Toon’d Out Month: Scooby Doo


Hello, Spongey here. And Welcome back to Toon’d out month!

Well after that last shitfest, I want to look at a live action adaptation I …like! This one gets mixed reactions from people, but a lot of people really like it, and I can see why. This is based on a cartoon I loved as kid, and I still enjoy now.

Though it’s more for how stupid it is. Anyway, this show is one of the biggest hits ever, and even though no one wants any more direct to video movies, we keep getting them, and I even like some of them.

And today we’re looking at the live action movie based on it. Is it still good, like when I was a kid, or is it…well, doo?

This, is Scooby Doo


Title Card:

Let’s get this doo started.

We get yet another logo joke. This time it’s the WB logo is made to look like Scooby’s collar. Neat

The movie proper opens at a toy factory, where we see a cgi ghost carrying Daphne, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Yes, buffy.

The rest of the gang is planning their usual trap, and we see who is playing the rest of the gang.

Velma is Linda Cardellini. No comment on that one.

Fred is played by Freddie Prinze, Jr.I can’t help but feel he was only cast due to his name.

And finally, Matthew Lillard is Shaggy. They all do a good job, but major props go to Matthew. He simply IS shaggy. Hell, he did such a good job he now voices shaggy on the new series, Scooby doo Mysteries incorporated.

That’s how good he is.

Oh, and Scooby is all CGI. Eh, that’s fine. I don’t see how they could have gotten a real dog to do any of this stuff.

Of course, they fail but also succeed at the same time, as usual. They capture the “ghost” and…then the Mystery machines crashes in, follow by dozens of people wanted the leader, Fred’s, autograph…

Then…Pamela Anderson enters



Before I can say wut some more, they take off the mask and find out the ghost is…

“Old man smithers?!”


Good guess, but no.

Smithers is the old janitor, and he wanted revenge after pam refuses to go out with him.

…sure why not.

So yea, they tell us how he did the flying thing, which is the normal stupid reason, and he says …well I think you should know.

“I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

Yep, it’s a Scooby doo movie all right….minus….what that was back there.

So the team is a little pissed now. Velma is pissed Fred takes credit for everything, and Daphne is pissed she gets captured all the time.

And after a little talking, Velma drops this bomb

“I quit”

And….then everyone else quits as well. The team has split up, and shaggy is not too pleased.

Damn, we’re only 5 minutes in and this is depressing.

At least things may get better soon

*two years later*


Two years?! That’s a lot to swallow, movie.


Shaggy is now a beach bum, and we join him as he is approached by a guy who works for an amusement park. He wants to invite shaggy to “Spooky Island”. As you can imagine, he doesn’t really jump at the chance.

Then he tells them they’ll get free food and well…they react the way a stoner does.

What? We all know he’s a stoner! Just listen to him!

Infact, in the original, darker, version of the movie, he was gonna be a stoner!

Oh whatever.

We cut to the airport where we see Fred and Velma, who have bumped into each other. Fred is now a big celebrity with books and everything. Velma is working at NASA.

Then, they look to see Daphne.

Yeah, it turns out they all got the invitation to the spooky amusement park. That’s not suspicious at all!

Oh, and Daphne is now a martial arts master. This actually carries on into the other cartoons made after this, and even the direct to DVD movies. I like this, since now she’s hot AND badass.

Shaggy and Scooby show up, but dogs aren’t allowed on planes…so Scooby is dressed as an old lady.

VELMA: No one is stupid enough to believe that

FRED: who’s the old broad?

Some people make fun of the choice to make Fred stupid (which also carried on into the cartoons) but…

It’s not like he ever had a personality before.

Seriously, in the original he was…nothing. You could have named him Person McExisty, cuz he did nothing. So now he has a personality, with flaws and all.

Of course they all at first don’t like this, but decide it’s better than nothing. So they all go on the plane.

You know, they had no reaction to seeing each other after TWO YEARS! If this was one year, or less, I’d get it. But this is two years! That’s kind of a big deal.


Oh and shaggy falls in love with some chick on the plane named Mary-Jane. Shaggy says it’s his fave name

Word of god says this is a reference to drugs

Stay subtle, guys.

She’s played by Isla Fisher. Yea, I’ll let you look up what she looks like in this movie and after you pick up your lounge from the floor, keep reading this.

We also find out she’s a vegetarian…and eats Scooby Snacks. I have always wondered why a snack exists for ONE DOG. Even MAD made fun of this.

As odd as it is for a woman to eat dog food, shaggy is turned on anyway.

So they make it to the park where they meet its owner, played by Rowan Atkinson

Yes, Blackadder/Mr Bean. You make the joke here.

