Top 13 Backyardigans Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.


Recently, I reviewed an episode of the little kids show The Backyardigans.


The episode had alien ranch hands putting horses on their heads


It was odd.

So since I like this show, you may be wondering what I think the best episodes are



Well too bad., I’m counting them down anyway

Go read my previous backyardigans review to find out more about the show


With 4 seasons and 76 episodes, there’s something for everyone . but which are my favorites?

Which ones have the best moments, plot, and of course, songs? Let’s find out.

This, is the Top 13 Backyardigans Episodes

13. Los Galacticos

This is another one of those weird episode. But there’s no horses on heads in this one. Pablo, Tyrone, and Tasha are the world-famous Mariachi band Los Galacticos. After receiving a new tour bus, they quickly learn that it’s actually… a spaceship.

There’s more.

After accidentally launching themselves into space, they learn that Earth is in danger of attack from the Googors (Uniqua and Austin), aliens who love goo, who plan to goo the earth…

Is that weird enough for ya?

Yes, this is an odd episode. But that’s why I love it. It’s strange, but it’s done really well. There are some fun moments, and it’s shockingly not offensive to Spaniards! 

There’s some gratuitous Spanish, and it sounds accurate for the most part. And I do like that there’s a big conflict. Aliens wanting to goo the world, that’s ….weird but still interesting to see. It’s rare to see Uniqua as  a villain, actually. Austin gets the villain rarely as well but for unuiqa it’s even rarer. They make for good funny villains

The music genre in this is…you guessed it: chiptune indie rock!

Just kidding. It’s mariachi. This one of the few episodes where the genre isn’t shocking at all.  I like the songs in this episode. Not the best songs, but they work for what they are.

 The best to me is the villain song “We love goo” which some (hopefully intentionally) hilarious lyrics such as “If we could marry the goo, we’d say ‘I do’ to the goo”

Somewhere there’s 34 of that…

Anyway, I also like the pacing. At times the show may feel like it’s rushing into a plot, though it’s rare and doesn’t distract. But here, it goes fine. I like how the band has to learn how the ship works and such before they got to stop the bad guys. It leads to a great song and some very amusing moments.

I also enjoy the ending song where the bad guys see how good earth is. It was nice, and one of the better ways for the bad guy to become good.

Oh, and I love how that the goo people stop the band from playing their music when they first meet. First time someone in this show rejected a song! Oh, and there’s also some amusing lines.

“So you thought you could stop the googors!’

“Uh…not really

“Well, you were right”

>Oh, and we have this bit

“Let’s say goodbye to our little friends!”

Yes, that is a Scarface joke. You know-for kids!

With a fun story, great songs, and overall nice tone, and you get an episode that’s muy buneo!


12. Break Out!

This is one of the more creative episodes. It’s the Rapunzel story…but not.

Sister Princesses Uniqua and Tasha have been locked up in the castle tower for a very long time. Unlike Rapunzel they plan to break out, spy style. They have the help of their magic mirror (Austin) as well. However, castle guards Pablo and Tyrone, along with their security camera and traps don’t plan to make this easy for them…

Oh and they have grappling hooks and must face lasers and stuff.

Yep, that’s the good thing about this episode. We have a medieval tower, with guards in knight suits…along with cameras and lasers.

Sure, other episodes combine modern things and old things, but in a less intentionally hilarious way.

That’s not a huge part of the episode but I just found it funny. Anyway, the whole escaping part is really cool. This episode is tons of fun because of that. You never thought two princesses would be badass.

Oh, and Austin the magic mirror is awesome. At one point the guards find the mirror and in a desperate attempt to hide, Austin does that old mirror gag with Pablo.

It only goes on for a few seconds and Tyrone just takes it and demands he tell them where the princesses are.

See, Tyrone is awesome. There’s also quite a few Gilligan cuts. Like this…

Tasha: No one will see us on the secret staircase.

Tyrone: I see them on the secret staircase!

Or this…

Tyrone: And we’ll be waiting downstairs when they come out!

Tasha: You do realize the guards are going to be waiting for us, right?

And this.

