Pixarathon #9: WALL-E

 Hello, Spongey here.

Welcome back to Pixar-athon!


When I first heard of this film, I was skeptical. Oh, I didn’t think it was going to suck or anything. The premise just sounded very dark, and very odd. In a weirdly good way.


This, is WALL-E


Around seven hundred years in the future, humans abandon the now-inhospitable Earth so it can be cleaned up by a small army of “Waste Allocation Load Lifter” robots (WALL-Es – the E stands for Earth) whilst they enjoy a five-year vacation cruise in space. The plan doesn’t really work; seven centuries later, the last of those robots to still be running — the titular WALL-E — is still collecting junk and living with his pet cockroach. One day, WALL-E is going about his business as usual when a spaceship carrying a much more modern robot arrives to drop her off. Her name is EVE, and WALL-E is smitten at first sight. When the ship comes back and picks her up, he stows away. He also finds a plant, which could lead to earth being habitable again. This doesn’t please the computer of the cruise ship humanity is now on…


The idea for this one came about during the same meeting where they came up with toy story, finding nemo, and monsters inc. they wanted to do first from the start, but Disney was skepikal. Well, I can’t blame them


DISNEY: so let me get this straight. You want to make a movie 700 years in the future where humanity has gone to shit and left the earth, and a robot is cleaning it, finds love, and finds the humans, who are now really fat, and must help rebuild earth?


PIXAR: yep!


DISNEY: ….wut





With how dark this movie is, I’m shocked it didn’t get a PG. but I digress.


The first good thing about this movie is that the first chunk of it is mostly silent. Sort of like a chaplin movie IN SPAAAAAACE…and the future.  In fact, before Chaplin died, he planned a film where his character was in a post-apocalyptic world. But in got canned.

Maybe Andrew Stanton stumbled upon that…


The first 30 minutes or so relies on the animation to carry it. Even the backstory is cleverly told without a big info dump or something. For a kid’s movie, this is quite daring. I mean, this movie makes them…THINK! That’s rare.


I also love how the green Aesop is presented. The goal of the movie isn’t to preach to you about plants or some shit like that. It’s about a robot surviving  the apocalypse. It’s about the characters, not the morals. You could say this about all pixar films, but since this has environmental stuff in it, it goes double.


Yes, it does talk how the earth is important, yes. But it does it as a means of serving the plot. It does in a way that actually makes you care about both the characters and the moral. So thus, WALL-E has the best Green Aesop ever.

And I am not kidding about that.


There’s why I love this pixar entry. That and it has awesome cgi.


Now for the characters. Since there’s only like…3 actors, I won’t talk about them. I will mentioned that Fred Willard shows up for a cameo, in a rare  use of live action footage.


The romance with WALL-E and EVE is simply put, amazingly done. You never thought a romance with two robots would be epic, but it is. WALL-E starts out as a simple robot, doing his job, but then EVE shows up, filling him with that weird emotion called love. He’s one of the great movie robots, and yes, I am dead serious when I say that.

Both EVE and WALL-E develop in amazing ways. They both start as simple robots, but as time goes on,. They take notice of the world around them and get personalities. Slowly, but surely, they fall in love. And of course when shit goes down, they gotta buck up and save the world!


And yes, the ending (you know what I mean) did come close to making me tear up. I told ya, this movie is depressing as hell. It’s such a dark story, but it’s told so well no one notices that.

I thought this would be the first Pixar movie kids wouldn’t really go for. After all, kids don’t like silence! But I was wrong, they loved it. I guess WALL-E’s antics were good enough for them. Or maybe kids are smarter than I thought…





Anyway, I also like that it makes the humans…likeable! If you know movies like this, they always make humans look EVIIIIILLLL! it’s like us humans want to blam ourselves for everything, and make us look like evil polluting monsters.

But here, the humans are nice, and they really are just…misguided. They fuck up, and just ran away to space, but the captain soon bucks up and helps save the day. I really liked his story arc. It was just so good. It helps get out some of the real good morals to be found here. It’s an environmental film that doesn’t exist to just preach us. And I freaking love that.


I also like that the comedy doesn’t completely take over. Oh, it’s there, and it’s very funny, but   the movie mostly  focuses on it’s great deep story. All Pixar movies do this, but it goes double here due to the subject matter.

Another character who adds to this movie greatness is John. He is the john ratzenburger character in this movie. I mention him early, because he is more important to the plot than normal. When WALL-E reaches the axiom, he causes John to get out of the chair he has been in for a while. Now he sees what the world is really like, and even finds love with a girl named mary. This is a  small part, but it adds to my previous point about the humans. I like that they added this extra layer, with a human realize there’s more to life. Between this and the captain, this movie has it all.


And of course we have our villain…the ships auto pilot. You see, a few years after the axiom began it’s voyage., The CEO decided to just call it quits, and gave a command to not leave the axiom, ever. The number of this command? A113


So yeah, when the plant shows up, AUTO is not happy. Also, his design is based off Hal 9000 and he’s creepy as fuck. He’s a cool villain, cuz he’s not really evil. He was just programmed a certain way and is just doing what he was told to do. So he’s interesting for that.


I guess that does it for the characters. I knew reviewing a movie with a limited cast would bite me in the ass!

Oh wait, there’s MO. He’s funny.


One thing I should mention, is that I played the VIDEO GAME of WALL-E before I saw the movie. So It was spoiled quite a bit for me. Though the game DID make one difference, which was actual something they cut from the movie at the very last minute. And yes, a clip of it was in the trailers. I guess that thing just kind of happens.


So let’s wrap this up with some easter eggs


There’s quite a  bit since a chunk of it takes place on a trash planet.

When eve is looking for the plant on earth, she looks at the pizza planet truck, which takes up most of the screen

WALL-E’s truck includes many things, including a frozone bobble head.

The axiom has robot mice…called REM-E’s. again, very subtle.

And…that’s it for te really noticeable ones.


So there we go. WALL-E is wonderful sci fi epic, and a very strong pixar entry.


We’re getting close to the end folks. I can almost smell it!


See ya


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