Goosebumpa-thon #14: The Werewolf of Fever Swamp


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The Werewolf of Fever Swamp


Cover:  This is a creepy one. I like the clothes next to the wolf. It sort of adds to the scare factor. It’s a atmospheric  one, and I like that.


Front Tagline: . “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?”

Back Tagline: “What big teeth you have!”. You couldn’t resist it, could ya?




Grady’s Father is a scientist. But of course his. studied deer in Vermont until he came into possession of six “Swamp Deer” (Do these even exist) from South America. Because of this, Dad had to move with his scientist wife and the two kids to Florida so he could test his hypothesis: Swamp Deer can live in Florida. Though he keeps them in a pen in the backyard for now, Dr. Tucker intends to release the deer with tracking collars into the wild.

Grady and his Sister Emily aren’t happy about living In a swamp house. One day, they head into the swamp itself out of boredom

“What could happen?”


…Everything Grady. Everything.


They get lost. Gee, I never saw that coming. They wind up finding a  little shack. A crazed white-haired man exits the shack and chases after the two children, who run around until finally they find the door to their house.

They tell the parents about the crazy man. . His dad tells the kids that he’s just “a swamp hermit.” Then he says that the guys at the hardware store said the swamp hermit is completely harmless. Because hardware store men are the ones to trust about SWAMP HERMITS.


Later on, Grady finds a rare swamp neighbor, a boy named Will. They hit it off quite well. Will tells a story about how Fever Swamp got named. A hundred years ago, everyone in town caught something from the swamp that started with a fever and most died and those who didn’t die went crazy.

 Late that night Grady comes down with a fever. SPOILERS: this leads to nothing. Absolutely nothing.  They build it up, but do nothing with it. That crazy stine!

That night, Grady hears a loud sound outside, and scratching at the door. He and Emily head outside, and find are attacked by…a dog! ]


“He’s licking you to death!”


After some discussion the parents decide that a dog would be fine to let into their house. But only until they find its owner. Grady names it Wolf.  He, Wolf, and Will head into the swamp again,

They spot the swamp hermit with a bloody shirt. Wolf grows at him, which makes Grady think he might not be so harmless. They also come across a mauled heron. The bird has been ripped apart and there are paw prints around the body. Grady thinks it could be a dog, but Will says it must have been something bigger.

That night, grady hears howling outside. Then he finds a dead rabbit in the yard. Emily is convinced that Wolf killed the rabbit and begs their father to get rid of the dog. Grady tells her she has no proof that the dog killed the bunny

“We have no proof he didn’t either”


Nice logic, honey.


Will shows up and tells Grady that a neighbor, Mr. Warner, has gone missing. Apparently Mr. Warner left early the day before to go turkey hunting in the swamp and never returned. Suddenly, a new girl name Cassie shows up and says a werewolf got him.

Yep, she randomly shows up and her only role is to insert werewolves into the story, and add to the list of people who could be the werewolf. SPOILERS: she does nothing else in the book. Pointless characters


Cassie freaks out when she sees the Swamp Hermit in the distance, yells and points at him. The Swamp Hermit has a wild turkey slung over his shoulder, leading the kids to wonder if he swiped it from the missing Mr. Warner.

The Swamp Hermit is close enough to hear these accusations and runs out of the swamp towards the kids, yelling “I’m the werewolf! I’m the werewolf!”


I’m starting to love this guy


The other kids flee as the hermit grabs Grady’s ankle, keeping him in place. The old man just cackles and waves at him with his free hand and tells Grady he was only playing.

I really love this guy


No, I don’t have a dude crush on him! He’s like…60


Grady heads home, and he gets bitten by a snake too, but that scene has nothing to do with the plot. Grady starts to suspect werewolf actions, since it can’t be the hermit or Wolf killing these animals.

Dr. Tucker tells Grady that since the moon will only be full for two more days, they’ll know after that whether or not the howls came from a werewolf.


Lying in bed, trying to sleep, Grady hears the howls from outside again. Then he hears a commotion below his window again. This time when he goes to investigate, he find one of the six “swamp deer” mauled.

This book has a lot of gruesome animal deaths. I’d hate to be PETA right now.


