Goosebump a thon #1: Wecome to Dead House

Hello, Spongey here

Welcome back to Goosebump-athon!

Let’s start with the first one ever written!

…as opposed to starting with number 34 or something

Welcome to Dead House


Cover: It’s a pretty creepy one, portraying the description of the book rather nicely. But who’s the dude in the window? He’s a grown adult, so it can’t be Ray. Whatever…

Front Tagline: “It will just kill you”

Back Tagline: “Look Alive!”



The book opens with our main characters checking out their new house. You see, they are moving in, and right now they are looking at a new house candidate before choosing to move on.

WAIT…a horror piece where they actually SEE the scary house before moving in to it? Holy shit! Breaking new ground not one chapter in!

So anyway, their Dad received a call telling him an uncle he’s never heard of is giving him a  house in a town called Dark Falls, and of course he takes the offer without thinking.

Damn, I forgot this was Goosebumps, of course it won’t be logical all the way through!

Amanda and Josh aren’t happy about moving in, but  they stay optimistic.  After a bit with their dog and Compton Dawes, the real estate man, they head to their soon to be former home to pack up and prepare. We then get an incredibly depressing chapter where they walk about during the week thinking about moving, and Amanda talks to the friend she will be leaving behind and it’s depressing as hell. Anyway, later they fully move into the house and then the horror begins

Amanda spots odd things happening, such as a boy in her window. But when she goes upstairs, he is gone. Wind blows through the window despite it being closed. The other kids in town she meets never seem to go out in the sun, and Ray Thurston  talks about how he used to live in their house. And…it goes at a pace too flow for my taste, but soon this all changes.

Their dog runs away at one point, and they need to find him. When their parent leave for a fancy pantsy dinner, Josh thinks that maybe he ran to the cemetery  as that’s the only place they have not checked. They head out in the middle of the night, and run into Ray. Ray tells them it’s a horrible idea to do this ,but they ignore him.

Once in the graveyard, they spot gravestones sporting the exact names of their friends! At first Amanda wants to brush it off, but Ray says “Sorry Amanda, it’s true”. Ray admits: he is a zombie. DUN DUN DUN!

Years ago, there was a big necular disaster, killing the entire town. Now they are brain eating zombies, and they use the titular dead house to get new blood in the town to feed on.

Yep, fine and dandy but WHAT ABOUT PETEY?!

PETEY WILL-oh wait he got turned into a zombie. Never mind


…bit dark for this series.

So then Amanda accidently shines her flashlight on Ray’s face, which melts it off and kills him again.

…you know…for kids?

They run off, and bump into Compton, who tells them he is not an evil zombie dude, but other zombie dudes cornered their parents. But a little bit later, they see HIS gravestone and see he was lying. But then they run to the weird place in the graveyard where their parents have been captured.

They see a giant tree blocking the light, which allows the zombies to not be burnt to a crisp. They see that the tree is insanely crappy, and they could easily push it over and kill the zombies with sun. after lots of struggle, they do so.

The zombies all start to melt in a shockingly “graphic for a kids book” way. One of the kids, before completely dying says “thank you”

…so they just saved them. Wow.

Anyway, they take the parents and a few hours later, they have called the movers and are ready to leave this town behind…

Twist Ending:

While Amanda is getting in the car, she spots ANOTHER family walking into the house. She doesn’t say anything, and as they drive away, she thinks she sees Compton. End.

So she damns a family to be eaten by zombies. Nice. This is a decent twist, but it’s fairly basic compared to the later twists

TV Episode:

This one is a 2 parter!

It’s faithful in some ways,  but there are many changes. Things are about the same, up until the dog runs away. When they go into the graveyard, they see a bunch of the zombies talking about how they will feed on them, and that is how the big zombie chase begins. Ray is not here as a major player, or maybe he wasn’t in at all. Instead, the main zombie is Karen, who had a minor role in the book. When the zombies attack, her family is the one saying they are normal people. The family has a wreath in their house, and Karen tells them that it is attracting the zombies. They burn it, and Karen tells them she lied and it was PROTECTING them.

Then they kill the zombies with sun, by tearing down the boards blocking off the attic window. Oh, and the dog isn’t found until they drive off and half way home, they see the dog in the street and pick him up. Then he starts barking, and turning gray end.

It’s a darn good episode, and fairly exciting through most of it. The zombies aren’t as graphic, but they are a bit cooler, and it feels like a classic zombie film. The twist is actually better, and I like some of the conflict. So…better than the book!

Notable Lines:

“We used to live in your house…but now we’re DEAD in your house!”

Useless Fact: I have two!

  1. One of the zombie kids is named George Carpenter. This is a reference to John Carpenter and George Romero.
  2. There was going to be a sequel called “Happy Holidays from dead house”. But it got canned.

Final Thoughts:

The book starts off quite slow, and there are a bit too many of the false cliffhangers. But even then there is a sense of suspense, and you get to know the characters during that very depressing scene I talked about. Once the zombies show up, it gets quite creepy (for goosebumps) and a lot of fun. It’s very descriptive, and damn is it awesome. It takes a while to pick up, but it’s pretty good when it does. A odd way to start the series that became goofy ,but it’s a good one.

Grade: A-

One down…a shit ton to go!


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