Now Available on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Now Available on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Hello, Spongey here.

I think it’s time to tackle an actual horror film this month. And I picked one I’ve been quite interested in for awhile. It’s a weird choice to review, but eh, it could be fun.

I’m not sure how to introduce this one. It’s an Anthology film from 2012 that I’ve heard decent things about. Being an Anthology film, the reception was mixed, but it did well enough to get a sequel.

I’ve heard that one is better, but we’re talking about this one. Considering the last anthology film with a wraparound, directed and written by many people,i reviewed, I’m at least hopeful it will be better, being a horror film and all.

It won’t be nearly as scary, but we’ll see. You would think I have more to say here, but I don’t. There’s a Wikipedia page, for useless info, you know.

So yeah, let’s just jump in and see how good this film is. If it’s good at all.

This, is V/H/S

The movie opens with our framing narrative, which is found footage, of course. Our Camera holder is part of a group of criminals and he’s still more likable than Micah. By the way, this guy is a crappy camera man as I can’t see a damn thing half the time.

They do things like assaulting women and destroying abandoned houses. We get a few minutes of them doing stuff, until we find out they got a job given to them by an anonymous third party who is willing to pay them a large sum of money to burglarize a house and steal a single VHS videotape.

Well, these guys are dead.

When they get there, they find the dead body of an old guy. One dude stays with it while the others find the tape. He sees a tape in a VCR right there, so, for no reason he watches it. This takes into our first short. Eh, I’ve seen worse wrap arounds.

This first film is called “Amateur Night”. We open with 3 dudes in a Motel Room, as one guy’s glasses have a small hidden camera, which they will use to turn his sexual exploits into amateur porn. Sure, why not.

After a drunken montage, they stop at a bar where Clint makes a mysterious woman who says very little outside of “I like you”. Well, he’s dead.

They take her, along with another chick, back to the motel for some sexytimes. Is it a good time to mention that these 3 guys are obnoxious as all hell? Cuz they are. But I’ll talk about that when this segment is over.

The “Normal” chick passes out so of course one guy tries to do her anyway. Thankfully, no rape happens, and instead we are trapped to one guy about to have sex with the weird chick. He gets her naked and then they do it. It starts to get a bit out of hand as it almost becomes a threesome.

So…when does something interesting happen? I’ll give it a few more minutes.

“She just fucking bit me!”

Thank you.

Yep, Patrick apparently got bit by Lilly, the weird chick. I only know her name because of Wikipedia, the film has not said it at all yet. Lilly takes out her best screamer face and kills Shane. Now we’re getting somewhere!

Clint tries to fight Lisa but he get his asses handed to him. She drinks Patrick’s blood and Clint tries to escape. He falls down some stairs and breaks his wrist. Well, he’s dead.

Lilly catches up to him, but instead of attacking him…she tries to blow him. …Now I’ve seen everything. He’s, understandably, not aroused and she cries. He uses this chance to escape but Lilly catches him.

By that I mean she becomes a bat creature and picks him up into the air. Wow, when did this segment get AWESOME!?

His glasses fall off and the video cuts out. End segment. Of course it ends when it gets good. I won’t grade them, but I will “review” them. It was pretty annoying, but it had an awesome ending, so I’ll let it slide.

After some pointless stuff in the framing thing, another tape is played and we get our 2nd Segment, called “Second Honeymoon”. A couple is heading out for their, you guessed it, 4th Honeymoon. On the way to some place, they stop an old Wild West Town.

They come across a fortune telling machine thingy. It tells them that the wife will soon be reunited with an old love. Well, she’s dead.

They go to a motel room, and I think motel room’s are gonna be a theme in this movie. Later, the dude tells us, I mean her, that a girl showed up and asked for a ride, for the next day. Again, you people are dead.

That night someone breaks in, with a camera, and caresses the wife’s butt with a switch blade…. All I’m thinking is that it’s super convenient that this person has a camera too. The person does other things, like steal the dude’s money.

The next day, he notices that his money is missing, and he blames his wife. But they let it go so they can do a bunch of…things, to tide us over until something interesting happens.

Thankfully, that happens, as that night, someone comes in and stabs the dude. It gets pretty bloody, and it’s awesome. As it turns out, this person is indeed a woman and we see her kissing the wife.

…Well okay then. They run off, and the chick asks if the wife erased the tape. End segment. I suppose it was better than the first segment, but it was also kind of dull and it, once again, didn’t get awesome until the end. But hey, maybe the next one will be better.

The next tape is put in, and we have Segment 3, titled “Tuesday the 17th” …Okay. Three friends, along with their new friend, are going on a camping trip. Well, they’re dead. They banter a bit, and I personally can tolerate than more then the guys in the first segment. Which is weird.

They walk through the woods, saying some dumb dialogue that feels like leftovers from the last segment in which we had dumb banter. Then they start to annoy me as they go on with their banter without really forwarding the plot. Unless the plot relies on this nerdy dude smoking pot for the first time. Which I doubt,

Then one guy goes swimming in the lake, and nothing of substance happens. Yawn. Then this other dude and a blond chick are killed by a mysterious figure. Oh yeah, now we’re getting somewhere!

Then Wendy, that new friend, picks up the up the camera (the camera holder was killed) and asks the lake guy to fuck. …Well, this is getting interesting. See, in a bit I skipped, Wendy said this is a place where some evil dude killed some people, and those people were here friends. She came back to move on.

Wow, this story is actually getting really interesting despite a rough start. And given the track record, the ending won’t ruin it it! …I just jinxed it.

“They never caught him. They never believed me”

She begs him to help her and the evil dude shows up and kill him. Wah wah.

She runs away and we see that the camera can’t film him, as he just shows up as weird feedback, while everything else is fine. Now that’s actually kind of creepy. Eventually, the figure is impaled by…a thing. It’s a weird trap…thingy. Don’t know how to describe it. Either way, he’s dead.

But when she turns our, the figure vanishes. Then it pops up and beats her with the camera. Okay, that’s fucking awesome. It kills her and she suddenly jerks around and the camera goes out. End Segment.

Okay that was really good. It had a shaky middle, but it some interesting parts and an awesome ending. I enjoyed that one a lot. I hope the rest of the film stays on that level!

The next tape is put in (Yes, nothing happens in the wrap around crap each time) and we get Segment 4, titled “The Sick thing that happened to Emily when She was younger”. …BEST TITLE EVER.

It starts with the titular Emily having a Video chat with her boyfriend James. She has a weird bump on her arm but that doesn’t matter as they just move on to sex talk. This involves some boob shots, and yes, We’ve had a couple so far. I just forgot to mention them until this one. Trust me, they aren’t anything special.

She takes him on a video tour of her Apartment cuz why not. She says weird things have been happening. Well, she’s dead. These things include the usual stuff, like footsteps. Suddenly, she claims to hear a weird sound right then and there.

“My apartment’s haunted”

She’s likely right, or we wouldn’t be here. …How did most of these tapes end up in that house anyway? And it just hit me that this film is a found footage movie…about people finding found footage movies.


A weird figures pops up in her room and leaves. They discuss this weird occurrence the next day.

“Maybe it was like a breeze or something”


That night, she hears another weird noise and more creepy shit happens. It’s fairly creepy so something of substance kind of happens, I guess. The next day, Emily tells James that she talked to her Landlord and he said no one ever died in her home.

“Well, that’s not something you’d want to advertise, right?”

Best character.

Also, Emily has a bump on her arm and she’s digging into it to find out what it is. It’s actually kind of disgusting, in a good way. James tells her not to pick at it and she stops. That night, Emily tries to solve this mystery once and for all.

She uses her webcam to go all PA on us as she explores the house. This is all during a video chat by the way. That’s the gimmick for this one. Of course, she bumps into a creepy figure and is knocked out. I’ll say it now: This movie has some damn good shock moments, as that bit worked pretty well.

James pop up in her apartment and okay what. He was literally just there at his computer and he pops up in her place like 5 seconds? The hell? I can accept any crazy crap about to happen but that? No way.

Anyway, he opens her stomach and takes out an Alien Fetus. ….Yeah, it’s more plausible than his super speed. As it turns out, James has been working for these aliens, as they are using Emily as an incubator for Alien/Human hybrids.

“She thinks I’m in Michigan”

Oh, so there was a bigger reason for me to bitch that I missed! Either way, we don’t know where he actually he is, and even if he’s next door, he still can’t pop up in that exact place in 5 seconds.

“That tracking device in her arm..”

Oh, thanks for point blank explaining it. Before we find out anything else, we cut to the next day as Emily’s memory has been erased, and she thinks she was in a traffic accident.

“I’m just crazy”

Crap, you just got me invested in a character in this movie. How dare you?!

“You deserve to be with someone normal”

…Dang it. Knowing James is…doing that makes this…even more interesting. James says he loves her…then he switches chats to speak to another woman…who has a bump on her arm.

“Don’t do that. I’ll look at it when I get there”

End Segment. …Well, I liked that one. The concept was kind of dumb, but it was creepy and it actually had a story with a real character. Thumbs up!

