My Very brief thoughts on the films of 2012 so far

Hello Spongey here



okay, you read the title, yo unkow what i’m gonna do


let’s really quickly look at 2012’s films so far. Go!


Chronicle: Found footagoo film about kids who get superpowers. a lot fun, good take on found footage/super movie, smart, good time, a lot better than it sounds, great acting, and i liked it.


Grade: A


Mirror Mirror:snow white, only over comical and EXTREEEEME! Julia roberts is fun, good opening, sadly fall pray to a really weak story, character are bland, way too over the top, only fun for a few minute until it get  boring. left no impact me, not bad enough hate, not good enough to like. a big bucket full of MEH


Grade: C+


21 Jump Street: modern take on 80’s show about two cops who infiltrate high school. very funny, makes fun of how it’s an 80’s reboot, good action, fun characters, has some odd joke, but overall a good time


Grade: B+


The Lorax:Animated film of my gave Dr seuss. despite what the nostalgia chick may tell you, it’s well aniamted, has good hear,t good message, good performances form danny devito and ed helms, but could have used re-writes on framing story, songs are meh besides the awesome villain song, marketing is ass, but a decent adaption that DOES respect the book


Grade: B+


The Hunger Games: Adaptation of popular book about who fights in games thank to corrupt government.  acting is very good, plot is thought provoking and smart, a lot of fun, action is cool, though when the games begin, the camera shake too much. it doesn’t do that the entire movie like some people say, just that one scene. great film of the book


Grade: A


John Carter of Mars: Film of a book about a guy who gets zapped to mars. action is good, effects are great, acting is decent, but plot needed work, dialogue is odd, but decent fun, and a okay popcorn flick. certainty not deserving of being THE BIGGEST BOX OFFICE BOMB OF ALL TIME


Grade: B-


The Three Stooges : yes, i saw this. the titlualr stooges try to save the orphange they gew up in. and….i liked it. it’s funny, the actors do a real good job being thev stooges, it pays tribute to the stooge and doesn’t shame them too much, it had me laughing a lot, and best of all…you see the jersey shore guys get hurt…and made fun of. a lot. serioiusly. had some pacing issues, some tiny jokes didn’t work, but overall, a decent movie



now for one last movie, and my personal fave..


Pirates! Band of Misfits (Pirates in an adventure with scientists): stop motion film about a pirate captain who deals with chalres darwin, queen elizabeth, and other crazy stuff. Great animation, gripping story, fun characters, great comedy, had m laughing all the way through, insanely fun adventure, it’s just tons of fun. god bless you, Aardman.


Grade: A


that’s all for now! i’ll do separate posts for other movies i see this year


see ya

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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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