Goosebump a thon #9: Welcome to Camp Nightmare

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Welcome to Camp Nightmare


Cover: pretty good one here. Not much to say About it, it’s just good

Front Tagline: “It’s the little camp of horrors!”

Back Tagline:  “those scary stories about camp are all coming true…”



Billy Harlan (name isn’t mention in book, but word of god gave it so…) is sent to Camp nightmoon by his Scientist (!) parents. And on the bus ride there, we meet our stereotypes , I mean characters. Mike, the fat kid. Colin,the poser cool kid, jay, the one with no personality. Oh, and the token girls, Dawn and Dory.

The bus stops, and the driver tells them all to get off. They see that they’re in the middle of nowhere…and the driver drives away, leaving them alone. Suddenly, some Wildcats shows up and attack. Then a man shows up on another bus with a rifle and shoots it at the creatures. The creatures run away in fear.

That scene comes out nowhere, makes no sense,  and it is never mentioned again.


The man who saved them is the head of Camp Nightmoon, Uncle Al. He is the 2nd weirdest Al in history. He takes them up to camp, and the girls head off to their own separate camp across the lake,.

It turns out the characters Billy meet are in his cabin, and they start to settle. Mike gets in his bunk, and finds two snakes, which is odd since I expected another kind of snake in an all-boys camp, but I digress. They bite him, but Billy gets the idea to wrap them up in the bed sheets and throw them outside.

The bunk’s counselor   larry shows up. He is also called the most fun asshole in Goosebumps history. He gets mad cuz…the sheets were good, and he tells them there is no nurse cuz this is a camp for manly men. He gives mike  a bandage and that “fixes” things.

They have a campfire that night, and Mike is hungry for big hot dogs. Okay, I’ll stop with the sex jokes. Uncle Al tells them the rules: they must write home every day, they can never visit the girls camp (MUST NOT MAKE SEX JOKE), and never go in the woods, as they are filled with tree bears.

“you need to know what to do when-I mean IF, you are attacked”

…yeah, I don’t know what the hell a tree bear is either. Probably not real, I bet.

Uncle Al also informs the campers that they’re not allowed to ever enter the Forbidden Bunk.

“Why is called the forbidden bunk?” “Cuz it’s forbidden!”

I love Uncle Al.

Of course, Jay wants to check out that bunk, but Larry tells them a strange monster named Sabre, lives there. What Sabre is…is never explored. But they stay clear since they think it’s just empty anyway.

The next day, they all play something called Scratchball, a sport so dumb the author explains it for us, meaning he made it. It entails one person throwing a ball as far as they can, then attempting to run all four bases of a baseball diamond before someone catches it.

So Baseball without the fun.

Larry ends up playing too, and gets his ass kicked by Colin. Larry loses his temper and throws the ball directly at the back of Colin’s head.

…that was kind of awesome.

Larry says his hand slipped, but Billy thinks he’s full of shit. Wow, a smart Goosebumps character. I might like this guy.  So later on, Colin seems to be fine, and says he is seeing double, and knowing this book, he could be either joking or serious.

Billy accidently opens mike’s  drawer,  and sees that all his stuff is gone, and so is mike. Later that night, Jay introduces Billy and Colin to some kid named Roger, who has neve been mention before now.  a plan is devised for the two to sneak into the Forbidden Bunk. Gee, I bet this will go well

Billy declines the invitation to join them cuz he is not an idiot. They head out, but Jay runs back and says Roger got mauled by Sabre. So Roger was literally only introduced to get killed. Yay

They lock themselves In their cabin until morning. Billy then never says anything and cowers in fear-…wait, what? He actually runs to larry and asks questions, with force? Hell yes, billy is AWESOME!

Larry seems a little confused but agrees to talk to Uncle Al about the missing camper. Later that day, Larry tells Billy there is no trace of a struggle…and there is no record of a kid named Roger.

Billy heads to the river, where he s accosted by Dawn and Dori, who have swam over from the girl’s camp and hid in the bushes for hours on the hopes that Billy would walk by. They tell him campers have disappeared at the girl’s camp too, plan to break out. Billy agrees to meet them again.

Billy finds a payphone, and tries to use it. Uncle al pops up and tells him he’s not allowed to call home, and the phone is fake. The phone cliché is in too many goosebumps books to count.

He heads back to the bunk, but Jay and Colin head out to go on a nature hike. They never return from it, and nor does the guy who brought the on it. Now billy is super worried, and DEMANDS larry (Billy is fucking awesome) for answers, but he knows nothing.

