Goosebump-a thon #7: Night of the living dummy

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You MAY have heard of this one. It’s famous or something…




Cover: badass cover. Creepy, and well done. Perfect. However, it doesn’t depict the actual villain, but another dummy in the book…but we’ll get to that

Front Tagline: “He walks, he stalks”

Back Tagline:  “He’s no dummy!”



Lindy and Kris are twins, who argue a lot. They are always trying to outdo each other, and Kris is sick of it. They’re parents and closets friends just hate their arguments and wish they would stop. One day they decide to on a bike ride…to next door, where a house is in the progress of being built

They look through the dumpster cuz kids love that, and find a creepy dummy, the one on the cover. Lindy names it Slappy because why not. Lindy starts learning ventriloquism.   and everyone seems to enjoy her routine. She soon becomes semi famous around town and Kris is insanely jealous. She thinks Linday gets everything, and then some.

So after some bitching, Dad gets kris her own dummy to use. She names him Mr Wood, and he is our villain for the evening. And of course, it starts some real mischief., such as suddenly insulting people, oddly as this effects mostly kris…

At one point they see Mr Wood seemingly strangling slappy, so they tell mom about it. It is mentioned mom is reading a Stephen king book. I mention it cuz …I felt like it. The mom tells them to go shut up and they do.

Later, Kris finds Mr. Wood in the kitchen, surrounded by a pile of food from the fridge and also her jewelry. Lindy comes down and so does mom, and mom is PISSED. They argue about how neither of them did shit, but mom just tells them to clean up,. Back upstairs, Lindy diabolically admits she was responsible for all of Mr. Wood’s bad behavior. Yep, even the bad talking, she threw her voice I guess.

I don’t like when they do this “it wasn’t the dummy in the first half” stuff. Pointless. But from this point on, it’s all Mr Wood. Also, lindy is now an a bitch. Yay

The next day, Kris finds a piece of paper in the Mr. Wood’s pocket. It has words on it, and she says them. The words are “Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molanu Karrano”. Mr Wood then blinks.

The next day, Kris performs for some elderly neighbors…with the dummy, sick-o. Before she can begin her act though, Mr. Wood begins brutally harassing the old couple. His comments including asking if the old man is eating a rat. Naturally, Kris is punished, and no one believes her about the dummy being evil.

But they still let her perform at a school talent show. As you would expect, Mr Wood insults the audience, calls a teacher fat, and pukes green vomit. …wut.

I don’t get it either. Kris gets extremely punished, though they don’t ask her how she made a dummy spew green vomit…you think they would suspect the dummy at this point. But whatever. They tell her they’re taking the dummy away forever,which actually pleases kris.

Mr Wood won’t have any of that shit. He comes to life that night and tells Kris she and lindy will be his slave, and then punches her in the stomach. Lindy shows up and finally sees that Mr Wood is evil. They run to tell the parents,but  their parents ground Lindy, believing that she helped Kris with the concert incident. Uh…how?

Wait, I’m asking for a logic in a goosebumps book, silly me.

They go to fight Mr Wood, but they get their asses handed to them. But they do stop him and stuff him into a suitcase, and bury him. I’ll save you about 10 pages and tell you he digs his way out.

Mr Wood tries to strangles the dog…named barky. Best name ever. But before he can, the girls chase Mr Wood outside. And in the most awesome villain defeat ever, Mr Wood is crushed by TWO steamrollers going around the nearby construction site.


They leave him there and finally head home

Twist Ending:

Upon arriving home, they find Slappy, who the plot remembered. Slappy then talks and says “Is that other guy gone? I thought he’d never leave”. And thus, a saga is born. Great twist. By the way, Word of good says Slappy and Wood are TWINS, made from the same coffin. Killing mr wood brought slappy to life, and made him even more evil. That’s just cool

TV Episode: None

Notable Lines:

Got none, sorry.

Useless Fact: According to R.L. Stine’s autobiography, he got the idea for all three Night of the Living Dummy books from reading Pinocchio when he was young.


Final Thoughts:


This one was decent. It’s ot exactly one of the best, but I did enjoy, it. Mr Wood is badass, I like some of the minor character development, and it did have some tense moments. But a few things made no sense, and the thing with the prank annoyed me. It’s not exactly Stine’s Magnum opus or anything, but it works. Troy, of Blogger Beware agrees with that it is well written, but it isn’t the best slappy book. But it’s a good start!

Grade:  B+




See ya!















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