Pixar a thon #7: Cars

 Hello, Spongey here.

Welcome back to Pixar-athon!


I have no special introduction for this one. So we’ll just skip to the the good stuff.


This, is Cars


The  film centers around Lightning McQueen,(Owen Wilson)  an arrogant up-and-coming hotshot stock car racer whose only driving concern is winning. The film opens with McQueen vying for the Piston Cup, a coveted prize which assures the winner of a lucrative sponsorship. Despite a valiant effort, McQueen ends up in a three-way tie with retiring racing veteran Strip “The King” Weathers and perennial runner-up Chick Hicks(Micheal Keaton). A tie-breaking race is scheduled a week later in California, and McQueen urges his driver Mack to get them there immediately.

Along the way, McQueen gets lost, ending up in Radiator Springs, a quiet rural town in a forgotten segment of Route 66. After accidentally tearing up the town’s main road, McQueen is sentenced to repairing it as community service. As he toils to finish his service and get to California, McQueen makes friends with the locals, including Tow Mater (Larry the cable guy) and former big-city hotshot Sally Carrera, and learns that there’s a lot more to life than just racing to the finish line.



This is another Pixar film I saw in theatres. It was one of two films I saw that year. This one stuck to me more. I was really into it and I remember my first reactions to every major scene. You see, my brother and Father are huge racing fans, so even if I didn’t want to see Cars, I would have anyway.

(My father never actually saw Cars until last year, due to Cars 2 coming out)

I treat racing like all sports. I find it cool to see on TV but I have no enthusiasm for it at all. However, this movie still excite me.

My kid-self loved it, like all kids. And…I still love it today. Hey, it is a Pixar film after all.

I won’t talk about some of the fan-reactions to this movie. I am here to talk about why Pixar movies are great, nothing else.

Anyway, the first part about I notice is the amazing, stellar animation. Normally that’s an afterthought, but here is it’s one of the main great things about this movie. Right from the opening race it looks fantastic.

I also love the attention to detail. Pretty much every single car in the movie is modeled after a real life car, some are obvious, and some are not. Plus, every building or landscape is made up of car parts in some way. Pixar loves putting so much detail to stuff no one will notice.

And on top of that, the sound design is great too. Yes, I’m talking about freaking Sound Design. I am such a dork. Anyway, it’s great. The cars sounds  authentic. They really do seem like real cars….if cars could talk anyway.

Let’s move from animation and sound design to the characters and their voices.


Lightning McQueen is voiced by Owen Wilson. Normally I don’t really care for him, but this is one time where I really like him. He makes Lightning oddly likable, even when he’s meant to be a jackass. And when we’re supposed to really dislike like, we want him to get better, which proves Pixar can even make their assholes likable…when they are a main character anyway.

And of course there’s mater, voiced by Larry the cable guy. I’m…not exactly a Larry fan. But I love him in this. He’s funny, he’s likeable, and kind of a woobie at some points.

Infact, at one point you see a flashback to Radiator Springs in its prime. Mater is painted blue, and seems more intelligent. And when we cut back to RS now…well he’s all rusty and dumb now.

So clearly the whole bypass thing that we learn about affected Mater the most.

Screw Monsters Inc., I want to see a prequel to this so I found out how the hell this happened!


Anyway, the other characters are amusing as well.

There’s that hippie dude (the name escapes me, voiced by George carlin. He’s awesome, cuz he just is.

And ever since I saw his first scene, I’ve been wondering something..







There is also Chick Hicks, voiced by Micheal Keaton. He’s awesome because he’s batman.

No one fucks with batman.


But seriously, he’s funny, plus, he’s one of the most hateful characters ever. I was very happy when he got his comeuppance  at the end.

Also, he’s batman





And of course there’s Doc, voiced by Paul Newman. He gives the most amazing performance in the entire movie. Doc is a deep complex character, who feels shunned by the people who once embrace him. He wants nothing to do with the racing word, and when Lightning comes in, he is forced to face his past and all that jazz.


As  you can tell, Doc should have been the main character.



There’s other great characters, like Lugi and Guido. You don’t care who voices them.

Guido also has the most badass moment in the history of film


“pit stop”





The scene I love most happens in the middle of the film. Sally is telling the story of how things used to be before the interstate was built . It’s just really sad, and it’s of course of those movies I’ve cried at. It’s just a really well done scene.

Pixar movies always have that one moment that gets close to making me cry. But we’ll talk about those when we get to them.


Enough about that, let’s talk about the dirty jokes!


“He has three piston cups!”

“He did what in his cup?”


…wait, does that mean Cars can piss?


Well, in  another scene, Lightning bursts into Doc Hudson’s office and interrupts a physical exam — getting a view of the Sheriff’s exposed undercarriage in the process. The Sheriff angrily barks, “Get a good peek, city boy?”

So we saw Car nudity.


Which is weird cuz crabs don’t have uvulas.


And when Lightning walks into the Tent after the first race early on, someone says “That race was a pisser!”

No, really.


It’s in the script




It was in the closed captions when I watched the movie for this review




And of course, let’s not forget Sally’s tramp stamp


I will spare you the image.



This movie is weird.




So.;…Easter Egg time!


John Ratzenburger voices a truck named Mack this time. He actually moves the plot forward by being the reason Lightning gets lost in the first place!

Yea…he’s cool.


During the “Life is a Highway” scene, on the telephone wires, you can see the Birds from the pixar short “For the birds”

…yes, real birds.

Not car birds.

Real ones, with feathers.





The big sponser, Dinoco, is the gas station from Toy Story. But this one is obvious.

But the best one in the entire movie is this…






And his name is Todd, according to word of god.




There’s plenty of other neat trivia bits, but that’s what the pixar wiki is for. So I’ll just end it here.


Cars may not be in my top 5, but I still love it for its complex story, great characters, and fun premise.


See ya.


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