Tasha: We’re in big trouble if the guards get that mirror.

Pablo: Hey! A mirror.

All those are real quotes. The Genre in this episode is… “Wall of Sound/Girl group”.

Yes, really. I guess they took advantage of the fact this is a girl heavy episode. And that makes the guard’s obligatory villain song 20 percent funnier. The songs are pretty catchy and are very well done.

Yes, my fave is the villain song, “You can’t get out of here”. The dancing in that song is so different from what they are singing.

It’s quite amusing/

Wow, I’ve actually run out things to say about this episode already. Well to sum up, it’s a creative, fun episode with catchy music. Like most of the show, of course.

11. The Two Musketeers

You may be wondering if Backyardigans is one those shows that tries to teach a lesson. Well, for the most part it is not.

But the writers set aside a few episodes to teach a few morals. Even at they’re not the least subtle, these episodes are still quite good.

The main example is “Key to the Nile”, where Tasha is a bitchy princess who  learns to be nice. It’s the only episode where from the get go you know it’s a moral episode.

And this is another episode with a moral in it. Pablo and Tyrone are the Two Musketeers; Musketeers are full of style, grace, have impeccable manners and can make beautiful balloon animals.

They fight against the Empress, whose guards (Uniqua and Austin) pursue them. A masked lady (Tasha) joins with them in the hopes of becoming the Third Musketeer, but Tyrone and Pablo refuse. Later, they are captured by the guards and thrown into the palace prison, where it’s up to Tasha to break them out.

Yes, the masked lady is the empress. It’s not a spoiler, they make it obvious. They show a picture of the empresses at the start so you know that the masked lady is her when she shows up.

The moral featured here is to not hate someone you don’t even know. You see, Pablo and Tyrone hate the empress. Why?

TASHA: That’s why you don’t like her? She has a hot air balloon and you don’t?



And yes, they say that in the most “Cool story bro” way possible. It’s quite amusing.

So yea, there’s the moral. Don’t hate people for dumbass reasons. I think that’s a good lesson there.

I think there’s also an underlining message about LIKING someone just because they’re an empress or something. This is mostly proved by a line in the Guard’s Villain song.

“We both do our jobs with precision and blind dedication to rules!”

I think the writers were saying something there.

 I may be looking too far into it but hey it’s possible.

The genre in this is “Son Cubano”. I have no idea what that is, but it sounds pretty darn cool. My favorite song is “We Don’t Care for the empress” in which pablo and tryrone say this most horrible things about someone they do not know…yet they claim to have great manners.

I lol’d.

This episode is funny, has a neat moral, and is just really cool. A nice combo.

10. Caveman’s Best Friend


Wow, we have gone from space mariachi singers to…cavemen.

I can’t believe I had to think that sentence, much less write it.

Anyway, the show had a cave episode before called “Cave Party’…which I didn’t like. It had a gag that got on my nerves, a plot that made no sense (in a show with space mariachi singers, that’s saying something), and it was just boring.

But this one is really good!

Austin is our lead this time around. He’s a caveman who lives in the Flintstones, since there’s CARS and a FIRETRUCK. He wants a pet, so he goes to Uniqua’s pet store and gets a dinosaur pup. Uniqua warns him that his pup is pretty wild and that he shouldn’t take his leash off.

Guess what Austin does.

So yea, Austin has to chase the dino down, with the help of Officer Pablo and fireman Tyrone.

Why do I like this episode? It feels…normal.

What do I mean? Well we got a kid getting a pet, and losing him. That’s quite normal, especially after the space.. You know what’s. But it’s being done with caveman, which gives off a nice Flintstone-esque tone to it.

I also like the sense of urgency. You really do want Austin to get the dino back, and as the episode goes on, shit keeps hitting the fan.

I also love how there’s this big thing involving the fact that no one in town can whistle. (No spoilers, so go watch it). I can sympathize since I’ve been trying to whistle for like 10 years and I can’t freaking do it! I mean I’ve tried and all i-

…I’m off topic. Sorry.

