Pixarathon #10: Up

 Hello, Spongey here.

Welcome back to Pixar-athon!


I don’t have as much to say as I normally do. This is a great movie and all, but I’m not as enthusiastic as everyone else is. All I can say has been said already. But I’ll try, just don’t expect too much in this one


This, is Up


This is  the story of a septuagenarian named Carl Fredricksen (Edward Asner) who had promised his wife, Ellie, that they would one day have an adventure and move to Paradise Falls in Venezuela like their childhood hero, Charles Muntz. However, life got in the way of them doing it — repeatedly — and she passed away before they could. Carl, guilt ridden, shuts himself off from society in the house they built together. When land developers threaten and scheme to destroy their home, Carl decides to take action and fulfill his promise to his wife. Being a retired balloon man, he ties thousands of helium balloons — the leftovers of his old trade — to his house and sets off for Paradise Falls. He has an accidental stowaway in the person of Wilderness Explorer Russell, who has been trying to earn his “Assisting the Elderly” badge by helping Carl.

Oh, and he finds a talking dog, a bird, and Charles muntz along the way


So that opening statement up there? I wrote that BEFORE re watching this. And after rewatching it…damn, my tune has changed. Now I remember how great this movie is!


It’s a similar situation with a bug’s life, only this one I already loved a lot. It was a minor case of hype backlash. People like Doug Walker say it’s pixar best work and it’s beautiful and crap like that. And I guess that made me not love it as much.


Well I still aren’t going COMPLETELY gag for it, I will say it as every bit as amazing as everyone says.


I like that it’s pixar’s 2nd movie all about humans, though like I said in my incredibles review, that film was a lot more human heavy. But this one is still quite good.

Like many people said, the first 10 minutes are amazing. It shows the backstory to the movie, without feeding you exposition. It just shows you carl’s life. The entire 2nd half of it is completely silence. We see carl and elie’s love life told wonderfully, with no talking.

PIXAR: they can tell a better love story in 10 minutes than twilight can in 4 books.


Sorry I had to.


I’ve heard complaints from certain people regarding this movie. Mainly how it balnces the dark and light. We have an old man dealing with a dead wife…and dogs in air planes


Allow me to dispute that


Finding nemo has surfer turtles, and  a on screen death early on


A Bug’s life has circus bugs, and the villain being eaten alive


Toy Story 3 Has THAT scene…and zucchini head.


Point is, pixar makes dark movies that are accessible to kids and vice versa. It’s not that they are bad at balancing. They’re great at it! They  can please people who like dark stories, and people who want light comedy. Look at WALL-E! they’re darkest movie (IMO) and it has lots of comedy.

You can have  a dark movie with lots of comedy in it. Everyone does it.  Deal with it.

Anyway, speaking of those dark elements. I like them. There’s a lot deep complex elements in it with carl and all. I won’t analyze it since it’s been done to death already/.]


No, It did not make me cry. Some scenes were quite moving, but no tears came close to shedding.

And on a different note, something awesome happened with this movie.

There was a girl who was dying. She really wanted to see “Up”. She told this to some fonddation.

Pixar showed her up.

She died not too long after she was finished


Pixar did not announce it.. they just did it. They did it cuz they wanted to give a girl heer dying wish.



That is fucking awesome.


This is why I love this company


Anyway, now for the characters and actors.


Carl is voiced by Ed Asner and my god, he is freaking perfect. Ed Asner IS the crotchey old guy. At least when he’s not santa In like…everything. Seriously, what’s up with that?

He makes Carl very funny, and stubborn, but gives that heart to him that makes you like him. The thing going on with his wife is wonderfully done and it’s not overflowing with sweetness, and its done in decent amounts.

Russel is some unknown.  I thought he’d be annoying, but he’s very funny. He’s fat and it does lead to some jokes, but it’s really more  due to his quirky ness than his fatness. We learn about him and his relationship with his rarely seen father. Him and carl connect, and learn a lot from each other. It’s very well done.

And of course…there’s dug.

Saying he’s funny is like saying hitler was a dick. Huge understatement


He is a dog with a collar that projects his thoughts. He also could have been annoying, but he’s very funny. He just spouts random-



..lines out of nowhere! He never fails to make me laugh


I’d explain his whole deal, but that’s for later. Dug is voiced by Bob Peterson, a pixar guy who will directing their upcoming film, “The Good dinosaur”


Now for the villain..


It’s Charles muntz.


One of the more shocking pixar villains, in my opinion.



See, he went to paradise falls, back when carl was a kid, to get some bird, and he never lft. When Carl gets there, he finds Muntz….who is still alive despite looking ol in the flashback, and since carl is really old muntz should be dead..


Yea, that’s the only problem. It’s never explained


Also, Muntz doesn’t really have much of a motivation. He’s like “I want that bird” and Carl’s like “okay”

He’s a fun, bad ass character, and I didn’t think he subtracted to how great the moviev is, I’m just saying, they could have made him more complex.


So he wants kevin, the rare bird mentioned before, and carl is having none of that. Also he has various talking dogs  cuz….why not?

The leader of the pack is alpha, who sounds more like alVIN to me. They aren’t too fund of dug, and you know the rest. I like them, they’re fun. N


Muntz makes a decent villain, as I said, and that’s good enough for me


The characters, coupled with the interesting complex story makes for a great movie, and while it’s not their best, it is one of their funniest for sure.

Seriously, I laughed my ass off. Litteraly, my ass came off of my body and I had to get it back.

True story.


So here’s what I have to say about the movie being PG:

It didn’t need to be. WALL-E was much more complex than this and it got a G. yea, this in complex stuff for kids, but if they can handle finding nemo, they can take this.

There is one scene with a bit blood in it. Maybe that’s it.

Other than that, don’t get it

Also, I did find it awesome that this was nominated for Best Picture.

So let’s move on to easter eggs:


John Ratzenburger is a contruction worker. He actually appears pretty early on, so you get some funny John stuff early in here


In the opening montage, you see carl in  a waiting room. On some gold thing, is A113

When Carl’s house goes off for the first time, you can see the pizza planet truck on the street.

In that same scene, you see a girl in her house looking at carl’s house. In her room, Is lotso from toy story 3

If you look really hard at some of the construction equipment on the construction site surrounding Carl’s house, you might notice the Buy n Large logo,


That’s it for the easter eggs


Up may not be the best, but it’s a excellent film and a great pixar entry


Two more to go! We’re in the home stretch! Yay!


See ya.





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