist ending. Eh, whatever

TV Episode:

Oh my god guys, this episode is insane. Okay,. Let’s start with part one of the episode to keep things zane

There’s no clay. What did I say about him being pointless, eh? They only go on the coffin cruise and hall of mirrors. We also get brief scenes with the parents, showing what they are up to. I like this, it makes the parents more involved.

For the most part, it keeps to the spooky tone the book has, with some goofy moments…then comes part 2

I’m sure they only made it halfway through the book, and decide to make up their own plot. Seriously.

The hidden camera thing happens, but here there’s a TV Studio with an audience of horrors. The horrors then show themselves to be nice…and put them on Raw Deal, the monster game show.

Yep, game show. It is now NOTHING like the book. Oh, and it also becomes a comedy. Yes, there are tons of legit (funny) jokes in this, including a fake commercial for “Monster love hits”.

It’s so odd to see stuff like that in goosebumps…and I love it. It’s so dumb, it works. Such a good episode, even it has nothing to do with the book.

Anyway, they lose the game show and end up in danger, but they escape through their car, which doesn’t blow up in this. Suddenly, the car drives itself to a cliff. We find out the host of Raw Deal (Retch Sludge is his name) is driving it with a thinging. They teter on the cliff…and..

It cuts to a husband and wife monster watching Goosebumps on TV, and the man turns it off saying “I’m sick of these scary human  shows”

The wife suggest they talk, and the man says that’s a good idea. End.

Okay, I’ll take the monster. I’ll take the car blowing up. I’ll take the monster channel. But I cannot believe that a man WOULD WANT TO TALK TO HIS WIFE!

But yeah…weird 4th wall ending.

Good episode, if you just have fun with it.


Video Games:


There are two of them. Let’s talk about the newer one, for the wii.

For the most part, it’s a fun normal Goosebumps Horrorland game…then at the end, you find out something interesting:

It’s a prequel to the entire goosebumps universe.

Yes, this takes place around Horrorland’s opening, before Welcome to dead house and all that.

At the end of the game, a monster named The Great Gargantua (it makes sense in context) with powers, flies off into the night as the main character is surround by guys. (it ain’t Goosebumps without  a twist ending). And the GG there says “I’m gonna make the world it’s Horrorland!”

..So this chick (yes, it’s a girl) is the reason everything happens in the Goosebumps universe….DAMN!


Okay, on to the famous one: Escape From Horrorland.

It’s one of those 90’s PC FMV games. It’s a direct sequel where you have to help Lizzie save Luke and Clay. Yep, we have a live action version of clay. It’s a fun game, and a good point a click adventure. But there are a few notable things in it..

Jeff goldblum is in it. Yes, him, of all people. He plays Dracula. Yes, you heard me. How the hell did they get him? No idea.

Anyway, we also have info on the creator of Horrorland, a crazy pedo large ham named Maddison Storm. At the end of the game, you save lizzie’s parents and make it home…and now it’s implied the storm dude is in disguise as your new neighbor. Yes.

Oh, and remember how I’ve been saying Goosebumps has always been so bad it’s good? At one point, you go into a movie theatre. What’s playing?

Plan nine from outer space

Need I say more?



Notable Lines:

“Has anyone ever died in Horrorland?”

“only once”

“one person died”

“no, I mean you can only die once. You can’t die twice”



Useless Fact: The book had a direct sequel in series 2000, called “Return to horrorland’., I haven’t read it, but Troy steele said it sucked.


Final Thoughts:


This one is…well I LIKE it a lot. I’m not sure if I’d call it good…but I will anyone. The idea is creepy, the horrors are fine, I like that the parents are more involved, and it’s just classic cheesy fun. I like the idea that there’s a whole world of monsters out there. I see why kids latched onto this one. This book, and even the sequel opened a whole world for goosebumps and it’s really interesting. Horrorland is like the center of the Goosebumps universe, and I like that. It could have been executed a tiny bit better, but it’s overall a fun read

Grade:  A-




See ya!


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  1. sweetie buttons says:

    Why the question mark after 16?

  2. Still not as scary as Euro Itchy and Scratchy Land.

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