Anyway, I also like that Austin gets some spotlight. Despite clearly being the greatest character  on the show , he’s absent from 31 episodes! But I guess that’s not too bad, since whenever he appears it’s special and amazing!

He doesn’t get to lead too often, but when he does, it’s great. Here, he gets to let us feel for him. His relationship with the pup is quite good, and I feel that this adds to Austin’s likeability. His need for companionship was addressed in an early episode “Castaways”,  where he’s too shy to greet the castaways he wishes to befriend. That episode is great too, but I couldn’t fit it on here.

Anyway, the genre for this episode is Soul. I’m not musical a music nut, so I don’t know too much about out it, but  judging from this ep’s music, I dig it. It gives the episode its normal, relatable feel. It’s hard to describe, but it’s good. The best is the opening song “I want a pet” which gets a reprise wants he GETS the pet. It’s really catchy, and helps the plot. Bonus!

This episode gets overlooked a lot, but it really is great.

As they would say in “Cave party” this episode is truly ugh-riffic!


9. Garbage Trek


There’s an unwritten law in every TV show contract:

“You must reference star trek at some point”

And it looks like that law applies to little kids shows too!


In this Star Trek-themed episode, Lieutenant Uniqua, Captain Tasha, the lead trash lady

TASHA: trash lady? No! I’m Captain of interplanetary waste management!




(Yes, that’s a real quote from the episode)

 and Ensign (Yeah I didn’t know that word until I saw this) Austin of the garbage collection space ship USS Collector roam the galaxy collecting space garbage. However, on one faithful garbage day (Insert “GARBAGE DAY” joke he\re) the evil The Moose-ians, Pablo and Tyrone, try to take the garbage away by tricking them with fake distress calls.


You see, their ship is powered by garbage. Also they have a fetish for it. Pretty much. Yes.

This episode takes full advantage of the whole star trek thing. We have references to specific famous lines, but only the ones little kids would like, so no KAHN, sorry.

One thing I left out of my summary, is that the Moose-ians find a planet made out of trash and go to it. The problem? It’s near a black hole and they sucked towards it. So it turns into a cry wolf story and the good guys have to save them.

Thankfully the cry wolf thing is overlooked in favor of awesome space action. It’s really cool to some danger in the show, even if it is just their imaginations.  

The genre for this episode is Jazz-Funk./This is another time where you could tell what genre it is. The Moose-ians get their own song called “Garbage Funk”. And since they already did normal funk way back in episode 3, you can guess this is a different kind of funk. The best song is “You can Do it”, where there are lots of cool light and stuff. Also the song has this line

“You’ve got more trash experience than the whole human race”

But you’re not human.



I don’t have any deep reasons for liking this one. It’s a fun space adventure episode;.

By the way, the last time this episode was on TV, was a Thursday. Which in my neighborhood is…garbage day



8. For the love of Socks

This is another really weird episode. But here it’s done a bit differently..

Folder Uniqua, Static-tester Pablo, and Sockmatcher Tyrone work in the world’s only sock factory, under the watchful eye of Foreman Tasha. But, when the sock machine goes berserk after Tasha loses her pencil in it, they enter the machine’s cavernous depths to find it.

And awesome ensues.

The main reason I like this one is that the writers seem to know this premise is ridiculous. So, they decided to just make it even more ridiculous!

The main joke is that the characters treat socks VERY seriously. When the pencil goes in the machine, they’re way more concerned    that there will no more socks than the fact that they’ll be out of a job.

They really do seem to love socks. Wait..




But I guess that’s the joke. They take socks seriously even they never wear the…nor do they wear  pants. In fact, only Tasha wears SHOES!

Anyway,, when you take that into consideration, this episode is really funny. While there’s no Austin, the characters still shine. There’s one moment for each person to do something awesome to move the plot along.. Plus, Uniqua ends up saving the day, which makes her about 20 percent cooler..


The music genre here is Bhangra. Don’t know what that is? Well, there’s a handy link right there. Anyway, it’s…Indian. I guess, it sounds Indian in the episode.

Wait…Indians don’t wear socks.


The show seems to blend music genre with stuff that has nothing to do with it. Example? Space episode with funk, Olympus episode with samba, and a dragon rider episode with WALTZ!