He heads to uncle Al’s office…and finds all the letters. They have never been mailed. He runs to his bunk, and finds that jay and colin are still gone, and two new campers, Tommy and Chris are now here. They have little personality.

The next day, they, and Larry head on a canoe trip. Larry decides he’d like to look at the fish in the river and leans too far out of the canoe and falls in. :Larry is an ass so Billy…jumps in and saves him?

God, billy is amazing.

Sadly, the two newbies end up floating down the river and disappear. Damn. Larry finally becomes nice, and admits he really doesn’t know anything. They both tell uncle al what happened and he scolds Larry…for losing his best canoe. I lol’d.

So Billy is convinced Uncle Al is insane,. And is getting worried. He sleeps on it. Billy is awoken early by Larry. Apparently Uncle Al has called a surprise morning hike and the whole camp is required to attend. The campers head up into the woods.

Uncle Al hands rifles to all the kids, and tells them two girls have escaped from the girls camp…dawn and dori. They must hunt them down. Billy is appaled, and refuses. Uncle Al tells them they are tranquilizers.

“Do you have a problem with that?!”

Billy says no to hunting them. He aims his riffle and Al, and fires.




The gun doesn’t go off, as it fake. Awwww…it was still awesome. Uncle Al says “You passed!”. Dawn and Dori appear from within the woods, as does Jay and Colin and everyone else Billy had met at the camp. Billy’s parents appear as well

Billy is told that his parents wanted him to go with them on their next big exploration, but first he needed to be tested by the government to see if he was ready. Uncle Al tells Billy that he passed the test by Obeying Orders (not going into the Forbidden Cabin), Showing Bravery (rescuing Larry from drowning), and Knowing When Not To Follow Orders (refusing to shoot the girls). So he just became about…100 percent cooler.

So where are billy and parents going?

Twist Ending:


They are going…TO EARTH! They’re aliens!  This twist is the most infamous in GB History. I agree with Blogger beware…this is a good twist. Nothing contradicts it, and it’s shocking enough, so I like it. Some people bash it…but it’s almost exactly like the twilight zone episode “Third from the sun”. if Twilight zone can do, so can Goosebumps. This is a very well done twist….but if they are going to earth to study human life, and they act like humans…it’s a waste of a mission.

TV Episode:

The episode Is freaking awesome. First, billy is even more badass, by being a good actor for once, and getting an epic suit up moment. what does his actor look like today, anyway?


…nice. Roger is also there from the start, and becomes more important. Also, Billy comforts Mike with his wound, and this makes Al declare him the #1 camper. Roger says…this’

“looks like number one’s afraid of doing a number-“ “hey!”

You know…for kids!

There is no Tommy and Chis, and also Larry’s actor is very nerdy, making him the most fun asshole ever. He’s like “ug” from Salture your shorts. Also, check out his face when he throws the ball at colin.


Awesome. Anyway, Uncle Al’s actor is good too. Over the top,. Evil, and a hell of a lot of fun. Also, during the scene where Billy stands up to Al, he says more stuff, and we get amazingly shoddy camera shots and funny lines. Oh, and that BLAM? It’s not one here. Instead, they are attacked by Sabre, and it turns out to be a machine at the end.

They also mention everyone in the “lab” is an actor, thus, making the bad acting at points (Jay) FRIDGE BRILLIANCE.

So yea, that’s all I have to say. Great episode.

Notable Lines: I’m going to cheat and take from the BACK of the book

“The camp director is a little demented. Okay, so billy can handle all that”

Useless Fact: The TV episode aired on TV the day I started this one. Dead serious.

Also, Roger’s Actor was Carlos on the magic school bus.

Final Thoughts:

I liked this one a lot. The story is spooky, and has interesting twist and turns. You really get into Billy’s shoes and understand his mindset. There are also some funny parts, and larry is amazing, and Uncle Al is a great “villain’. Oh, and did I mention THAT BILLY IS AWESOME?! He actually stands up to his problems, and does what he needs to do. He’s simply a rare Goosebumps character that acts like a human being. This book is creepy, interesting, and funny. It has everything a goosebumps book needs. A gem of a book. I liked it.

Grade:  A



See ya!


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3 Responses to Goosebump a thon #9: Welcome to Camp Nightmare

  1. sweetie buttons says:

    “which is odd since I expected another kind of snake in an all-boys camp” OH MY GOD

    I am writing a sequel to it, plus

    It is a prequel to all (but 1) Goosebumps book, this explains why the monsters exist, and tells their backstory. If u want to know more u can just comment question and I will answer back ASAP

  3. “He is the 2nd weirdest Al in history.” Cute.

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