Goosebump-a thon #6: Let’s get Invisible

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Let’s Get Invisible


Cover: This is a pretty realistic one, and I like it,. Not exactly scary, but well drawn. I dig it

Front Tagline: “Now you see him…now you don’t”

Back Tagline:  “Disappearances can be deadly”



. Max is a typical Goosebumps kid, who has a brother named Noah. But he is left handed, so everyone calls him left. Because being left handed is an alien concept to these people, I guess. It’s Max’s birthday and he’s having his friends over, who are both female. Don’t worry, this doesn’t lead to an orgy. That was saved for the porno version: let’s get naked.


Okay, he does have a male friend, named Zack but he leaves early. It rains, so they end just doing presents, and watch the terminator. Yes, all 12 year old kids love the terminator. The girls end up disliking the film cuz they’re freaking 12. They’re names are Erin and april, by the way.


They get bored, zack leaves, and they decide to explore the attic. Max’s Black dog, cleverly named Whitey, knocks some cabinet down, revealing hidden door in the attic. They head in and find a secret room with a mirror in it. The mirror has a little light string on it, and Max pulls it.

Max becomes, you guessed it, a pop sensation. Okay, he’s invisible. But he thinks his friends are being funny, as he doesn’t check to make sure. It’s less stupid in context, I swear. He pulls the string again and returns to visibility. To quote Blogger beware, Max doesn’t believe he just let’s got invisible.


That night, he gets curious about the mirror, so he heads back into the attic alone, but lefty follows him. After arguing, they both pull the light, and find out it really makes them invisible. They have some fun, but when he pulls the string, it takes a little bit to return

The next day, Zack shows up and Max shows him their new invisibility mirror. Zack finds it cool right away. The kids will all attempt to stay invisible the longest. They all have some fun, but sadly it is stopped by Max’s grandparents stopping by for dinner.

At dinner, Left plays a prank by going invisible and causing mischief, and at one point Max expects his Dad to ask why Lefty is  invisible, but he doesn’t cuz…well he’s freaky invisible and he doesn’t seem anything,. Lefty now holds the invisibly record, at ten minutes.

After more stuff happens, such as a weird voice coming from the mirror, and stuff, the day of the big invisibility championship arrives. Max is starting to think this is getting dangerous because whenever he gets invisible, he feels distant after a while. He thinks this could be bad, but no one listens.

Erin is the next to go Invisible, and she does stuff like…making objects float a lot. To be fair, it is cool to see stuff float. But only  Lefty ever suggests the girls locker room idea…and he’s 10.

Anyway, Erin suddenly stops answering their questions, but she reappears…figuratively speaking, and when she becomes visible, Max notices something odd, but he can’t  put his finger on it…

Zack is next, and he does pull a prank by freaking out Max’s neighbor with his invisibility. But like with erin, he stops responding, and “shows up” again after a bit. Max also notices something very odd, and finally decides that the mirror is not something to play with. But Zack and Erin FORCE him to become invisible once again

As the time presses on, he begins to feel weaker and a white haze begins to envelop him. No matter how hard he cries, they won’t pull the switch. He feels as if he’s fading away. Suddenly, he gets sucked into the mirror!

He is now in a dark, cold place. He looks up and bums into a familiar face…himself! Max-2 introduces himself as Max’s reflection. Max-2 tells Actual Max that the reflections have already taken over Erin and Zack and now it’s Max’s turn. So yes, this whole time the mirror was a ploy to get evil mirror doubles to take over. Max-1 asks how the mirror made and all that, but Max-2 doesn’t know much beyond the basics.

Max runs and sees the real Erin and Zack floating, all scared and stuff. Somehow he manages to outrun his reflection and appears in the flesh once Erin and Zack pull the cord. Max-2 pops up in the mirror and tells Erin and Zack-2 that Max-1 got away, and they must make the switch,

But before Max-1 can get sucked into a mirror forever, Lefty pops up in the attic. He was just playing baseball, so he tosses the ball to Max-1. But he misses, and it hits the mirror, breaking it. This sucks the mirror reflections back in, and sets the real kids free. They explain it all to april, and decide to head home  

Twist Ending:


Max and lefty head outside to throw a ball around . they reflect (no pun intended) on their adventure. Then max notices something…lefty is throwing right handed. This means lefty was sucked into the mirror…forever. Creepy ending, I’ll admit. I approve

TV Episode:

April is absent, and Zack has an earring. Those are the most notable changes. Also, lefty is just called Noah, but they bring up his left handed thing a lot. A good bulk of the plot is the same in spirit, despite some minor changes I won’t mention. The ending is slightly different, as we see that that the mirror has mysteriously repaired itself. Not a bad episode, it’s just okay.

Notable Lines: “Nonviolence  can be really frustrating”


Useless Fact: I have two! First, the dog whitey is named after a real dog RL Stine had. Second, at 139 pages, this is the longest book In the series.

Final Thoughts:

This one is pretty good. The plot is basic, but just enough to keep me interested. I like the scenes where he feels as if he’s fading away, as it is quite creepy and interesting. It’s one of the times where Stine tried a more internal conflict, rather than an external one. After all, the kids are just going invisible, but feeling odd. Of course, the mirror reflection thing is cool too, and it is creepy to think about being replaced. It’s leisurely paced, it’s fun, and I really like it


Grade:  A




See ya!










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One Response to Goosebump-a thon #6: Let’s get Invisible

  1. Great article, but I will make a mild sidebar on the “All 12 year olds love the Terminator”. To be fair, the movie was still pretty popular in 1992, and was beloved by kids as well. Plus this was right around the time Terminator 2 came out, which was a massive hit, so the reference works too. Hell, at the time one the hottest kids arcade games was T2, so that works. Don’t also forget this was a time when a lot of this stuff was aimed at kids. Since there were cartoons for stuff like Robocop and even the Toxic Avenger (and trust me, kids watching Troma films should be a bigger cause for worry than watching anything with Arnie)

    Then again, I can kinda believe the lax parenting skills, since hell, I grew up seeing a lot of PG-13 and some R stuff as a kid. Plus, this is Goosebumps, most of the parents are pretty shitty. Anyhoo, keep up the good work.

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