The owner tells them he needs help with a mystery going on. They show them the people leaving the park.

“They look like sober well behaved college kids”


Then we see one of the people who have yet to leave, who are…well drunk, rude, college kids. One of the rude boys approaches one of the leaving girls, who is his girlfriend…and she doesn’t remember him, and kicks his ass.

So drunk, rude, college kids are becoming nice out of the blue.

I see no problem here.

Despite Fred, Velma and Daphne still refusing to work together—although Scooby and Shaggy are fine with their friends—the five investigate.

Later on, Scooby is hanging out at a snack bar, where a bartender says he has a phone call for him. The guy on the phone tells him he must go into the nearby dark forest where no one can see.

Again, not suspicious at all.

Daphne asks some creepy dude if he has any clues about what’s going on, and all he offers is this

“Whatever you do, do not go to that spooky haunted castle”

“Aha, so you want me to go to the castle!”

“Didn’t you hear what I said?”

“You’re spooky, so thus you told me not to go to the castle, so I would go, where you would trap me! Unless…you knew I figured it out so you told me not to go to the castle so I think you wanted me to go, so I wouldn’t go, just like you didn’t want me to!”


Okay, that’s funny.

We get a scene where Scooby is in the forest, and bumps into a crappy CGI demon, and of course is scared shitless and runs off to shaggy.

Before Scooby can cry wolf, they are dragged off by Daphne to the castle, as she wants some help.

After persuading Scooby with Scooby snacks, they head in, and …bump into Fred and Velma. Do these guys also bump into each other by a contrived coincidence? Turns out they all wanted to do this alone and wanted to check the castle for clues.

They split up to find some….because that’s worked so well in the past.

Fred and Velma are together, Daphne is alone, and Shaggy and Scooby are together.

Fred and Velma have a chat and of course Velma makes fun of Fred.

“Hey, dorky chicks like you turn me on too!”

…I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that.

It turns out the castle is this big park attraction, and it turns on and goes evil and stuff. And then shaggy and Scooby share this line

“What do you care, you drink out of the toilet!”

“So do you!”

No, I won’t give context. It wouldn’t help.

After that, they find a secret room that was controlling all this. They see a video playing on it, which some woman is talking about how young people should act. That’s right; we’ve found the secret behind the odd sober college kids.

There’s brainwashing’ going on ‘round here.

Before they can think about this some more, an alarm goes off and they run. Thankfully, they escape the wrath of…some midgets and a guy in a wrestling mask.

Don’t ask.

They run into Mr Bean and they go through our three suspects:

This creepy dude who was telling this story of some demon wanting revenge, which I skipped.

That voodoo guy who had that funny part with Daphne.

And…blackadder here.

Velma goes to investigate an artifact Daphne found in the castle, when some guy starts up a conversation with her. He asks her about her old times with the gang which means…


We see the gang in their prime, like usual. Then

VELMA: but every family has one nutball.

“Scrappy Dappy doo!”

Oh, here we go

I’ll go ahead and say this: I am indifferent to scrappy. He’s annoying sometimes and okay other times. I make fun of him, but I will also defend him. But I will not deny he deserves his status as a hated character.

Scrappy’s hatedom is so large a hated character is called The Scrappy. So, the filmmakers decided to turn Scrappy into a scrappy in canon.

This again continues to the new series, where they see scrappy in a picture and are like “let’s forget that ever happened”

Kind of like how George Lucas had Jar Jar binks cause all that trouble with his bit in Attack of the clones.

Some of scrappy’s fans (yes, they exist) have complained about this, but I don’t mind it. Hey, how are the makers supposed to know of a minor group of people who like a largely hated character?

I don’t mind what happens to him here,. Let’s move on.

Here, we see the gang get pissed at him when Daphne gets pissed ON by him.

“No urinating on Daphne!”

…no comment.

So they kicked him out and we leave our flashback.

That was pointless, but if gets scrappy hated on then by all means, do it.

After that, the hotel they’re in is suddenly invaded by more CGI demons. Ah, good ol’ outdated CGI. How I love you.

And during this bit, shaggy shouts this.


So that’s why it’s called that.

The demons kidnap Fred and Velma, so now it’s up to Shaggy, Scooby, Daphne, and mary jane who has done very little scene I first mentioned here to rescue them.

However, they find no clues…until the next morning, where they bump into them, and find out they have now been possessed by the demons. This doesn’t happen as fast as I describe, I just skip over the action scenes. Which are quite fun.

And at one point, Scooby looks at Mary jane…and she has green demon-y eyes.

R-oh Roh.

Scooby tells Shaggy about his findings, and of course he doesn’t believe him.  But just as their fight heats up, Scooby falls down some trap hole…thing, and even though MJ says it’s too dangerous, shaggy jumps down to save them, because after all, bro’s before hoes.