After dragging the dead deer to his workshop, Dr. Tucker tells his son that clearly his dog is a killer. Grady’s father tells him that tomorrow morning, he’s taking the dog to the pound to be killed.’

That’s…extreme. Can’t you just let him loose somewhere else? There’s no need to kill your sons dog and scar him for LIFE, ya know.

The next morning, Grady’s dad tries to take Wolf to the pound but Grady tells his dog to run away and it does. Dad tells him he’ll just come back and go get killed anyway. Geez, I know Goosebumps parents are bad, but killing the dog is extreme!

Wolf manages to stay out of sight all day and it isn’t until late that night that Grady spots him.  Grady goes down to greet his dog and runs into Will. Will claims to have heard the howls and was trying to investigate when he ran into Grady.

. The two boys spot Wolf, who has edged back into the swamp. Grady runs after him, losing Will in the process. Following his dog, Grady ends up at the Swamp Hermit’s hut.

The Hermit comes out, but before he can do anything, the real werewolf jumps out and attacks Grady! Suddenly, wolf jumps on the wolf, and in the scuffle, the wolf get really hurt.

Grady looks at the werewolf and…






Yep, its will. Will says he can’t help being a killer werewolf, but he attacks grady. Wolf gets the jump on will…and kills him. Wow, the dog gets a moment of awesome!


Grady then faints. When he comes to, he finds himself safely inside his own home. Grady’s dad tells him that the Swamp Hermit found him and carried him home, …Awwww!

I love that guy,


Dad also saw Wolf attack the creature, and so he lets Grady keep wolf. After listening to Grady’s werewolf story, Dr. Tucker figures he might as well try to see if his son could be telling the truth, so he goes to visit Will’s house.

I guess the CREATURE he saw wasn’t proof enough.


He finds the house is empty, abandoned, as though no one had lived there for months. Grady doesn’t care, since he’s alive and well. He’s happy to be alive, and with his doggy friend. And Cassie was useless

Twist Ending:

Grady walks outside that night with Wolf. He examines a bit will gave him. He turns into a werewolf and runs into the night. Yep, grady is now a wolf. It’s a happy ending since grady says he’s  a harmless wolf. And he still bonds with the dog. So it’s heartwarming ending…in a weird way. It’s basic, but it works. Decent twist.

TV Episode:


Cassis is removed. Told ya she was useless! Anyway, the hermit is made more crazy and villainous, so it’s not too obvious will is the wolf til the end. Also, the dog’s name is changed to Vandal for some reason,

The story is simplified, but it’s kept the same. It stays like the book, in a good way up until the end. Wolf!Will attacks Grady, but the hermit shows up and approaches the world


“You took my wife, my children, and everything I ever love! Now I’ll take your heart, the way you took mine!”

…wow, he was a normal man who was driven by this wolf killing his family? Wow, that’s dark, and adult. Good job! So what happens?

The werewolf kills him when he tries to protect grady.

That’s dark so a cheesy show. They usually spare the death in the show…but here it’s front in center.

They made the hermit until an even more interesting character! It’s a good episode with lots at atmosphere. Very well done.

Notable Lines:  I’m gonna cheat…and use a line from the episode. Grady finds a snake in emily’s room


“If we put earrings on it, it’ll look your boyfriend”

MOM: that’s silly …snakes don’t have ears

Useless Fact: The episode was written by Neal Shusterman, who was written many legit books, that kick ass. How he got roped into Goosebumps, I have no idea. He also wrote two episode of “The Haunting Hour”


Final Thoughts:


This is a good, but flawed Goosebumps book. The atmosphere is there, the characters are well written, it’s spooky, and the Grady/Wolf relationship is well done. My issue is that it really makes it obvious who the werewolf is. Plus some things make little sense and it dragged in the middle. It have been a great Goosebumps, but it’s just a good one. It’s still worth reading for any goosebumps fans, due to its good atmosphere. I like it.

Grade:  B+




See ya!


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  1. sweetie buttons says:

    “her only role is to insert werewolves into the story” …Inserting werewolves into the story is a pretty big role…after all, the story IS about werewolves..

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