Goosebup-a thon #11: The Haunted Mask

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This one is one of the most popular books in the series, and is the favorite of many goosebumps fans. It MAY be a little popular…so no pressure on me, then!


The Haunted Mask



Cover: This one is just classic. Cool, creepy mask there. Not much to say, I just find it cool!


Front Tagline: “If looks could kill…”


Back Tagline: “Face to face with a nightmare”




In the books opening scene, Carly Beth tells her friend Sabrina she would like to be a witch for Halloween. Sabrina is shocked , mostly likely since Sabrina would be more likely to be a with

Ba dum crash


Anyway, CarlyBeth is a scardey cat, who is…well scared of everything. She is mostly spooked by Chuck and Steve, who torture her a lot. They are also friends to Sabrina and CarlyBeth. Uh…how are they friends if they torture Carly? Whatever

In the opening scene, they put a worm in her sandwhich at lunch. Yeah., they’re assholes. So later that day, she talks to mom. Mom has made a perfect likeness of Carly Beth’s face from plaster of Paris. When Carly asks why, she says “because I love you”. Corny, but affective.

Mom reminds Carly of how she admired a duck costume at the mall, so  she bought her one for Halloween. Yeah, admiring a costume=really wanting it. Carly Beth does not approve of this, but her brother noah (ANOTHER one?) makes fun of her for it anyway,.

The day before Halloween at a science fair, Carly and Sabrina have made a solar system model. at least It’s not another volcano. Steve pretends his tarantula has escaped, knowing full well Carly Beth is terrified of spiders. Steve sneaks up behind Carly Beth and pinches her leg, making it seem as though the tarantula is biting her.

So she then runs out crying ….damn.


So on Halloween day, she heads to a local shop to get a mask. The mysterious owner tells her to quickly choose something. One of the masks is  of Uncle Fester, and another is of a Klingon. I mention this cuz I find it amusing.

She finds a back room with many awful mask, but chooses the one on the cover. The owner refuses to sell her the one she wants, but she is insistent. Eventually, he caves in and sells it to her.

So this entire thing can be blamed on him. So whatever message they teach us is broken. KIDDING! But really, he should have told her to fuck off.


Thrilled, she goes home, puts on the mask and scares her brother. Noah says her voiced changed for a bit, but she dismisses this. That night, Carly heads out for trick or treating. She gets the plaster head of her, and puts it on a stick for good measure.

She heads out and soon changes. She starts yelling at Sabrina, scares little kids, and throws apples she gets, as she wants candy.


SABRINA: but you don’t even like candy.!


…CarlyBeth is now unlikeable.

She eventually finds Chuck and Steve, dressed as Hobos, in the middle of reviewing a movie, most likely. They recognize her soon ,but she continues to pretend to be a monster. Suddnly, the plaster head talks and says “Help me”. Chuck and Steve run like hell.


CarlyBeth is beyond happy, even though she has no idea what was going with the head. (it’s never explained)


Back at Sabrina’s house, Carly Beth tries but can’t remove the mask. Sabrina tugs and pulls at Carly Beth’s sweaty mask, but it doesn’t seem to giv

“The mask, had become her face”

..hell yes.


CarlyBeth rushes out and Sabrina yells…that she forgot her jacket. Okay, that’s funny. So she heads to the shop again and begs the owner to tell her what is going on.


Despite her desperate pleas, the shopkeeper tells Carly Beth over and over that the mask cannot be removed as it is not simply a mask…it is a real, living face. He created a bunch of mask in his lab, in hopes of making the perfect face, to cover his own deformity, but due to an accident, they become hideous.


He refers to them as “The Unloved Ones”. It turns out every so often a young, innocent person like Carly Beth, finds one thinking it to only be a latex mask, puts it on and the mask begins to become one with the victims skin as the mask fuses with them and begins to slowly take over their mind. So it takes advantage of the human need to be someone else in order to make them evil.

Damn, I keep finding the deep one books, don’t i?


Wait…so they are not haunted.  Can you say false advertising?!

The shopkeeper tells Carly Beth the only way to remove the mask is to find a “symbol of love”. But if the mask is ever put on a third time, it shall be forever.




Shut it!


Carly looks in the mirror and sees her new face. She cries out, sad she will never  be herself again. Unfortunately, Cary Beth’s hysterical screams and shrieks begin to slowly awaken the evil masks who before laid doormat, lying in wait for their next victims to consume. They begin floating off of their model heads and start to slowly, but surely, fly at Carly Beth.


They chase her back to the graveyard. Carly Beth finally realizes that the mold her mother gave her is a symbol of love she needs to remove the mask from her body. Her mom loved Carly for herself, so she knows this will get rid of the masks.She uses it to deter the masks and remove the monstrous face that has attached itself to her.


She’s finally normal. She runs to her mom, and learns that you need to stay yourself, and not hide under a mask, no matter how scared you are.



Twist Ending:

Noah walks in, wearing the mash. Wah wah. Simple, but good!

TV Episode:


This is the first one, ever! They cut out the fair stuff, and the opening scene is in a pumpkin patch I guess. Also, carly steals the mask, thus making the fault her own. Other than that, it’s pretty faithful! The minor changes add to the book and it is actually better.

Oh, and Steve and Chuck are pirates rather than hobos. Oh, and when Carly asks why they torture her (in character as the mask) they say…


“Cuz..we kind of like her”



Not much to say, it’s just a classic episode.

Oh, and the actresses for Carly and Sabrina…are “Kathryn Long” and Kathryn short. Hah!

Notable Lines:

“Hands me your candy, or your heads will adorn my stick”

That sounds wrong…


Useless Fact:  I have quite a few!


  1. Stine says this is the critical best to him
  2. .It was inspired by a time when his own couldn’t get off  a mask. Instead of helping him, he went to the typewriter. Kidding
  3. In the TV episode, the worm she eats…is a real one. The actress asked for it. Make your own joke


Final Thoughts:


I see why this one of the most popular. The main character is likeable, the story is very well crafted, and the moral is shockingly well done! It’s very sweet, but also creepy at points. It’s a real gem, but I don’t think it’s in my  top 10. I don’t know, it just doesn’t quite meet the likes of camp night mare. Plus, some of the stuff at the start bogs it down. It’s still very good!

Grade:  A


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