Now we have a sock episode with Indian-y songs. And it’s freaking amazing! The dancing mixed with the cool music make the songs really awesome…and catchy. Really. Freaking. Catchy.

The best song is “A life without socks is not the life for me”. It looks, and sounds like a weird Indian music video. I really like it, and it enforced that serious business thing.

Even though, I dislike socks (Shut up) I really dig this one. It’s got funny moments, epic music, and much like Los Galictos, it’s weirdly awesome

7. Flower Power

This show has 4 superhero episodes, each one focusing on a different aspect of the superhero. “Race to the tower of power” focuses on the “hero fights villain who wants to take over the world” aspect. “Front Page News” focuses on the secret identity aspect. And “Super Team Awesome” focuses on the team aspect.

And this episode focuses on the origin aspect and a bit of the first one too.


Uniqua is  visiting pablo’s flower shop when she sees an odd flower that doesn’t seem to be getting any sun. yea, Pablo never noticed that flower in the middle of the store that’s dying. Sure, why not.

She puts in the sun, and it blooms. But then, she pricks her finger on it, and this gives he …flower power. Yes, the power to control flowers, make flowers, and make rainbows.





Happy now?


Anyway, after a training montage, she is able to use her powers right, and becomes a superhero known as Flower girl. Things seem happy,…until she meets the Evil Gloom Meister (Austin) who wants to use his glooms-day machine to cover the town in shadows.


To start off, I will say I love Austin as the villain in this episode. He is just so fun, and clearly the voice actor is having a ball with this role. Like I said, Austin rarely gets  a villain. But he got it more often as the series went on.

He also kind of \spoofs villains of this type. He has over the top schemes and a weak excuse for being evil. Just like many villains of his type. For example, he has a deep evil laugh…which is actually fake, and just for show. His real laugh is quite nerdy.

See, that type of joke isn’t in kid’s shows like this. It’s not exactly super clever, but you may see it in a show for kids a bit older than this one’s demo.


The actual conflict is kind of fun to watch. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Uniqua shoot flowers and rainbows while Austin shots shadows out of his arm/.

Yea, it’s awesome.,

And…that’s about it. I really have nothing else to say about this one. It’s action packed and a lot of fun. So,….let’s talk about the songs.


The genre is “Rebetiko” No idea what is either. But it sounds super awesome! It’s got this odd exotic feel to it. The best song is austin’s villain song, “Me and my shadows”. It’s the most evil villain song in the series…which isn’t saying too much, but it has evil sounding lyrics…so yea.


Wow, I ran out of things to say…

Well this a fun episode anyway, and it’s just really cool…


6. Chichen-Itza Pizza


Remember that un-written law about star trek I mentioned?

The same applies to Indiana Jones.

So here we are.


Uniqua and Tasha own Chichen-Itza Pizza, in the middle of the Mexican jungle. After getting the store set up, they get a call from King Tyrone, who wants them to deliver to his Great Golden Pyramid. Uniqua, who thinks she knows a short-cut, accidentally goes to the Pyramid of the Earth and sets off a trap, which they barely escape. And that’s only the beginning…


First thing I should mention: This is the ONLY episode that doesn’t have Pablo in it. That’s insane. Uniqua is the only character to be In every single episode. Yea.

The aspect of this episode I like the most is the danger. Some episodes have a conflict, as I discussed with Los Galacticos. But this episode has legit danger.

But it’s not death danger, just regular danger. It’s the stuff you think would happen with hidden temples. Like the obligatory giant boulder.

The Indiana jones element is mostly in a general way, with the temple trekking and stuff. Not as direct as Garbage trek but it still works in its own way.

And yes, I had heard of Chichen Itza before this show. (Thank you time warp trio). But a lot of people learned of it through this, so I’m glad it taught people something.

Oh, and yes,,,   there is “why does it have to be snakes” moment in here.

One aspect I find interesting is how the songs meet with the plot. The song’s being part of the plot is nothing new for this show, but   in this episode it’s particularly  interesting.

The genre is “College fight songs”. As in like, cheers and stuff. (they even have pom pom’s in the first song)

It’s weird, but of course, pretty awesome.

But let’s talk about that plot thing before I say the best songs.

At one point Tasha gets sick of all this temple crap and quits…in songs. During the song, she gets so into it she doesn’t notice that she’s walking backwards.

At the end of the song, she backs right into another prymad.



And near the end, they get to the king’s place, but the pizza box flies out of the red thingy no one knows the name of and Uniqua goes in the king’s place without the pizza, while Tasha tries to get it from the top of the pyramid where it ended up. And yes, she is afraid of heights.

On to my point, Tyrone is about to find out she doesn’t have the pizza, but burst into song, and Is so busy singing that, he doesn’t notice when Tasha falls in and puts the pizza in the red thing.

I just love that. The writers seem to be aware they bursts into song at the oddest moments, so they made the songs in this affect the characters in a negative way for once.

That was a nice touch.

But I think Tyrone Is WAY too excited about that pizza. First he’s just all “yay it’s here” but soon he’s up in the freaking clouds and says “I’ve been waiting all this time”, like it’s been years!
I guess that’s part of the joke


Also, this episode is a lot like the Spongebob episode “Pizza Delivery”. Just look at the similarities

Two people must take a pizza to somewhere, but one doesn’t want to cuz it’s out of the way. One wants to take a odd shortcut. They get into crazy trouble. One wants to quit. One takes it to the guy by themselves, and the other helps out in the end.


One other footnote: This is the ONLY episode with no Pablo in it.


So this episode is a lot of fun, has catchy songs, and is a good adventure episode. Next!.

5.  . Samurai Pie

Woot, top five time!


This episode is also weirdly awesome, and is a fan favorite, and I see why.


Tyrone is a pie maker…but as he says in the opening song


“I make pie…like a samurai!”


Yep. And he trains Austin up in Japan. But one day Empress Tasha gets hungry for some pie. Earlier, Tyrone mentioned the hardest pie ever, called The Great pie. And when  Tasha asks for a suggestion of a pie to make Austin blabs about the great pie, and Tasha tells them they have to make it. Tyrone is of course pissed, so he makes Austin do it all by himself.

And to make things worse, Two Ninja’s (Pablo and Uniqua) want to steal the pie for themselves.

Everything’s better with ninja’s, after all!


So anyway, what makes this episode so good, is the chemistry between Tyrone and Austin. I’ve made it clear that Austin is best pony-I mean character, but Tyrone is a close 2nd/ In many episodes he’ll be a deadpan snarker, often rolling his eyes when something stupid has happened.

One great Tyrone episode which I sadly could not fit on here is “The Best Clowns in town”, where he is a ringmaster who hates clowns, and is NOT happy when the clowns make him miss his train.

But anyway, back to this.

When Austin blab’s about the pie, it’s so funny to see him get angry at Austin, and during the song Tasha songs about the pie, he looks very pissed when he mentions it’s hard to make. I also like the bits where Austin keeps trying to make a good pie, but tryone rejects his various attempts. Such as in the montage where he hands him pies and he says they’re too flaky, or not flaky enough. I find that oddly amusing


And no, the Ninja’s are not ultimately villain’s. near the end, they get sympathetic and we find out they are just hungry for pie, like all of us, as they say…or sing, “Ninja’s like pie too!”


And speaking of that, the songs are awesome too.


The genre is Spaghetti western. Yes, really. And it really works. The songs are a tad slow, which means the songs sound a bit cooler and since most songs in this show are fast, it’s nice to see slower songs for once. Like with most genre’s on this show, it’s done really well and sounds, for lack of a better term, badass. The best song is “the great pie” since…it’s just cool I guess.


The episode actually has a rare action scene near the end when the Ninja’s make it the kitchen. Well, as action-y as you can get when the action if a pie fight. But it’s still awesome!


I also like Austin getting the spotlight here. But you all know by now. I don’t need to go into detail about how awesome he is when making the great pie, do i? no, I do not.


Once again, I have very little to say for this. It’s a great, fun, episode with some badass music.

4.  Cops and Robots


Hey, another space episode!


Officer Uniqua and Sergeant Tyrone are space cops who must stop two bad robots (Pablo and Tasha)  from breaking into the robot factory and reprogramming all the robots in the galaxy from “good” to “bad”.


A common theme for this list is having little reason for my choices. This is no different.


The main reason I guess Is how fun it is. It’s actually focused more on the bad bots and their quest to make robot’s bad. So it’s a rare villain episode,  and they stay bad and not sympathetic until the end. So that’s cool to see.

Oh, and their Robot names here are Pablo-nator and T-900.


(Wait until the kids grow up and find how adult  the film they’re referencing is…)



All robot’s here have a switch that can turn from Good to bad and vice versa. Pretty big flaw there…and yes what you think will happen does happen. But it leads to “Tasha” being awesome as Pablo sings about being good, and it’s funny to see her flailing about in the background while a big song is going on.


I also like some of the little funny moments. For example, like In most sitattions like this, the good is always saying “Stop!” and of course no one stops. Then this happens with Uniqua and Tyrone!



“Again with that?”

“I couldn’t think of anything else”


And the show itself has a running gag where tyrone says “That certainly is convenient” when  an very unlikely good thing  happens. It’s nice lampshading, but here, something bad happens so…


“That certainly is inconvenient”


It’s the little things in life..


I also love Tasha as a villain. She’s already kind of a bitch, so her as a villain is awesome. She should be the villain more often!

Oh, and Pablo is cool too, but he’s mostly a bumbling minion with an F in evil. But hey, he’s still funny.


The genre is jug band. Yes. Again. A odd genre but it’s still really awesome. It just says…so…cool. I don’t know, it’s just cool. I like all the songs, and yes the bad robots have a villain song. But the best song is “Steer Baby Steer”, where they’re dodging asteroids. No idea why, the song just has this sound to it.


Too bad only one song ended up a soundtrack, the face heel turn song “I feel a good”, and they even leave off Tasha’s song! Bah…


Well anyway, despite that, this episode is fun, funny,  and one hell of an adventure…what else can I say, eh?

This show isn’t made for analytical dribble.


3. Robot Rampage


Yes, another robot episode . shut up.

This episode is special, as it is an hour long! …

Well, 40 minutes without commercials. But still!

Austin is a robot repairman. Sadly, robots NEVER break…so how he learned to fix something that never breaks is anyone guess. Also  he has a little buddy named Robot Roscoe.  Suddenly the robots belonging to Uniqua, Tyrone and Tasha malfunction, along with every other robot except Roscoe. Professor Bug (Pablo) is making all the robots in the city malfunction so he can take, you guessed it-, take over the world!




So they gotta stop him.


I honeslty even little-er…is that even a word?




I have even less to say about this one…cuz I’ve only seen it once…when it first aired. Blame Nick Jr!


But it’s always stuck out in my mind as a fantastic special. Austin is the star this time around, and that’s always great.

He does show some extra-awesome ness. He can fix robots, and he ends up defeating an evil scientist! How many animals can do that?


…good point.


And it does feel like something that could be stretched to 40 minutes. They could have made it a rushed episode with little conflict, but they went the extra-mile.

I really enjoy the conflict in this one. What with the villain using robots to take over the city and junk. Sounds a bit more fitting for an epic film than a little kid’s show.

And yes, Pablo does make a fast turn to good once he’s defeated. It’s really fast tool. It’s like…

AUSTIN: haw, we stopped you.

PABLO: …darn. Hey, can I be good now?




But I don’t mind it. After all, this entire show is from the mind of little kids, and they don’t want to have their friends get arrest or killed and stuff.


So yeah.


Also, all the robots in this episode have alliterative names. Robot Roscoe, Robot Reba, Robot Rex..

they all have R’s in the name…



Robot Roscoe is a badass.


This was the Season 4 premiere. What a hell of a way to start out, eh? Season 4 is the best season, in an overall sense. You know, with the writing as a whole an such. But if you go by episodes and what I like, season 3 is my fave. Which is evident since 6 of the 13 on the list are season 3…yes the last two on this list are Season 3. Spoilers.

But still 4 is great, and this was nice start.


This has the most songs of any episodes, at 7. Not counting reprises. And they’re all catchy as hell.

The genre is Roller disco. Yes, you heard. I have no idea what makes it different from normal disco, but there is a disco ball in one song, and they did normal disco back in Season 1…so yea.’

Also, this has THREE villain songs, and one of them gets a reprise.

I love the songs in this, and it’s very hard to pick the best, but I will go with “I get whatever I want”,. Which is villain song number two. It’s just…fun


It sucks I couldn’t find more reasons that this episode Is so high. It beat out so many you think I’d have more to say. Ah well


This is a great special with some very fun moments…so next!


2. Tale of the mighty knights



Uniqua and Tyrone are two Knights, and one day King Pablo orders them to guard an egg. It seems easy, but the egg bounces away and they chase  it through the woods and caves of the Grabbing Goblin (Austin) and the forest of the Flighty Fairy (Tasha). The egg leads them to Dragon Mountain to reveal what lies inside….


This episode is often mixed up with the other Knight episode, “Knights are Brave and strong” (which is the FIRST episode in airdate order). That one is good too, but this one is better because…it has more Austin.

Yea, that’s why.

I have a theory this episode is a sequel to that. Yea, at the end of that one, Uniqua becomes a knight. Well my theory is that Tyrone also became one and they moved out to another kingdom, with a different king, and this one is just another adventure from them. As for the whole Austin, tasha, and Pablo thing…well they’re completely different characters, that are just played by Austin, tasha, and Pablo.


…okay enough of that, back to THIS episode…


Again, I love the adventure aspect of this. It just feels epic. They’re just chasing, but I like how it causes so much trouble.

This episode also shows, once again, Austin’s woobie-ness. He pretty much steals stuff simply cuz he thinks cool, but when he sees the egg he thinks he finally has a friend. He even sings about it! And you think he’ll be  a villain, but once the song starts, you see he just wants companionship and all that good stuff.

And I guess it’s the same for Tasha, though seems even more villainish to the point that her song actually IS  a villain song. Which Is interesting given the genre..


What is it?


70’s rock,


Yes, really.


It’s amazing. It just sounds so epic, and every single song is memorable. Not one fails in any way.


So we have a rock villain song here…called “Tweedily Dee”.

And it’s actually good.


Take THAT Rock a doodle!


But yeah, they make it obvious it’s rock. Want proof?


Yeah, they do that. And Austin rocking out is the best thing ever.

(I apologize for the shitty quality. it’s all i could find)


However, the best song is…well let’s go back a bit


At the end, the egg hatches and  a dragon comes out. The dragon suddenly becomes big in like a second…and he talks

Well, okay, he has Garfield syndrome since he never opens his mouse, but still!


And he’s voice by Adam Pascal.

Yeah, that guy from RENT.


And he sings.




Oh, and all the songs are based on Queen songs.

No joke. You can trace all six songs somehow to a 70’s Queen song: We’re Knights to We Will Rock You A Challenge to Bohemian Rhapsody; Goblin to Don’t Stop Me Now; Tweedily Dee to Flick of the Wrist; Dragon Mountain to Killer Queen and Not an Egg to Spread Your Wings.

If that isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is

Oh, and….

This episode had a SEQUEL!

Yep. It’s called “The Tale of the not so nice dragon”. In it, an evil dragon kidnapes The knights, and palo, and now Austin and Tasha must rescue them

Sadly, they didn’t Adam back so Dragon (yes, a dragon simply named dragon.). it’s also pretty good for Austin. And the genre there is 1930’s broadway, and there’s a song about muffins




With some great moments, fantastic songs, and a good guest star, this is a gem I  will never forget


And the number one Backyardigans episode is…


  1. Blazing Paddle



This may not have the best …anything of the entire series, but this is all my opioin, and for tastes, this episode has EVERYTHING!