Back in the Framing story, I realize I forgot to tell you that a new guy inserts each new Tape and after the tape ends, he vanishes. So little of interest happens in these parts that I kind of forgot.

One guy goes upstairs to the find the remains of another guy and he is attacked by the zombie of that dead old guy. Once again, it’s some intense stuff, even if I couldn’t care less about this random guy.

He falls down some stairs and he is killed. We cut to the VCR room as our final segment plays by itself. …That’s it? That’s our framing story? Some douchebags go into a house, watch some movies, vanish, and die? Lame!

Whatever, it’s not bad but easily the weakest story, only saved by the fact that it’s just a wrap around. Now for our final segment, called “10/31/98” which takes place…on that date, I assume.

Some dude and his friends are heading out to a Halloween party. Well…you know what his state will be like by the end of this film, by now. They arrive to find that the house is empty. We get a lot of the same crap as before, but the banter is much more tolerable in this one, at least.

They hear weird noises and one guy guys to check it out. After more banter, they got to the Attic where they find a bunch of people, chanting while standing around a woman who is suspended from the rafters.

Our…heroes, join in to look cool but just end up looking awkward as they are caught. That was pretty funny, even if it wasn’t meant to be. They get pissed, and shit goes down. Again, it’s suspenseful and kind of awesome.

However, one guy actually goes back to save the girl. Holy shit, an admirable character in this movie! Get it away!

They save her and even more shit goes down as the house comes alive with ghosts and stuff trying to get them. It’s really awesome, being, fun, intense, suspenseful, and creepy. This movie has some awesome payoffs, I’ll give it that.

And when I say the house comes alive, I mean it. Tons of shit starts floating/attacking them and it’s really awesome. They pile into the car and the chick vanishes and re-appears in front of the car, making a screamer face.

Suddenly, they realize they stopped the car on some train track as a train is coming towards them. Now this part is really suspenseful and for once, I kind of care about what happens to these characters! …Well, to an extent, anyway,

And what happens? The train hits…and the tape flickers out. Roll credits. …You know what? I’m cool with an abrupt ending, as it works for this type of movie. Besides, it hits hard enough to leave me justified. Basic ending, but it works very well.

Also, the credits refer to the weird people from the final segment as “Cult Dudes”. Heh.

Final Thoughts:

I was a bit mixed at first, but overall I really enjoyed this one. However, my praise is more Subjective than Objective in the end. However, it has enough value in the end for me to appreciate.

Even the parts I bashed got better as I thought about it. Taking breaks during these reviews really do help me sort out my thoughts before it’s over. Anthology films are pretty tricky to do, since not all the segments will be to our liking, and it may be hard to enjoy the whole thing if you hate one segment.

Thankfully, this is the only type of the film where they allow you to skip the parts you don’t like, without missing anything. So it doesn’t matter in the end. Most of these segments have one thing in common: They are sort of dull, with weak banter, and then they have an amazing pay off.

Some are a tad better story wise, as such the Emily one, but most of them fall under that formula. For some, it works like the final Segment, but in others, it doesn’t. The biggest examples are the first 2 segments. I found the banter annoying and the 2nd one gets weaker the more I think about it. Actually, I can’t even remember anything outside of the fact that ending has 2 chicks kissing or something. I freaking typed a review of it like a day ago and I don’t remember it. Ouch.

I think these segments should have tried harder to make you interested BEFORE the crap goes down. The only one to do that is the Emily one, since the set up had me interested. Even my favorite Segment, the last one, had a slow start.

But honestly, each Segment, except maybe the 2nd one, and the framing one, had something awesome for me. This movie really goes all it when it needs to. It can be entertaning, suspenseful, and creepy, all at the same time. When it hits hard, it hits hard and it’s AWESOME.

The problem is that they needed better writers to make things more interesting. Each segment can be summed up as “Bunch of people who banter a lot bump into it weird shit”. Only the Emily one doesn’t really fall into this, and that’s hwy I liked it, despite the dumb premise.

I suppose I shall rank the segments in order of how much I personally enjoyed them.

6. Tape 56. This is the framing story, and it’s just not interesting at all. Even when things go down, nothing happens it’s really boring. And even kind of annoying. Not horrible, just nothing special.

5. Second Honeymoon. Anther boring one, but I enjoyed the ending, I guess. It just didn’t have anything interesting, to make it memorable. That’s why I like it less than I suggested back up there.

4. Amuter Night. I love the ending, but I can’t bring myself to care about/remember the rest. Still enjoyable despite a rough start.

3. Tuesday the 17th. A bit dull in places, but I enjoyed some of the banter and the ending was balls out awesome, with some creative things and even interesting bits in the story.

2. The Sick Thing that Happened to Emily when She was Younger. Yeah, the pay offi ns’t quite as awesome, but the writing was a lot stronger here, with some nice bits with Emily herself. Interchangeable with Tuesday but I appreciated it more.

1. 10/31/98. Yeah, the least interesting start but the ending went balls out and I loved every minute of it. Easily the most enjoyable segment.

So overall, I’ll give it a lower score than I want to, but it has too many flaws for me to like more. It’s very enjoyable, intense, and creepy but it’s also dull, forgettable, and just…weak. But the good parts make it worth it.

The found Footage aspect worked very well, making things creepy, but it didn’t really need to be like this. One of the better Found Footage films I’ve seen, but it could have been a real movie in some places.

So if you like Found Footage films more often than not, and you like what I’m saying, than you’ll enjoy it. Just pay attention to my criticisms. It’s very enjoyable, but very flawed.

Grade: B

Now I’m curious about how the sequel is. …You know what? Let’s find out next time. I don’t usually do this, but screw it. I wanna see it, so next time, we tackle V/H/S 2: The Rise of DVD!


See ya.

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Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy

Sorry, but nothing will ever top FrankenTurkey.

Sorry, but nothing will ever top FrankenTurkey.

Hello, Spongey here.

If you ask me, it’s not Halloween without Scooby Doo. Whether you’re talking about the shows, the movies, or anything else, there’s no doubt those meddling kids and their stupid dog have left an impact on pop culture.

Previously, I reviewed the Theatrical Live Action movies, and the Direct to Video Prequel. I enjoyed them, but it’s mostly because I have a soft spot for Scooby Doo. Sure, it can be really dumb that’s part of the fun for me.

And it has a shit ton of incarnations, some good, some bad. My favorite is the most recent series, but that’s a subject for another time. In the late 90’s, they started a string to Direct to Video animated films.

And they are still going strong to this day. They tend to be hit or miss, but we all have a few like. It was hard to pick one to review, but I think I got one. I picked the most recent one.

Why? …I couldn’t find most of the ones I wanted to review. So yeah, we’re doing the new one. Besides, no one has reviewed yet, I bet. Plus, it’s more directly Halloween related. I’ll review it someday.

Now, Animated Scooby films go through eras. The first is the earlier, more dramatic era. This is where you got films like Zombie Island, which were darker and had real monsters. Than oyu had the “What’s new” era which were closers to the Scooby we knew, but we had some good ones there.

And the Era we are sort of in is the Mysteries Incorporated era. It’s not like that show in writing, but it is animation, and it shares the current voice actors, including Matthew Liliard, from the live action movies.

I haven’t seen a Scooby Movie since Samurai Sword I think, so I’m a bit behind. So we’ll see how much the newer one stacks up. This one was written by Jim Kreig, whose other credits including Frenemies and Spooksville.

He confirmed on Twitter that he didn’t have much control on the former, which explains a lot. And based on how Spooksville misses drama, scares, and Comedy, it makes sense that he would write this.

So we’ll how it goes. Not much else to say, so let’s go in.

This, is Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy

The movie opens….with a Google ripoff, as someone is looking up “Daphne modeling pics” …Uh, should I be watching this?

Actually, it just leads to Daphne (Grey Delisle)’s website as she’s just talking about stuff. Then she mentions how her fans always ask her about her whole mystery solving carrer, which leads to clips from the original series. Huh, that’s cool. This is a live show and Fred (Frank Welker) calls in to give us more clips. Then Shaggy comes in and the clips go on.

What is this, a clip show?

It must be as Velma calls in to give us even more clips. They are just telling stories about their exploits, which seem like actual classic episodes, though I’m not sure. The clips tell me yes.

Velma’s family lawyer (voiced by Kevin Micheal Richardson) calls in to start the plot. He searched Velma Dinkley and the site came up. First off, aren’t there easier ways to get in touch? 2Nd, why does searching her name lead to this website as the very first result? Why click on it if it seems unrelated? So many questions in one small line!

“I’m texting you my address!”

…If you could text her, why didn’t you do it in the first place?!

So of course, the Mystery Gang heads off to meet him. He tells her she’s inherited her great uncle’s property and castle in Transylvania. Yep, this is a Scooby Doo movie. Also, that plot is basic I’m shocked they wait like 20 something movies to do it…and like 6 shows.

