Goosebump a thon #5: Curse of the mummy’s tomb

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Curse of the Mummy’s tomb


Cover: it’s cool. Not much to say it, but I do love the glowing red eyes


Front Tagline: “What will wake the dead?”

Back Tagline:  “Something dead has been here…”




Gabe is with his parents, visiting Egypt., during winter vacation. Some people just go across town, but alright. He’s bored as heck, and thirsty as heck. They head to some hotel in some place, where he gets more bored. We find out he has an Archeologist  uncle working down in the pyramid, but Gabe can’t see him today

Then the parents are called up to leave on business, and Gabe is told he can go with them or stay with Uncle Ben. He obviously takes uncle bun, but the bad news is that he must put up with his daughter, Gabe’s Cousin, Sari. She’s competitive and stuff.

Ben and Sari show up and Gabe argues a lot and Ben tells them about the work he’s been doing. He and  his team have just discovered a secret burial chamber inside one of the Great Pyramids, and like a good guardian  he’s taking two young kids with him.


The next day, they head in the pyramids and trek on. They meet Ben’s partners, of which is named Ahmed. He’s the guy who talks about there being  a curse, but no one believes him cuz the plot says so. That and he provides no real evience and just says it has a curse of some kind. Anyway, Gabe gets lost, Sari plays a mummy related prank on him,. And Ben is pissed at GABE for walking away, and laughs when he hears exactly what Sari did. Great uncle.


The next day, Ben has to briefly leave  the hotel to deal with some workers what are in the hospital. As soon as he’s gone Gabe tries to show off for Sari by proposing they go to the Cairo Museum on their own, and they do so. Once at the mesum, they check out the mummy part, and Gabe scares Sari (who is a year younger, hence being easily scared) by telling her exactly how they made a mummy. \

But they are interrupted…by Ahmed, who shows up.  They run, as they think he wants to chase them, but soon he catches up and tells them uncle ben sent him to take them back to the hotel.  Even though they walked only two blocks to the hotel, Ahmed insists they drive back in his car. As they drive off, Gabe notices they are going on the opposite direction..


“We were being kidnapped”


Before we can confirm this, this tuck and roll out. They ran back to the hotel, where Ben has returned. They tell him about Ahmed, and he is now worried. . but now he simply must go back to the pyramid and investigate something. He proposes the kids wait for him inside the hotel room but they fear Ahmed might return. Uncle Ben reluctantly agrees to take the two kids with him.

They head in and it doesn’t take too long for Gabe to get lost. He enters the wrong passageway, and  falls through the floor. He looks around and sees non-moving Mummies, and a tar pit. He’s found an ancient burial chamber. Before he can react, Sari shows up as she conveniently got lost too.

They cheer over their new discovery, but Ahmed shows up to rain on their parade. Ahmed finally tells them why he was being evil earlier: He is a descendant of the priestess Kahla, and he continues the tradition of mummifying anyone who violates her chamber. He wanted to stop the kids from finding the chamber, but now it is too late.

He will mummify them alive. Boil them in tar, then wrap them up. …Yikes, more dark turns.  So anyway, Ben shows up and tries to convince Ahmed to stop being creepy, but Ahmed knocks him out cold. Such a good uncle. He demands the kids to get in the sarcophagus, which ben also gets put into. Thankfully, this one is insanely huge and has a trapdoor thing in it, and Ahmed left the room to think. Ben wakes up and they escape

But of course, Ahmed returns. He pulls a dagger, and tells them to just jump into the tar. And now I must bring up something I skipped. Gabe has a mummy hand thing he once bought at an airport. For the longest time, he assumed it was fake, but he still kept it. But as Ahmed walks to them, he holds it up cuz it’s a luck thing I guess. The mummies than suddenly come to life and walk over to Ahmed.

He throws his torch at him, which lights them on fire, but they keep moving. MUMMIES ON FIRE. YES. Uh…anyway, they lift him above the tar pit, but Ahmed escapes and books it.  The group let him escape and they don’t call the police or anything. Cuz mummifying people is no big deal I guess. They’re just happy to be alive, thanks to the mummy hand.

So they all head back to the hotel, and things are all fine.


Twist Ending: none. Yes, no twist. The parents show up and it ends. meh


TV Episode: None. That’s right, there is no episode…

Notable Lines: “I saw the great pyramids and got thirsty”. This is the books opening lne


Useless Fact:

Final Thoughts:


This one is decent, I guess. It was hard to come up with jokes or anything cuz in the first half, it’s kind of slow. And In the 2nd half, it’s good a point I still had no jokes. It tries a bit too hard on the realistic side in the first half, and it is quite slow., but even then, it still interesting concepts and atmosphere. Once Ahmed shows up, it gets very good. It has spooky concepts, and I like It when the series does human villains like him.

I also admit to being interested in Egypt stuff, despite mummies being zombies. So I like horror stuff involving mummies to an extent, and this interested me a lot. It’s slow at the start, but it picks up and gets decent. Overall, it’s alright


Grade:  B




See ya!







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