Uniqua is the sheriff of ping pong mesa, a town that loves to play football. Just kidding, they play ping pong. But one day, the ping bandit comes to town and beats everyone in a match, and steals their paddles. Uniqua shows up to help…but she loses/

The end!

Okay, it’s not.

She is kicked out and now ,must train so she can get good enough to stop the bandit for good!


Yep, we got conflict…with ping pong.


 I like that they did a storyline a pre-school show normally wouldn’t do.

You know-cuz kid’s don’t like conflict.


But make the character animals, and it’s okay. Like if you have a movie where there  are several on screen death, you can make the characters cars and you will get a G rating!




So anyway, all the characters are in this, though Austin only has a small role.


Also, the bandit? It’s Pablo.


Why is Pablo always the villain?! He’s such a nice guy! You think Tasha would get to be the villain more often.

Well, Pablo makes a fun villain anyway. And this is no exception.


I like the epic western tone to this. Everything is taken so seriously, and you get invested in it. With the sock episode, it was all for laughs. Here, it’s also for laughs but you can also take it seriously if you have a child’s mind.

And I have one…right in my closet.


…you didn’t read that.


Anyway, it’s cool.



And now I need to talk about the scene in the episode that made me decide this was the best.


Okay, let me set the scene.


Uniqua has been kicked out of town, with her horse. She is in the desert. She needs to get good enough to stop the bandit. She needs to train./


She takes a piece of cactus to use as a paddle.


A song begins.

She trains during the song


Suddenly, it hails.


So …


She plays ping pong with the hail.


Allow me to repeat that



She plays ping pong…






I won’t question why it hails in the middle of the desert. I won’t ask why it only hails for half a minute. I won’t mention that the cactus should have pricked her and gave her flower power one season early. Why?



Oh, and here’s the other cool moment


Uniqua heads back into town, in disguise. She challenges a Pablo to a showdown at high noon.


They play ping pong.

Pablo does his super slam move.

The ball flies past her


She runs off at super speeds to the top of a clocktower where the ball is headed


She spins and hits the balls so hard that it makes a hole in pablo’s paddle.


Let me repeat it






And yes Pablo turns good after that and it’s a happy ending…

Though I wonder what he’s gonna about the hole in his paddle.


Okay, the genre is rai. No idea what that is, but it has this cool sound to it. I love all the songs in this. The best is “I must be ready”

Yes, the hail one. It’s still awesome


This episode is perfect. Great songs. Imaginative premise, fun moments, and badass stuff. Could you ask for more?

That is why Blazing paddles is the best Backyardigans episode



So that’s my list. I hope you enjoy it and this makes you want to check out the show. Every episode is on DVD, as well as itunes. It airs on nick jr at 9 am central if you feel like waking up early.

If you have seen the show, tell me what your faves are, or if you somehow hate me now for liking this show.


See ya!


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2 Responses to Top 13 Backyardigans Episodes

  1. hi says:

    AHHH I used to love this show when I was little, it was just so much fun! A lot of the songs are still stuck in my head.
    Also, WHOOO ANOTHER AUSTIN FAN!!! He doesn’t get enough attention and I have absolutely no clue why…
    Robot Rampage was my favorite (obvious reasons, Blazing Paddles is up there though). I can remember when it was first coming out and I saw a commercial for it, as soon as I saw that Austin got to be the main character in a 40 minute long movie, I screamed at the top of my lungs! (I’m not kidding–my dad ran down because he thought I had hurt myself just to see me go “AUSTIN IS THE MAIN CHARACTER IN A MOVIE ISN’T THAT GREAT?????!!!!!!!” He really liked the show too though, so it could’ve been worse.) I actually still have that episode on dvd.
    Anyway, good list!

  2. Greta says:

    My oldest daughter (now 11) adored this show when she was little. I think I enjoyed it just as much as, if not more than, she did! Now, my youngest daughter is 3 and it’s her most favorite show too! I’m so happy to watch it again and still remember all the words to the songs from years ago- from watching them SO many times. Lol
    My little girl now walks around the house with a cowboy hat and a very serious face calling herself “Pablo Bandit”‘, so I think she would very much agree with your choice for number one!!

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