Goosebump a thon #4: Say cheese and Die

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Say Cheese and Die



Original Cover: this is a damn good, creepy cover. Plus this scene happens in the book…in a dream. But still!


Reprint Cover: HOLY SHIT THIS COVER IS AMAZING. Sorry, but …damn, just look at that! It looks like a real horror movie poster! I like it.

Front Tagline: “A picture is worth a thousand screams…”

Back Tagline:  “Every picture tells a story”




Greg, Doud (Nicknamed “Bird”), Micheal, and Shari walker are hanging out side. They’re bored as hell, and they notice the old Coffman house, which is a typical old abandoned house. It’s famous in their town, cuz a creepy hobo named “spidey” hangs around out. Spider isn’t around today, so they want to head into to confirm it isn’t haunted or something.

They also love the irony of going into a homeless man’s home. They head in and they find a bunch of old clothes and stuff. Greg also finds a camera, and takes a pic of Micheal with it. He then falls down some stairs right after, and this catches the attention of…spidey! Yep, he was there the whole time

Before the Bum can give them about the greatest movie he’s ever seen in his life, they run out, camera in tow. Greg looks at the pic it took, and sees that it features mike falling in it! He knows the pic should have him…not falling, but they brush it off as them having bad memories.


Greg gets home to see he has a new station wagon, which is way too happy about.l “mmmmmmmm, that new car smell”. Yes, the book does give it that many M’s. anyway, he’s so gosh darn excited that he takes a picture of it with the camera. He looks at the pic, and the car is wrecked in it.

At dinner, Dad tells them they are going for a ride in the new car. Greg tries to get out of it, but no dice.

Okay, allow me to stop this summary to tell of you the best moment in the entire series.

Every chapter in these books, according to RL Stine, must end on a cliffhanger. And this chapter ends up with the most suspenseful  line in the entire series


“Are there any more potatoes?”


Shit, I’m having nightmares already!


Seriously, what the hell was that?


So they head on a car ride, and they almost crash, but thankfully survive. So that pic lied I guess. Later on, Greg snaps a shot of his brother, Terri. Yes, the female spelling. First Casey, now this.

So in the pic, Terri looks very worried. Greg is now suspecting bad things about this camera…

Later, Doug has a baseball game, and Greg and Sherri inspect the camera, only to find nothing. Not even a brand name. they take a pic of Doug, and in the picture he is the ground, in pain. Doug doesn’t believe any of this, and tells them the camera is broken.

All broken cameras predict the future. Duh!

He gets hit with a baseball, and the picture comes true. That’ll show him. Then Terri shows up ,and tells them Dad crashed the car and got hurt. He has the same worried look from the picture

Wait…the car is ruined due to pic of the car…but Terri was worried due to the pic of him…BUT he was worried cuz the car crashed…

So the camera predicted the same thing TWICE?! This makes no freaking sense.

So Dad is fine, he just broke his leg and all. Greg is now pretty damn sure this camera is evil, and wants to trash it. When he gets home,. He finds his house trashed. He thinks spidey did it to find the camera. Spidey knows where he lives…that’s kinda spooky, to be honest.


He tells this to Sherri (she has a crush on terri, which makes their names funnier) the next day.. he also tells her he had a nightmare, in which he took a pic and in the pic, his family were all skeletons. Told ya the cover happens.

They are at her birthday party, and she requests that Greg take her picture. Despite all the proof she needs, she doesn’t think something awful will happen to her. Greg takes a pic, in the pic  she is invisible. She disappears an hour later.

Did I call it or what?

Things get spooky as Greg is scared beyond reason. Micheal and Doug are finally convinced that this camera  is evil. Greg tells them they should put it back in the Coffman house, but they are pussies so they decline. Then some bullies show and try to take the camera, in a pointless scene. Sort of..

Greg gets pissed and rips shari’s picture in half, and she suddenly shows up an hour later. She tells him that she randomly popped from existence and found herself in the yard an hour ago, having no idea what is going on. They decide that they together should head to put the camera back. So Micheal was a pointless character. At least Doug got hurt a lot.

They head into the house, and place the evil thing back. Spidey shows up, and finally tells them about the camera.

Spidey’s real name is Dr Fritz Fredricks, and he was once a scientist. He and a partner made a camera that told tell the future. He hoped the make money off it, but Spidey was greedy and took it for himself. But he didn’t count on his partner being a evil wizard, so he put a curse and camera, and that lead to spidey losing his wife, kids, and house. …that’s…kind of tragic. Sort of makes him a woobie in some ways.

So anyway, he won’t let the kids leave cuz they know too much, all that stuff. But by accident, Greg snaps a pic of him, and …he dies.

He dies.

…a human has died in a goosebumps book


That is awesome


They look at the pic, which shows him dead, Spidey died of fright. they run out and everything seems fine..


Twist Ending:


The bullies from earlier saw them come into the house and one point, and they walk in, and find the camera. They take a pic of themselves. End. Meh, okay twist, but kind of pointless

TV Episode:

The episode has some interesting aspects to it. One, Greg is played by a young ryan gosling. No okay

Now for the changes. No Micheal. Told you he was pointless! No pic of terri worried. Thank god. No baseball scene. Doug does the stuff Micheal does. Sherri scene doesn’t happen at party, it’s a normal day. Spidey doesn’t fully explain backstory, and just says it is cursed. He also doesn’t die, and just gets sucked into the camerea. All these changes actually lead to a better product as it feels cleaner, and a lot less confused. Plus. Spidey is still amazing

Cool episode, and is better than the book in a lot of ways. That is all

Notable Lines: the potato line. Seriously, what the hell. That’s…it I guess


Useless Fact: in the TV episode, the actor of spidey was also in one episode of “are you afraid of the dark” …which had an evil camera in it. COINDICECE?!

…I think so.

Final Thoughts:

It’s dumb at points, but it’s still cool. I like the concept, spider is a interesting, and scary villain, and it has some okay suspense. Some things make no sense, like the Terri pic, or the kids idiocy, but Greg is fine, and the story is well done enough. It’s a dumb one, but a fun one. That’s pretty much for this one


Grade: B+

See ya!



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