Also, it’s Transylvania…Pennsylvania. Heh. We are told this village is kind of like Amish Country, which doens’t please Daphne. By the way, the lawyer’s name is Cuthbert Crawley

He’s the villain. That or a suspect.

There’s a curse hanging over the estate, because of course there is. Velma doesn’t want the castle, mostly cuz she just doesn’t want it. They head back to the Mystery Machine…and it explodes.

…That’s one way to the movie going.

After the title sequence, they see a creepy due on the top of a building.

“That guy is the worst parking lot attendant in history”


Crawley tells us that this guy is the ghost of a Baron, and the source of that curse.

“I should have been more forthcoming about the details”

“Gee, ya think?”


The van explodes, leaving a message telling them to stay away from Transylvania. This is starting out really…cliche, to be honest. So of course, Fred wants to go there anyway because we need a plot.

Actually, Fred wants to go there to piss off the baddie, as he kills Fred’s van.

“Now it’s personal”

Damn, Fred is a badass!

They head to Transylvania on a train, where we get the usual jokes from Shaggy. That is until Velma reveals something. She has a family secret. Her real last name Von Dinkenstein, from which she and her parents shortened to Dinkley when they moved in from the old country. Her ancestor is Baron Von Dinkenstein, who was said to have created a monster. This verty story inspired Mary Shell to writer Frankenstein.

And all of this is why she is obsessed with solving mysteries and supernatural stuff. Huh, that’s actually pretty interesting. Didn’t see that coming. Now we are getting somewhere!

So yeah, that creepy dude is Baron’s ghost and naturally, he pops up to take over the train. He messes up the train and vanishes. They are able to stop the train and they arrive in Transylvania.

They are greeted by some townspeople, and they get pissed upon seeing Velma cuz of the whole Baron thing. Okay, I’ll just say this now: The pacing is kind of shit so far. It’s moving way too fast, never letting anything sink in. We just went from an out of control train to this with petty much no transition.

We’re about 18 minutes in, but it sure doesn’t well like it. Hopefully it’ll get better soon. Anyway, they blame Velma for the monster because Baron’s ghost popping up killed tourism …Still not seeing how Velema is too blame for that.

Also, the town makes torches. Heh, that’s funny. Not sure if it was meant to be, but it is. Then a Discount Igor shows up to take them to the castle. On the way there, Discount Igor tells them the story of Baron’s Monster.

“A minute ago you were speaking in grunts. When you did become so loquacious?”

Velma would be great at Cinema Sins.

They get to the castle to see that’s it’s huge and creepy. They meet the housekeeper, Mrs Vander who locks the door and says if they need to leave, they must find her as she has the only key.

That’s not ominous at all.

We get a tour of the castles, with all the jokes you expect. They head into Baron’s old lab where we got more wacky hijinks. Then they find a case with a weird creature that Baron must have been working on. It’s a regular Frankenstein.

“Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster”

Of course they had to point that out.

The “monster” is encased in Ice, so Vander keeps the temperature low. You know, showing them an actual monster isn’t gonna make us less suspicious of you.

Velma is sure the monster is fake, naturally. In fact, her entire goal now is to prove that monsters don’t exist. So, do these Scooby doo movies have a “Canon” or does the Continuity reset in every movie? I ask cuz…Zombie Island, and all that.

The gang finds out that there’s a festival going on in town right now, so that’s our next stop in the plot. While there, Shaggy and Scooby enter an Eating contest because of course they do. Daphne stops to buy a dress at this one place, but she is confirmed that she is a Size 8, and she looks in the mirror and yep, she’s bigger now.

Now, this scene I actually heard aboiut it because people bitched about it. See, the curse I mentioned earlier, causes what people love most to be destroyed. In Daphne’s case, it’s her slim-ness/Beauty.

Now, in the context of this scene here are the facts: Daphne is the stereotypical woman who believes that being Size 8/Fat is a horrible thing. The film is not really saying anything here. It’s her own personal worst nightmare and that’s it. So you Socail Justice Warriors can calm down.

Anyway, while that’s going on, Fred is mourning the van some more, and Shaggy and Scooby win the contest. They get Sausage puppets as a Reward (just roll with it) and they are asked to it. But..

“Scoob and I are totally full”


This statement is followed by a shot of fling pigs and a shot of Hell freezing over. Okay, that’s hilarious. ..Also, Hell is in a kids movie. Okay.

The Mayor is insulted because reasons, and we get our angry mob scene. In my experience, being full won’t stop you from at least attempting to eat food, you know. They bump into Fat Daphne and we get Dramatic rain.

“This town makes great torches. They stay lit in the rain!”

Shaggy would also be great at Cinema Sins. Discount Igor show up to save them and they get back to the castle. But they find out that Velma has gone insane. By that I mean that she’s gone all monster crazy, trying to bring a monster to life instead of debunking them. That weird chick on the cover? That’s Velma.

“This isn’t weird-ness. This is science!”

The Angry Mob pops up, as it has only grown upon finding out what happened to Velma. But she has no time for that as she starts up her machine. And it brings the iced monster to life.

However, Shaggy and Scooby aren’t afraid….Play that pig/hell clip again. But of course, it rampages and escapes anyway. Velma, still an angry bitch, asks Fred to go get it, but the van thing has really taken a toll on him.

So Shaggy and Scooby volunteer to head out instead. And they deny an offer for Scooby Snacks. …Now cut to a clip of cats and dogs living together.

Fred mourns the van some more, and it’s actually pretty emotional. Wow, never expected that to happen. Daphne mourns her look and while doing so, she finds a secret tunnel. Then we cut to Shaggy and Scobby chasing down the monster, with a montage set a song that is no Terror Time, but it still okay.

Daphne bumps into Baron and her screams lead Fred to her. This gets Fred’s mystery mojo back. Shaggy and Scooby randomly wake up in Velma’s lab, tied down. The monster is tied down next to them, and Velma explains that the monsters brain is defective, and they must add some extra brains to make it better. Shaggy and Scooby’s brains.

Yeah, I doubt the brains of a Dog and a stoner will help you. She says that between the 2 of them, they have almost have one whole brain, (haw) but that just makes my point stronger. Also, Velma’s really evil now I guess.

The monster tears off their special Ledorhosen they got from the mayor, and now they feel hungry and scared again. …Okay then.

Fred finds Velma and finds the Baron, having taken a level in badass. At least until Baron reminds him of the Van. Then he falls. And then Daphne tells him to do it for “Her” and he gets back up. This is pretty epic but…now you are ASKING for the crappy M rated sex fics about Fred/Van.

Fred fights Baron off, and we have a sweet moment with him and Daphne as he says he doesn’t care about her new appearance.

“You always look great to me”

Those people who bitched about that bit must look really silly now. That was a pretty sweet scene, to be honest. This movie is getting a lot better. Shaggy and Scooby escape the evil Velma out for their brains (This job is weird sometimes) and Daphne finds out that her new look is just the result of a weird fatsuit…thing.

She and Fred escape and run into Shaggy and Scooby. Also, Daphne has her old outfit back because magic. Velma catches up to them and she’s normal now. No explanation, and no one questions it. Okay.

“I’m Sorry I tried to take your brains, guys”

I love this “job” sometimes.

Velma says she was hypnotized into doing all of this. Sure, why not. Either way, she’s normal again and they must escape and stop the Baron. The Baron set up some gas in the castle, and the town is known for making torches.

You know what happens next.

Yep, a huge explosion as the gang runs away. It’s kind of awesome. The townspeople think they all died and they throw a party. ….Wow, what jerks. They get their due as various ghosts chase them out of town.

However, those ghosts are actually just the Mystery Gang in disguise. So wait…this time THEY are a monster in a mask? Whoa…

But there’s no time to dwell on that, as we find out the monster was just Discount Igor in a robot suit thing. …And then Di turns out to be some Government dude in a robot suit thing. ..I’m confused.

“Weeks ago, one of our experiment exoskeletons designed to increase the strength of the infantry men of the future was stolen from one our research labs. We traced it to this town and went undercover in hopes of finding it out.”

“Wait, you were the monster in the lab?”

….I have a lot of questions, but let’s just pretend this makes perfect sense and fits in the story. And no, he wasn’t the monster back in the lab, that was the mayor. Yeah, saw that coming, sort of.

It was all a conscript and hwo was behind it? The Lawyer. Pick up the phone, cuz I called it.

And he’s not even her Lawyer, he’s the partner of these attorneys from an old episode of the original show. Nice continuity, movie. Through a series of events too convoluted to go into here, he blew up the van, put Daphne in a weird suit, used weird things to give Shaggy and Scooby a false sense of courage, and he hypnotized Velma into going insane.

The townspeople were on it and all this stuff happened. Even for Scooby Doo, this is convolved. Pretty cool, but still confusing. A Good of the towns people that were in on this are actually old villains who teamed up for a revenge. A Scooby Doo villain team up…WHY DIDN’T THIS GET IT’S OWN MOVIE?! That would be amazing!

‘Everyone you’ve ever busted wants revenge! We were turning people away in droves. We fiended each other on the Scooby Doo Gang Revenge Social Networking page.”

A social network of Scooby Doo villains, planning revenge ….Again, WHY ISN’T THIS IT’S OWN MOVIE!?

Once they found out about the Castle, they came up with this whole plan. This is a damn good twist, but it’s way too convoluted for my tastes.

“And we would have gotten out revenge on you meddling kids, if it weren’t it for you meddling kids”

These villains must work for the Department of Redundancy Department. Anyway, they are carted away and everyone is happy. I’m sure you have questions the movie answers, but I don’t care. I’m just not sure how these Government dudes got involved.

Speaking of them, as a reward for helping them, they made a new Mystery Machine. Woo hoo. So they head off, back home. They have a cheesy moment, and they notice a new buttn in the van.

They press it and the van turns into a rocket and flies away. Roll credits.

What just happened? Whatever, whats in the credits?!

‘Wait, that’s it?! But there’s so many unanswered questions!”

…Oh shit, I’m in the movie now.

…Actually, he just points out pointless stuff, like Shaggy wearing something in one scene, and something else in another shot. Crap, the young version of the Cinema Sins narrator!

Then some agent dudes show up and take him away. For the crime of pointing out plot holes.. …Well, see ya, I’m gonna go on the lam.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this was a pleasant surpise. I knew nothing going into this, and it seemed like it would be just another Generic Scooby Doo movie at the start. But it actually turned out to be pretty solid!

Not one of the best, but still decent. Let’s go over the flaws. It has a generic set up, the pacing sucks in the first half, and the final reveal is way too convoluted for it’s own good. But even with the last one, this movie was decent enough. Despite the set up, they used it for some pretty good visuals and atmosphere. On top of that, we have a pretty good story which some development for the characters.

As drawn out as it was, I liked Fred’s whole thing with the Van, and he got some awesome moments because of it. I like the bit with Daphne, as it gives a good lesson and again, more development. And Velma going insane was kind of awesome. I like her minor depth as well but man, Insane Velma is amazing. And also sort of hot.

Shaggy and Scooby don’t have a lot to do but they are fine, as always. I really enjoy the story and development in this one. Then there’s the twist. It’s a BRILLIANT idea, and it’s almost done well…but it’s so confusing. That nerd is right, there were so many unanswered questions and plot holes.

Not to mention that it should have been it’s own movie. Imagine it. All the classic Scooby Doo villains having a Social Network, and coming back to get revenge. That would be amazing. But nope, it’s the twist and it’s kind of rushed.

But hey, it’s kind of cool. So in the end, I recommend this one if you’re a fan. It has some nice development, a solid story, and epic Continuity porn. It has flaws, and I won’t give it the best grade, but it is a fun entry in this ever growing series.

Check it out, it’s not bad. …Wait, why is it called Frankencreepy if the monster is Franken CREEP and he’s not even the focus?

Grade: B

Next time…I’m not sure. We’ll have to wait and see.

See ya

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When Good Ghouls Go Bad

I was crushed by Pumpkins today! ...Not as catchy.

I was crushed by Pumpkins today! …Not as catchy.

Hello, Spongey here.

Back in July of 2012, I wanted to cover what I called the R.L. Stine film trilogy. I did “The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It”, and while I planned to do Mostly Ghostly at that time, it fell through. I did it the following year, but there one movie I still haven’t done.

It was a forgotten entry in the Stine Trilogy. I tried to review it but I couldn’t find it. Couldn’t find on youtube, a site I use, or even on torrents! All I found was, oddly enough, a video review of it. Which was pretty good, by the way.

Then out of nowhere, it popped up on Youtube. I checked it and it was the full movie. …So now I can finally complete the R.L. Stine Film trilogy! No, it’s not a quadrilogy as Mostly Ghostly 2 is a sequel.

Though it will be one next year…but that’s another story. So what can I say about this movie? …No seriously, what can I say?

There isn’t much info to go around. All I know is that Doc Brown’s head is n it somewhere. Like Haunting Hour, it’s not based on a book by Stine, but he did come up with the Story for the film. At least, that’s what the opening credits say.

I know the basic plot, but that’s really it. The director did Baby’s Day Out…that’s something. It came in 2001, as a TV Movie. However, it didn’t air often and it just kind of vanished. I’d ask a channel like The Hub to air but nope, that’s not gonna happen. Thank you Discovery.

It’s pretty obscure, so I have no idea what to expect going into this. None of the actors have done anything, except one, but we’ll get to that. So, let’s see if this movie is any good at all.

This, is When Good Ghouls go Bad

The movie opens with narration by Christoper Lloyd. A great way to start any movie.

“One of the things you learn is life is that things aren’t always what they appear to be”

Doc Brown introduces to Danny a kid that lives in the town of Walker falls. He recently moved, because it’s a Stine movie. We see him at school, as everything seems normal.

During Gym, Danny is hurt but his Dad can’t come get cuz he’s busy at work. Yep, that cliché. Danny gets up and Judge Doom tells us …nothing. He just rambles on. It’s funny so I can forgive it.

On the walk home from School, he bumps into Generic Bullies #565. They take him into the Graveyard and tell a story.Years ago, Curtis Danko (Brendan McCarthy) was an artistic boy, who was ostracized by “normal” people. When competition was held for all the eighth graders to design a sculpture of their personal hero, Curtis kept his project covered during the day, then came to school at night to work on it. . On Halloween night, he went to work on his sculpture, and someone saw ihm work on it, in the window. The next day, they found Curtis’s charred skeleton and a message in the ashes, saying that if the town ever celebrated another Halloween, he would come back and destroy them. Everyone in the town believed the legend and, since then, Halloween has never been celebrated.

That’s…dark. The whole ashes thing. Perfect for a story like this, if you ask me. By the way, the guy who saw this was the bully’s Dad. Dad went blind for 3 days after seeing that sight and that’s part of the reason people bought the legend. Now that’s creepy.

And now the bully is forcing Danny to look at the buried skeleton. Wow, what a dick. Danny escapes and runs home, where we meet Uncle Fred, played by Christoper Lloyd.

‘And narrator to you, the audience”

Best character.

We see that Uncle Fred is weird. He’s dressed as a Viking. Christoper Lloyd as a viking. This is the best movie ever made. He’s actually his Grandfather but he insists people called him Uncle. Because reasons.

We cut to the Bully’s Goon as meets up with Ryan, the bully. Ran dug up the thing containing the Skeleton and he plans to do things with it. Spooky. Back at home, Dad arrives,

“The germans are coming, the germans are coming!”


He’s actually referring to German Investors he needs to strike a deal with. Danny tries to tell Dad about the bully but he’s too busy being a cliché Dad.

He heads to the Town Hall to tell everyone about an Idea he has. We find out that Danny’s family is the town’s namesake, and they had a Chocolate Factory until Fred shut it down due to the Curtis Danko stuff, I guess.

Dad wants to bring the factory back, but he spent all his money doing so, so to make the money back, he brought in some German investors to help out. They are coming On October 31st. Why? Cuz It’s Halloween!

“He said Halloween!”

“Don’t say it again!”

Yep, Dad wants to bring Halloween back as well. He thinks the Curtis thing is just a legend, and thus wants to set up to the first ever Halloween Spooktacular. There actually exists ANOTHER review of this movie, saying the Investors stuff is pointless, as the Spooktackular thing is distant enough from it to stand on it’s own.
Which is fair. We could have had him wanting to bring Halloween back without that stuff, but I suppose we needed some world building with the family factory. No one is on board with it. Infact, they run away. Heh

Dad goes home and talks to Fred about all of this. Dad calls out Fred for not being there lot of the time, and turning his back on the town. But we just cut to Danny talking to Fred, so whatever. Oh, and that scene reveals that Fred built the kiln that killed Curtis.

…Not sure why people hate him though. Curtis kind of did it to himself with his creepy…stuff. Who build the thing isn’t really important.

After a nice scene with Danny and Fred, we cut to the next morning as a bunch of Halloween stuff has been set up. The most notable thing being a pile of pumpkins in the town Square. Like, a huge pile

Fred is amazed by this, so he didn’t set it up. So who did? Dun dun dun!

Some of the people actually want a pumpkin, since Curtis never said anything about pumpkins in general. Fred takes a pumpkin…and the huge pile falls,and kills him.




…We just saw someone get killed on screen. By pumpkins. Holy shit. This is the best movie ever made. I can’t street this enough. He got killed on screen! We don’t really…see the details but it happens!

Even Haunting Hour hasn’t gone this far, unless you count Girl in the Painting or The Golem! Damn!

Okay I’m calm. And yes, it does make sense since Old Man + A ton of pumkins=SPLAT.

We cut to his funeral, which is as depressing as it sounds. Fred’s narration brings even more sad-ness to this scene. Even in death, he has to narrate everything.

Since Danny has lost his true father figure, he leashes at Dad for not really being there. The cliché is worth since this bit is…damn. It keeps being sad as some random girl gives Danny a speech about Death. We went from Viking Dr Clipboard…to this.

The girl takes Danny to Curtis Danko’s old house…for reasons. Actually this place is sort of a home for all the Halloween stuff people have been hiding. Dayna plans to give Halloween back to the people, but the bullies aren’t having it, as they pop up.

Remember that Skeleton he as? He plans to use the house to store that, but he’s not telling our heroes that just yet. Hey, I’m in sum up the movie mode again! Woo-hoo!

Sorry, this is a time where I don’t have much to say. They leave and we see that everyone is taking down the Halloween stuff. Danny arrives home to find…Uncle Fred.


‘You’re dead!”

“Apparently not

He’s a Zombie. …Zombie Christopher Lloyd. And I thought Vampire Doc Brown was amazing, holy shit!

He doesn’t know why he’s a Zombie but he’s here, so deal with it. Danny is confused, but happy nonetheless. Fred’s first act as a Zombie is to scare the pants off the bully kid who pops up for no reason.

“You’re dead!”

“You’re right, I was. And I was resting pretty darn comfy too”

Guess who is making the movie so far.

Fred loses his hand in the Bully Dad’s car as he drives away,

“You’re hand is riding down the street at 60 mile per hour”

And it when it this 80, it’s gonna see some serious shit.



I love Fred’s attitude during this whole thing. He’s “Yeah. I’m Dead. That’s cool/’. He just walks around doing stuff, not carrying who sees. That’s awesome.

Bully Dad talks to his family about this, and he thinks Fred faked his death to scare them. This whole scene is awesome because the Bully Dad is clearly having fun here.

Danny visit Dayna again and tells her about Zombie Doc Brown. She thinks he’s lying but it doesn’t matter cuz her Mom pops up and scolds her. A bit after that, she calls up Danny’s Dad, and somehow this conversations has a part where Dad says Danny comes in a long line of kids who have had to deal with not having Dad around. I bet that will be impormant later.
Hell, it’s important now, as Dad briefly thanks about his own father. It’s actually quite emotional. Speaking of Fred, he heads to the Bully’s house to get his hand back. They are having this weird party thing, so Fred disguises himself as a Clown to get in.

We’ve seen Chris Lloyd as a Viking, a Zombie, and now a clown. This is the best movie ever made. He finds his hand in the trash but it’s a bit…crazy. Bully Dad pulls him away before he can catch it so we have the hand running around while this is going on.

Danny happens to be there, so Fred does weird clown stuff with him there. Danny figures out that the clown is Fred and Fred promises a 100 dollar bill to the kid who can find the “magic hand”. It goes as well as you’d expect.

We get an insane scene of the hand running around, which is kind of amazing. Then we get a romantic scene with Dayna’s Mom and Danny’s Dad. …They have a romance now. Deal with it?

Things calm down as the kids retrieve the hand. Later on, Danny visits the Graveyard and finds out that whoever dug Fred out, it was someone from…under the ground. Then Zombies pop up.

This movie just gets better with every passing minute. They run home and while this is going on, Curtis Danko’s ….body vanishes from his Crypt and the Bully Dad tells this cop dude to find it.

Back with Danny, he wonders what the hell is going on. Fred explains that he….wished himself back because firefly magic is in the ground…or something. I don’t know, it makes just as much sense in context.

…So anyway, Zombies storm the town hall, while Danny reveals Zombie Fred to Dad. His reaction is priceless. Then Zombies pop up and reveal they want the statue Curtis made. So they must return it to send them back into the grave.

They visit that place the Bully took over earlier, as they figured out he has the statue…somehow. It seems like taking the statue woke Curtis up, hence the zombies. The bully doesn’t buy it…which makes me wonder why he took it in the first place if, to him, it wouldn’t do anything.

Thankfully, he changes his tune when some Zombies pop up. Curtis hmself pops up (now an ugly Skeleton thing) pops up and sets up the statue. Before Curtis can do anything, Danny’s Dad admits everything that is going on is his fault. Then Dayna says it’s her fault. But now it’s Danny’s fault, which is plausible, I suppose.

But it doesn’t matter cuz the Bully Dad comes and beats the shit out of Curtis. …Okay, that’s awesome. It gets rather Graphic too, as he stomps on the Skeleton again and again.

“Ding dong, the zombie’s dead!”

Then Curtis pieces himself back together. Wah wah.

I should mention that the effects here, with Curtis are pretty good for this type of movie. It looks pretty decent.

So Curtis unveils the statue…and it’s of Fred. What a twist! Curtis shows him a picture of the two, revealing that Curtis looked up to look. The picture has Fred shaking his hand at some art thing which Curtis won.

“I built the Kiln. It’s my fault”

Curtis points at Mr Kankle, the bully Dad. Dun dun dun. As it turns out on the night Curtis died, Kankle, Frady, and his group pulled a prank, and pushed Curtis into the kiln and locked him in it. Suddenly, the janitor appeared and Kankle’s group ran off. While cleaning the class, the janitor accidentally turns on the kiln not realizing Curtis was in it.

So yeah, he kind of killed Curtis. …Wow, that’s…dark.

To hide his crime, he made up the curse. Why did he do that? Because the statue that would be in town square was of Fred, not his statue of HIS Dad. Fred was very genrous, donating all the time, but mostly to things Kankle saw as “Sissy” and not Manly things.

Speaking of his Dad, he pops up as a Zombie. Oh God, this is gonna be great. Kankle’s Dad pills him away to give him a whopping. Yeah, I was right. It’d worth noting that Kankle did all this because he looked up to his father, but he went all about it the wrong way.

So in a way, he has a reasonable motivation and isn’t just a dick for the sake of being a dick. Granted, he’s taken away here without much redemption, but …taking Halloween away fo 20 years is pretty bad. Sorry.

With that, Curtis finally leaves. Then Fred’s wife pops up as a Zombie cuz why not. But that’s not important because Fred has a moment with his son.

“I finally really know that I loved”

They have a tearful goodbye, as Fred says he is proud of his son.


For his final wish, he dances with his wife which is pretty cheesy, but kind of sweet anyway. And Danny and Dayna kiss….cuz they had a romance. Remember that completely existent romance?!

Danny watches all this while Fred gives us more narration. It’s mostly some cheesy speech about cheesy stuff. It’s REALLY cheesey…but really sweet, and very effective. Awesome.

We cut to the next morning as the German Investors pop up. Oh yeah, they were in this movie. They love the idea of Halloween and want to Reopen the factory. Glad that was resolved.

We zoom in on the Fred Statue in the town Square, as everyone is finally celebrating Halloween again. Fred closes us out.

“Happy Halloween”

Roll credits.

Hey, a good ending for once! A bit rushed but it did wrap up things up well enough. Good on you, Stine! I have issues here, but I’ll address them in a second.

Final Thoughts:

This is the best of the Stine film trilogy. And it’s not because of Christoper Lloyd. It’s because of the awesome story. It actually doesn’t feel like a Stine product, because of how deep the story gets.

Yeah, he’s done deep stuff before, but nothing to do this level. T has an underling theme of Legacies, Fathers and sons, and the people we look up to and admire. The whole story is driven by the character’s admiration for their fathers in some way. They even manage to do that with the actual villain.

That’s really interesting, and a cut above this kind of movie. I’d compare to Haunting Hour, but eh, It is it’s own beast. This movie has everything I could want in a Halloween move.

It’s genuinely funny, thanks to it’s strange sense of humor that leads to funny moments that usually fit with the story. It has a good Halloween vibe with a really interesting story that kept my interest all the way through.

Yeah, some parts felt pointless, like the Workaholic cliché and the German stuff, but the factory did play an important factor in the end. As they don’t focus enough on that cliché for it to bug me.

It did feel more like Dad and Fred’s story, but he did get enough focus in the end. He isn’t too interesting but he works. Really, the best characters are Dad and Fred. They have a lot of development, and they have a great complex relatshioion.

The acting is decent, but come on, you all know Chris Lloyd is the scene stealer here. He’s clearly having a lot of fun here, but he shows his serious side too. That makes his pefromance even better, if you ask me. It doesn’t hurt that his character is pretty interesting.

Yeah, Dayna was a pointless character and the Bully Dad can be REALLY over the top at times, but I didn’t mind that too much. The reveal was well written and it added a lot of depth to the themes of the film.

It does get really cheesy near the end, but the heart is so big that it works. Overall, this movie is very good. It’s funny, has good atmosphere, and it has great themes with a lot of heart.

It has all the tings that made the other Stine movies good, but without the flaws. If you can fins it on Youtube before it’s taken down, watch it. Or you can track down a DVD copy somewhere. I really hope they re-air it someday, as it deserves a lot more attention. I personally think it should traditional Halloween viewing, right with Halloweentown and stuff like that.

It may not be a perfet movie, but it’s fun, complex, and heartfelt. A lot better than you would expect. And it has Zombie Doc Brown. That’s cool.

Grade: B+

Next time, we finally tackle an animated Scooby Doo Movie. Woo-hoo.

See ya.

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Hello, Spongey here.

I’m gonna make this quick. I decided to not do another R.A.Q. Instead, I’m doing a REAL Q&A. Oh yeah. I’m making you guys ask me questions. Anyone from anywhere can asks questions. Facebook,Twitter, Deviant Art, WordPress, The moon, I don’t care.

I’m putting this here so EVERYONE knows about this. I don’t want get just like 2 questions. I want like 10000 questions!

There are a few rules, of course.

First off, Max is 4 questions per person, unless you cheat. “What do you think x?” Do you like X?”. Just wanna keep it fair.

And 2nd, I plan to do other Q&A’s on specific subjects, such P&F, R.L. Stine, Ponies, and all that jazz. That means I’d like to keep the questions general That doesn’t mean you can’t questions specific to that, just make sure it’s not a question that wouldn’t make sense to keep out of that Q&A. Meaning, questions such as..

“What did you think of that new PaF special?”

“What did you think of Son of slappy?”

“Why is Bulk biceps best pony?”

Don’t worry, I’ll allow the question if gets asked, just be careful. I’ll still take questions of all kinds, from dumb questions, to smart questions. Just don’t try to asks like 4 dumb questions.

Also, you must ask at least 2 questions, so don’t be afraid to ask really boring questions to stretch it out. You should only go for just 1 if you REALLY can’t think of other questions.

Also nothing…creepy. You know what kind of questions I’m referring to. Also, before you ask a question, make sure no one has asked that question. I really don’t want like 10 people asking the same question. Of course, you may too lazy to check every place I linked this, but at least try. If you end up asking a question someone else has asked, that’s fine. I’ll just credit all the people.

That’s it. If any other rules pop up after I get questions…well I’m screwed. Also, don’t go just for boring personal questions,. I only said the specific questions thing so I don’t get boned when I do specific subject Q&A’s. I’ll take questions about me, my life, and media. I think the last one will get more, since I’m boring.

So yeah, that’s all I got. Ask your questions. When does this close? Eh…I’m not sure. I think I’l close it on December 1st. Yeah, that’s good. That gives us PLENTY of time. 2 months, at least! That and my 200th review goes up December 4th, and this would be perfect. I’ll be putting the questions, along my answer in a open office document as I get them, so I may post it only a day after I close it.

So yeah, bye. Ask away!

See ya.

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Mostly Ghostly: Have You Meet My Ghoulfriend?

(Wonder how the production of this review went? Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YapcxRtXU5k&list=UU0v7m98XD_ENjQOoij2BRAA ))

No, I haven't because you don't have one in this movie. Lying titles suck.

No, I haven’t because you don’t have one in this movie. Lying titles suck.

Mostly Ghostly 2 is Property of whoever own it. Stine, maybe?

Hello, Spongey here.

You may wonder why you didn’t have a review a few days ago. Well, decided to take a break. Usually, if I skip a review rotation, it’s cuz I screwed up somehow and I must move on.

But for one, I thought I needed a break from this reviewing this…for a few days. Then I did for a couple more days. As you saw, I still worked on stuff, I just didn’t turn on a movie and nitpick it to death like usual. I just needed room to breathe, you know?

Now I’m back…in time for October! I’m a bit late, but I don’t care. It’s time for Halloween! Once again. I’ll be doing a bunch of Halloween-ish reviews. And we’re starting off with an interesting one.

Last year, I reviewed R.L. Stine’s Mostly Ghostly, based on the first book in a 6 book series that never ended. I really enjoyed it, but you can read the review for more details. That film ended with a minor cliffhanger, but I never thought they would make a seuqel. Mostly because I did that review in 2013, and the film came out in 2008.

But they proved me wrong, because earlier this year, they told us a sequel was in the works. This…excited me, and confused me. I wanted a sequel, but I thought it wouldn’t happen for a big reason:

At least 2 of it’s stars are too old, ESPECIALLY Luke Benward.

How do you make a sequel with that fact staring you in the face? See, this is why you make a sequel right away, if it’s based on a book with a sequel.

But they went and did it anyway. It got no reaction out of people, but sadly, the Return to Halloweentown effect, as I like to call it, set in. With people hating cuz of cast changes, even though people care even less about this movie.

Also, it has a 4.7 on IMDB, but the first one has something around there, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Besides, Transformers 3 has a 6.3, so IMDB can never be trusted.

I’ve been rather interested in this ever since I saw the trailer, but I wondered how they would handle the cast changes. Yeah, spoilers, everyone is different now. Even the people who haven’t aged. The only one that stuck around was Madison Petis, even though she has aged significantly.

Though you couldn’t tell from this movie, where she looks a bit different than she does in those shows she’s doing now. Anyway, of course we have a director and writer change…sort of. The director of the first one, Rich Correl, is now the writer. Weird. AS a refresher, he’s a frequently director for Disney Sitcoms, as well as one of the 3 creators of Hannah Montana.

Also, he did episodes of The Nightmare Room. Now it all makes sense. For this one director, is the genius behind Garfield and Home Alone 5. …Weird chose, but so was Rich and that turned out okay.

I don’t have much else to say. I’ve been interested in this ever since it was announced. Will they jsusfity the long wait, or what? Let’s see.

Oh, and as a side note, I haven’t read the 2nd book, which this is based on. So I won’t be comparing, sorry.

This, is Mostly Ghostly: Have You Meet my Ghoulfriend?

After a 3 minute long title sequence, the movie opens with our hero..’s parents. Here is our first casting change. Instead of the Mom from Zack and Cody, and the Dad from Wizards, we have…no one, and the Dad from Good Luck Charlie.

They just changed from one dumb sitcom Dad to another. But at least his wife is more his speed here. They are carving pumpkins when the older brother comes in. Instead of Zeke, we have Dez. Okay, that’s actually a pretty good choice.

After some stuff, we cut to Max walking his dog. He is now played by Lanny from Pair of Kings. Yeah, google image these 2 actors and they look nothing alike. But that’s not the worst example of that, trust me. He looks…fine for the party on his own,.

They walk by a Cemetery, and he assures the dog that everything will be fine.

“I’m still wearing the magic ring”

I’m pulling out the pic, cuz after Vampire Academy, I’m pooped from that kind of thing.

mostly ghsotly 1

We cut to to inside the Cemetery where we meet my main Phears again. No, he is not played by Arwin but I bet he’ll still be awesome either way. Wait, didn’t he get banished by the ring?

Either way, he randomly gets pissed and brings a corpse back to life. More specifically, an old woman who was in the Moscow Circus. …Okay.

For now, he’s doing this to give us an exposition dump, telling us exactly how Nicky and Tara’s parents came to find him. Yeah, I skimmed my review of the first one before diving in, and it seems like they follow it fine. I say that to assure you this wasn’t stated in the first movie.

Nicky and Tara’s father was a Scientist guy and he found an Urn containing Phears’ ashes…somehow. Dad was a klutz and the urn got smashed, release Phears.

They discovered his plans …somehow, and they created a magic ring…somehow that would use a spell to fight off his ghosts and keep him trapped in the Cemetery. He caught wind of this and attacked their family. However, Nicky and Tara escaped (as ghosts) and the parents wouldn’t tell him where they hid the ring.

Then this just goes into recapping the first one. Max’s family moved into the Rolan house and Max found the ring, and now he uses it to protect the kids.

Okay, now we now more about what happened. And I assume Phears is not saying where the parents are so they can squeeze more movies out of this. Also, why don’t they just….defeat Phears for good instead of sending him here?

Oh yeah, so this movie can exist.

So where does Emma, the old lady tie into all this? Well, Phears says she will climb into Max’s body and turn him into a berserker ghoul. Then she will urin his life and take the ring. Why can’t you just take the ring and not do the other thing? This movie would be over much faster.

Also, why you did pick an old Circus lady? Are the pickings that slim? As a side note, Phears is still a lot of fun, just not as amazing as before.

mostly ghostly 2

Back with Max, he’s still walking as he bumps into our new love interest, Cammy, played by Bella Thorne. …Still better than Blended. Yes, I’m okay with that chick from the first one being gone as she wasn’t important to the other books, and it’s likely she just dumped him or whatever.

Cammy is a popular-ish Girl who is flat out normal and nice. Well, that’s unexpected. They talk and Max goes home. And finally, 11 minutes in, we are reintroduced to Nicky and Tara. Tara is still Maddsion Peter, but Nicky…well. Here is him , circa the first movie:


And here is him in this movie:

mostly ghostly 3


I mean, the other changes, I can role with. Except Max, they either look a bit like the orginal, or it doens’t matter. But here…just look!

Yeah, I know Luke is a bit too old but can’t you get someone who looks a LITTLE like him? Trust me, Luke Benward looks nothing like that guy from Shake It up.

And while Nicky has the same basic traits, he feels different because he acts more like…that guy from Shake It Up!

It doesn’t matter that much…but it’s still stupid.

“You don’t have time to make people think you’re normal. You have to help us find our parents”

Gee, I wonder what the conflict will be.

Max heads inside and sees his Grandma, played by Joan Rivers. Yes, this was her final role ….Let’s move on

She’s somewhat pointless in this scene, but she’s enjoyable nonetheless. They talk Max’s gym grade, and all of Dad’s dialogue sounds weird coming out the mouth of someone who I can’t imagine playing sports. At least in the first one, he TRIED to look the part.

“Try to meet a nice Ghoul, bring her home to to your mother”

Subtle foreshadowing is subtle.

They suggests Max get advice from Collin, and he reluctantly, he does so. And naturally, Collin will give him advice in exchange from magic pointers. He wants to do a trick to impress a girl.

He shows him a trick with the help of Nicky and Tara. Then he gets his Rope climbing advice.

“Yeah, don’t fall”


Then they ignore that, as Max shows his friends some info he sound on their parents. 3 years ago, Dad was arrested after being found doing research at the old courthouse. This was 2 days before they vanished for good. So that was the last place they were at before they vanished. So thus, they must get there before Halloween, when Phears powers will be at their peak.

So yeah, we have a plot until the titular Ghoulfriend shows up. They sneak into the old Courthouse to find what they need. But while they are there, Max bumps into Cammy …She works there, but why is there this late at night?

She doesn’t really question why he snuck in, of course. Instead they make small talk. Yeah, who cares about the plot? Let’s focus on this. They drop this as they get a box full of info on The Rolands, and go home.

Speaking of dropping plot points, they move on to the whole Rope Climbing thing. Nicky and Tara will help him with it. Yay. After a pointless scene, we get the Gym scene! His ghost friends help him climb the rope and Tara makes him fall cuz he taking too much time, impressing Cammy. That bit was filled until the dropping thing.

After a pointless scene with Dez, we get a dinner scene. Earlier, Max heard a cat but Colin said he hears nothing. But now the parents hear it and this becomes a problem. They leave to check it out and Nicky and Tara pop up to further the plot.

They tell us the cat belongs to Phears. But when he goes upstairs with his parents, they find out the sound is some cat from next door. They blame Max because reasons. He even gets grounded for..having a cat. ???

Back with Phears, he tells Emma to go posses Max. She leaves the graveyard and we cut to the next morning. Also, Colin slept in Max’s room so the ghost went instead him instead. Whoops.

So Emma makes Dez do…weird but amusing things. Then he starts floating. Then Max does that chant from the first movie and she leaves his body.

…Well, that happened. Emma goes back to Phears and tells him what happened. He figures out what happened and chews her out. Then she goes to sleep, planning to invade Max later. That also happened.

The next day, we have a school scene where Cammy asks Max to help her with an assignment. Emma pops up and invades Max’s body. Like last time, it leads to true insanity. Including him use a fire esthingher to fly into the air.

…Uh, no.

After that, things calm down and Max is in big trouble. Nicky and Tara pop up and they figure out that a woman is inside Max. Don’t think too hard about that sentence. The Principal shows up and she’s amazingly harsh. Thanks to Nicky and Tara…doing stuff, he gets in more trouble and he is forced to run laps.

He chews them out for getting into trouble a lot, which is far since…yeah, they do cause more trouble than they are worth.

“Just..go away”

t’s sort of dramatic…but it’s justified …so yeah. As soon as they leave, Max talks to Cammy who doesn’t really care that he went crazy. But then the Gym Teacher says “Wake Up” which makes Emma take over again. Uh-Oh.

But this time she makes up…play soccer with insane skill. ???

Once Emma goes back to sleep, everyone tells Max how amazing he is. The Gym Teacher asks him to join the team so he can lead them to victory. Max doesn’t question it. That…was weird.

Cammy asks Max to meet her at the Courthouse tonight for the Grand Re-opening. It happen to be Halloween so…shit will go down. That night, Nicky and Tara figure out that the ghost in Max is Emma.

They try to lure Emma out…and it works. Also, she’s Young Again…somehow. And Nicky says when this is done, they will leave Max alone forever. But Max apologies and says they are his friends no matter what.


Seriously, that’s it? Whatever, it works.

Emma is shocked to see that Max is good, since Phears told her he is keeping her from moving on. But no, that honor belongs to Phears. They talk, and bond. and stuff. This part is actually pretty sweet, I must say.

Emma reveals that Nicky and Tara are not real ghosts, because Phears made them like this. They are Ghosts, but they are not Dead.

“You’re parents, are still alive”

Dun dun dun!

However, only Phears know where Nicky and Tara’s parents are, but there may be a way for Emma to visit the Ghost Parents or whatever. There’s a spell in that book from the first one that hasn’t been mentioned until now, that can help. They must go to the Graveyard but Max to man to the Trick or rteat bowl.

So Colin pops up and tells Dad Max has a special soccer practice tonight he must go to. He and Max have a nice moment.

“Thank you. I owe you one”


With that, they had to the Graveard, but it turns out Max left his magic ring at home. That’s not good, since it means no protection from Phears when he pops up right now. It turns out Phears picked Emma, knowing this would happen and he would get all the ghosts at once.

Eh. not a bad plan. I can’t find an holes, and unlike Transformers 3, I’m SURE of it this time. Phears incapacitates Nicky and Tara and starts blasting everything. He even brings some more ghouls to life.

Damn,. Phears is pretty awesome here, even if he’s not as hammy as before. Emma hides in Max’s body and we get a chase scene with the Ghouls. Because he has a Beresker Ghost inside him, he freaking fights the sword wielding ghouls. Now that is amazing.

The fight leads him to the courthouse, where they think Max is putting on an act. However, Emma falls asleep and it seems like the Ghouls have him…until Colin pops up and ties them up with a thing.

…Wait, people can see Ghosts now?

…Either way, that was awesome. They get rid of them and Max goes home to get the ring. But there’s still the matter of Phears cat. He finds it under his bed. He catches it and he heads back to the Graveyard, as Nicky and Tara have been captured.

He uses that chant to free them but Phears isn’t having any of it. So Max uses the cat to get Phears to let them go. He lets them go in exchange for the cat…but Max uses the cat to lure Phears into the swirling vortex thing, made by the ring.

So our villain is defeated by him being a total…pussy.



Also, our baddie got stopped on the 1 hour and 12 minute mark of a 1 hour, 25 minute movie. What the hell are we gonna fill that time with?

So Emma leaves and things are fine. So what will we fill the time wit? Soccer! Yeah, that pointless part is now…even more pointless. You could end right there!

Max used as the team’s secret weapon, and Nicky goes insdie Max to make him kick ass. But Nicky is knocked out by accident, and Max is forced to do this on his own. And despite showing litterly no skill on his own, he helps them win.

Seriously, what was the point of this? To make him happy? Yeah, befriending his brother, stopping an evil dude, getting a girlfriend, and helping his friends, wasn’t good enough. You could have done all of this without the soccer crap.

Cammy talks to Max and we get our romantic moment. They walk away and Nicky and Tara let him go. Glad that…really minor plot point was resolved. Yeah, Tara had an issue with Max doing girl stuff but unlike the first movie, it didn’t amount to anything. Maybe they don’t want to imply she likes Max since…yeah.

Max and Cammy head to the courthouse and have do romanc-y things. They kiss and Max is happy. He heads home and everyone is proud of him cuz of the soccer thing. But there’s no time for that, as Max has a new computer they can use to research stuff on Nicky and Tara’s parents.

Oh my god, will it just end already? I’m all for stretching out the ending so it’s not abrupt, but you could have woven a lot of this stuff into the climax and ending instead of dumping it all in for no reason!

With the help of Emma, they get…a message from their parents.

“We cannot tell you how relived we are that you’re okay. Emma tells us that you’re looking for us, and there’s no doubt we’ll all be together soon. Never lose hope….We love you more than anything”

If Emma can contact them to get this message, can’t she figure out where they are?

Whatever. Roll credits! …No? You’re just gonna have a weird street dance party for no reason?

Okay, now roll credits! Good. …Oh, you’re gonna fill the credits with bloopers? That’s fine cuz I can skip it. The end!

….Wait, who was the Ghoulfriend?

Final Thoughts:

Despite my endless bitching, it was fine. It was a bit as Good as it was going to be, given it’s limitations. They put effort into it, and judging by the bloopers, they had fun. It’s not as good as the first one, but it works fine.

It did feel a bit more basic. As in, the parts that had hard in the first one were nerfed here. The acting wasn’t quite as good, the humor wasn’t quite as funny, and the characters weren’t quite as interesting.

The returning main characters worked fine, but Max didn’t have the snarky edge he had before, so he’s kind of bland. Tara is still okay but she’s not quite as likable, and Nicky is less dick-ish but less interesting as a result.

Their new actors do a good job, but the materiel could have been better. Colin gets some of the best parts, and his character actually kind of grows. The parents are just there, but Bob Duncan is always welcome in my book. Phears is just as awesome as ever. He’s not as hammy but he’s actually a better villain, for the most part.

Cammy is just sort of there…but I like her more than Ali Lohan since she’s a bit better in the romance scenes. Emma is the best new character so she gets amusing parts, and even some sweet scenes.

But then there’s the plot. It’s a bit more basic, and the stakes feel lower this time. It’s fine but near the end, it gets muddled. The plot seemed to change a lot but if the climax as stronger and wrapped up things nicely, I could forgive it.

But nope, we need a 10 minute epilogue that really gives us nothing. The romance stuff is nice but they could have put it near the climax, not here. It just exists to wrap up plot lines that could have been wrapped up much better.

But despite all that, the movie is decent. The humor is mostly funny, the plot includes some sweet moments, and I did like visiting these characters again. As as a sequel, it’s fine. It does rehash elements but it makes up for it with some interesting parts.

But like in the books, they don’t seem closer to their goal. They know that the parents are alive…and that’s it. That’s all we learn. That’s more than we learned in the books, but still!

Overall, If you ignore some elements, it’s a good movie. Not as enjoyable as the first one, but I still liked it. If you make a 3rd one, please give us more plot, make the characters stronger, and don’t dump everything in the last 10 minutes.

So yeah, it was good.

Grade: B

Next time…something special

See ya.

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Movie Review: Rainbow Rocks

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s that time again, isn’t it? It’s time to piss people off….or maybe not. I literally just talked about Ponies a few days ago, but I suppose twice in a row ain’t bad.

Last year, Hasbro took a franchise that was created to make money, and and used it to make money. People were pissed, because that way involved a film where Twilight visits a world where all the Humans were ponies. It was set in High School.

A lot of people were …skeptical to say the least, including me. But it came out…and the fandom was very split. A lot of people liked it, while a lot of people didn’t. I reviewed it, but if you don’t want to read it here’s the short version:

It was alright. Nothing amazing, but it was fun with decent moments, okay songs, and a cool climax. It could have been better, but it’s still decent. I see why some don’t like it, but I think it’s fine.

It made money so of course they made a sequel. Some were still skeptical but they were open to a Sequel, since it could fix the issues with the first one. It just came out….and everyone likes it!

Seriously! Every review I’ve seen from a “Professorial” Brony Critic has praised it, even one who HATED the first film! Do you know how impossible it is to get the fandom to like something with an out there concept?!

Yeah, no one is saying it’s the best pony thing ever, but most people like it. That’s impressive. But, how will I feel?

Will it manage to get used to it’s hands and rock out, or is it out of tune? Let’s find out!

This, is My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks


Twilight Sparkle has gone home to Equestria and is now the Princess of Friendship, while her friends in the human world have reunited and Sunset Shimmer is attempting to make amends for her evil ways despite the school hating her. However, a new threat enters the scene; three new students Adagio Dazzle, Aria Dusk, and Sonata Blaze. Using some sort of dark magic channeled by their singing, the trio spreads a Hate Plague across Canterlot High School, turning an friendly talent show into a Battle of the Bands. With the entire school under their control and the students turned against each other worse than ever, Sunset contacts Twilight in Equestria to ask for her help in defeating the trio and freeing CHS before whatever scheme they’re plotting comes to fruition.

So, how does the story compare to the first film? Well, they way they tackle the story is different, and one sounds like it should be worse…but it’s actually better. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I suppose I should get my feelings on the film outself out of the way. I feel that The Rugrats Movie is pretty good, despite some people’s issues with it, but I think Rugrats in Paris is better in every single way.

I feel the same way here. Yeah, weird comparison but I won’t be comparing Rainbow Rocks to Shrek 2 or Star Trek 2 anything soon. They pretty much fixed all my issues with the first one, while making the strong parts even stronger. It’s not without it’s flaws, but the flaws are less cringe inducing this time.

But onto the story. The first thing that impresses me if how they use the music element. At first, it seems like they should create a contrived story, with a poor excuse to shoehorn in a battle of the bands plot.

They actually wrote it so it all makes sense. These new villains feast on negative emotions, and use their music to control people. And due to some stuff I won’t get it into, music is the only way to stop them. I can’t say everything without stumbling over my words here, but they manage to make it work in the context of this story.

It seems contrived, but in context, it works. It’s not even as stupid as I thought it would. As for the story itself, it’s fine. The first movie didn’t use specific cliches, but did have an air of generic-ness to it, with the dance and all that.

This one uses more direct cliches, but it uses them in a more creative way so it doesn’t feel quite as generic. They do the whole ‘arguing band” thing, where the leader is all cocky, but the writing manages to make it work, mostly since this is Rainbow Dash we’re talking about here. It’s still cliché but it’s not horribly cliché like some other movies of it’s kind.

It also because of the themes used with 2 characters, but we’ll get into that later. Yes, it’s still not the best story ever, because it has a few minor moments that could have been handled better. Perhaps some of the cliches could have been toned a bit so to make the arguing easier to watch at times.

But honestly, the good stuff impresses me so much I can forgive the flaws. Yeah, it is mostly when you compare it to the first one, but it’s solid on it’s own. If you haven’t seen the first one, this may impressive you compared to what you thought it would be. But that’s still pretty good.

Another minor nitpick is that the story is a bit similar to the first one. The (Hu)mane 6 must stop arguing so they can go to a big event and use Deux Ex Machina powers to fight a villain. But it feels a bit different, and it’s written better, so I can forgive it.

Overall, the story has it’s generic elements, but it manages to use them in a creative way that improves on the first one. It doesn’t line up with the best stories of the show, but it’s still pretty good. The Grade for the Story will be lower than implied here, but that’s just cuz it’s not the best thing ever when put on it’s own.

But hey, it still works as a story, so I’m not complaining.


Yeah, the animation is better too. The animation in first was solid, but it’s obvious the animators had to get a hang at animating humans, especially with the slapstick-y parts. This time around, they tone down the extreme stuff.

Now the humans look a look better, and I got used to the designs. Also, since this isn’t enough for the Characters section, I’ll say we do see more Humanized Ponies this time around. But spoilers, No Cheese Sandwhich. Drat.

There are more show-y moments that show off the animation nicely. Especially whenever the villains pop out. Their scenes, especially their songs, show off some impressive shading and all that stuff.

The true highlight is the climax. No spoilers, but damn, it looks good. It’s not “Twilight Vs Tierk” good, as it’s not one of the best pieces of flash animation I’ve ever seen…but it’s still pretty damn good.

Not much else to say. While it won’t go down as the best animation ever, it’s still impressive and better than the first one. But then again, it kind of had to since they had more time to practice this thing. Still good, of course.


Of course the songs are better! But even put on their one, they are pretty solid. The songs in the first movie were fun, but only 2 come to mind, and of those 2 one could be called ‘Great”. This has 7 songs in the film proper (one of which can only be heard uninterpreted on the Soundtrack).

Pretty much all of them are memorable, and at least 3 them are AMAZING. Most of them won’t go down as the best pony songs ever, but those 3 could honestly be in the runners up on my upcoming song list remake. They are that good.

The main reason they are better, is that pretty much all of them are rock songs, rather than pop tunes. I like rock music, so there you go. The ones sung by the Humane 6 are solid with manage to be memorable. Not the best, but better.

So which ones are the greats? Well, you know how the best songs in a lot of musicals are the Villains songs? Yeah, that’s no different here. Holy crap, these villains get the best songs. “Under Our Spell”, “Lets have a battle of the bands” and “Welcome to the show” (the actual villain song part) are all really awesome. They have a very interesting sound, making them stand out, even among the main pony songs.

Even the Sub-Villain gets a really good song. I won’t spoil it though, even if follows of Equestria Daily may know where. Crap, I’ve said too much.

Awhile before I watched the movie, and the soundtrack was out, I picked a random song to feast on while I wait for the movie to came out. It was “Under Our Spell’ and I ended up listening to like 80 times before I saw the movie.

That’s not a joke. Here’s proof.

under out spell

Yeah. That’s why I’m listening to a different song as a type that. I got spent on that song. The villain songs are fun, unique, and show off the best visuals in the film. The normal are songs are good, but the villain songs are better.

Hence why the climax is awesome, as it uses a song that starts off as a villain song and goes into a full on battle. It’s amazing.

Overall, these songs manage to better than the first film’s songs, while still being good on their own. Looks like The Autobot’s aren’t the only Hasbro group to rock out…


Look, I know you’re tired of me saying __ is better than the first…but yeah, the characters are better. But in this area, in succeeds in the same area, while eliminating the weaknesses. The two main characters people bitched about? They fixed them, but we’ll get to that.

First, the show characters. The Humane 6 get a bit more time to shine this time. The plot lets them each have little moments to shine. I said in my review of the first one that they work fine as a group despite little development.

Well here they still shine as a group, but they developed more. The main one is Rainbow, as the title implies. She fulfills the cocky band leader cliché, but the sweet moments make up for it. The way the cliché plays out leads to some nice moments with the mane 6, both sweet and funny.

It’s not their development ever, but it works for the movie. Each of them have significant big moments, except maybe Pinkie but she’s Pinkie so she’s not wasted. Much like in the first on, