Goosebump a thon #3: Monster Blood

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Welcome back to Goosebump-athon!

Monster Blood


Cover: it’s pretty good, though it’s not as creepy or eye catching as the others. But I do find it a good representation of the book, at least.


Front Tagline: “It’s a monster blood drive!” this one makes no sense

Back Tagline:  “Blood blood everywhere..” much better!



The opening scene is a “Establishing Character moment” if I ever saw one. Evan Ross is in front of his Great aunt’s house,. Whining about it. Told ya. Anyway, he will be moving  into a new house soon, and his parents are house hunting in Atlanta. Instead of, you know, just taking him with them, they do the logical thing and drop off with his DEAF aunt!


Though Evan is a whiny bitch, so I don’t blame them for taking the chance to get rid of him. Anyway, so Yea, Great Aunt Kathryn is deaf, mean, and dislikes his dog to boot. Eventually, Evan stops whining (seriously, I didn’t think text on a page could annoy me so much) and heads out into town. He bumps into a girl, named Andrea (she likes to be called Andy), and they have some funny dialogue with the help of Andy being awesome. She makes of Evan all the freaking time, and she makes up for Evan being a whiny bitch,

They hit off (sort of) and Andy says she needs to get something for her cousin and they head to a Toy Store. They find a can labeled Monster Blood, and they buy it without knowing what it is. Genius, simply genius.

They find that  it is this green, stick goop, which is like Gak, or something. They find it cool, and they play with it. Then the dog, Trigger, eats it and Evan freaks out, and then they calm down.

Then the blood starts growing at a frightening rate. Evan even puts it in bathtub, and it out grows that. The bit where he falls in  the tub, and struggles, is…interesting. the way his struggle to get out of the tub was written, it sounded like Evan was …fapping. Sorry, but that is so the vibe I get.

On top of that, every scene with Andy drips of Unresolved sexual tension. ew. So anyway Trigger starts to get sick, and starts to grow and cause trouble.

There is a scene where Trigger turns into a monster and chases these bullies…and he wakes up. And it looks, and sees HE is a giant! And,…he wakes up.

“He dreamed a dream”

…no, I won’t say it.

Evan and Andy just put the growing blood in a trash bag and take it to the toy store. But sadly, it is now closed forever. Why? No idea. So they take it home, and Aunt Kathryn runs out telling them Evan’s mom will be coming home soon. Evan goes to the backyard to tell the dog (Yes) and boom, he’s a giant and runs across the street.

On top of that, the blood spills out of the bad and grows into The Blob, pretty much. It leads to a fun scene, but then it corners Aunt Kathryn. Then she says…she made the blood, and she must die for it,.


But then she says that she did make it, per say, and points to who did…the cat. Before you can say “Wut” the cat turns into a witch, and reveals the cat was her the whole time.

Kathryn explains that twenty years ago, Sarabeth cast a spell on her that made her a slave. She also made her deaf cuz…wouldn’t you want a slave who can’t hear?

Sarabeth didn’t allow Kathryn to have visitors, and so when Evan showed up, Sarabeth insisted she cast a spell on the Monster Blood to get rid of him. Kathryn tells Sarabeth that she’s going to end the spell by letting the Monster Blood swallow her, thus ending Sarabeth’s hold on her. …damn, that’s a pretty heroic sacrifice for this series. Anyway, Sarabeth orders the monster blood to kill them all. Yes, she says kill. Even the stupid books can get dark sometimes!

The blood comes to devour them…then suddenly Trigger comes! Yes, giant trigger pokes into the room and pushes sarabeth into the blood., which gets rid of her forever. Oh, and the blood shrinks and so does trigger. Trigger saving the day is shockingly awesome for this book.

Kathryn is now free of the evil spell and can hear as well. Evan’s Mom comes in and everyone cheers. Evan is about to go home now, and he talks to Andy about contacting her from now on. This conversation also weeks of sexual tension, like a teenager rather than  a 12 year old kid. Well anyway, things seem to wrapping up..

Twist Ending:


Andy wants to keep some of the Blood, for fun. They look down to see that it has vanished! …not much of a twist. Kind of lame.

TV Episode:

They make some changes that make the episode better. First, Evan is a lot less whiny, and more tolerable. However, andy is less epic but still okay. Anyway, they change it so Evan finds the blood in Aunt’s house, thus confirming that Sarbeth made it herself, rather than the odd decision the book made. The backstory with Aunt being a slave is kept, though they add a tiny bit more, though I forgot what it was.

The rest is about same, minus the pointless scenes with these two bullies that thankfully got cut. However, at the end, we see  Evan got on a plane to head home on his own, and we cut to the cargo hold, where we see monster blood leak out of a bag!

And this leads to…a 2nd part?

Yep, they made a entirely new episode not based on a specific book. I have no idea why, but it’s good cuz this episode is pretty good. Here,. Evan and three kids he meets have to deal with the blood rampaging on a plane. There’s a nerdy dude, and a chick who SHOULD have played Andy, and Conan. Yes, they took a character right from Monster Blood 2. I don’t know either.

They’re both really fun episodes, and I dig them more than any Monster blood book. Also, the first guy in the plane episode to be eaten by the blood? He’s black.

Even Goosebumps has to stick to the clichés!

Notable Lines: any line in the bathtub scene. If you want another we have “Oh god, it’s the monster blood!”. It’s odd to see god be mentioned in a goosebumps book.

Useless Fact: RL Stine got the idea for this when he saw his son playing with some green sticky toy thingy.

Final Thoughts:

This one is a mixed bag. On one hand, Evan is a whiny bitch. On another hand, Andy is awesome, the story is actually well done, the monster blood itself is cool, and Sarabeth is a badass villain,. Infact…I think Evan is the only really bad part of this book. It’s mostly fun, and the villain is cool. In the second half, it gets enjoyable and Evan mostly shuts up. So the first half is annoying, and the rest is good. Heck, I even enjoy evan when I make fun of him. I like making him sound really whiny . it’s fun. So this one is OKAY , but a lot of fun

Grade: B-

See ya!

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