Shaggy ends up in a creepy underground cave. He approaches a big…green pool thing, which we find out is full of souls taken by the demons.

Yep, they’re going Zombie Island on our asses. I like it when Scooby doo does real spooky stuff, because it keeps reminding me of that awesome zombie island movie.

Those souls of course include Velma. Shaggy rescues her soul and it goes back into her body.

And once that happens…we get this shot.


Damn, never seen her look that good before, or after!


…Point taken.

He does the same for Fred and Daphne, whose kidnap I forgot to mention. Oops.

They returns to their bodies and get rid of the demons. But there’s one problem with Daphne’s body…


Yep, Fred messed up and is now in Daphne’s body.

“Hey, I can look at myself naked!”

…you do that.

At least he didn’t-


Of course.

So Shaggy shows up with that artifact thing, and they use to get their bodies back.

, They head to that voodoo guy, who explains that the demons will rule Earth for the next 10,000 years if their leader absorbs a “purely good soul”.

And they put their heads together, and also look around to see who isn’t with them right now, and figure out its Scooby. Yeah, they forgot about how he fell down the hole.

We cut to the capture Scooby, where we find out the leader is…



Yep, the plans mastermind is Mondavarious,( I prefer to call him Mr bean)  who arranged for Scooby to come to the island to trick him into being a sacrifice.

Wait, then why did they invite the others?

“Why did they invite us, then?”

Hey, Fred’s pointing out the potholes!

So now they must rescue their dog pal, and they all agree to put aside their bickering to unite to save him.

So of course it’s demon trap time!

As you can imagine, the big trap fails, and they get caught by the evil cultist back down in the cavern.

They bring out Scooby for the sacrifice and Shaggy, in disguise, tries to talk Scooby out of this, and says he’s sorry for everything that’s happened.

Aw cu-

And then the moment is interrupted by Scooby’s soul being sucked out.


“Nobody absorbs my pal!”

Shaggy takes a level in badass and attacks Blackadder, setting the soul free. Mr Bean is knocked out and upon inspection we find out he is…

“A man in a mask!”

Of course, blackadder would never really sign up for a Scooby doo movie!

They take off the mask to reveal…a robot.

But then the robot opens up to reveal…

“Scrappy doo!”

What a twist?

Didn’t see THAT coming.

That’s right, Scrappy set up this elaborate plan to get revenge on the gang. I admit, this is a good twist. I mean, even as someone who thinks scrappy is okay, I like the idea of him as a villain,. It’s kind a cool to see him be…evil I guess.

Plus, you have to admire that dedication.

You could argue this is OOC of him…but this is a live action reboot and so far scrappy has been shown to be an asshole….and I don’t know, part of me doesn’t mind this.

Anyway, Daphne proceeds to kick some major ass by beating up one of the henchmen. Seriously, she FUCKS HIM UP.

“Now who’s the damsel in distress?”


When the vat tips over, the protoplasmic heads return to their bodies and Daphne deploys the disco skull they set up, which reflects sunlight streaming down the hole, killing the demons.

And yes, the demons blowing up are kind of awesome, even if the CGI is very outdated.

Scrappy is returns to his original size, and Shaggy finds the REAL Mr Bean.

And we find out Scrappy started this whole plan TWO years ago. Now THAT is some real dedication to your revenge scheme.

Oh, and MJ shows up, now saved from the demons. Oh yea, I forgot she existed. It’s like she was entirely pointless or something!

So they head up and people show up and ask questions. Fred finally gives Velma the credit she deserves, which show the development they went through.

Scrappy is taken to jail…or the pound. Whatever

“Geez scrappy, no need to freak out like a jerk and take over all humanity”

Okay, that’s funny.

“And I would of gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling sons of-“ CUT OFF*


You know, for kids!

So the gang is now together, they’ve solved the mystery, and with that, our film ends.


Final Thoughts:


Overall, this was fairly good. It had some stupid moments, but I think it’s a decent adaptation. It’s faithful to the cartoon, the acting is quite good, there are some funny moments, and the mystery is fun. It’s a fun film, and I think it’s a treat for Scooby doo fans like me. I also enjoyed the sequel, but I haven’t seen the other two movies yet.

If you like Scooby doo, even ironically, you may at least enjoy this.

Grade: B

So, I hear Micheal Bay is PRODUCING the new Ninja Turtles movie. Let’s look at a bit of a statement he made about it

“They are an alien race”

….well that’s fucking stupid.

This is gonna suck! This will be the worst thing to happen to the turtles ever!

Fuck that; let’s see what our next review subject is


Son of a bitch


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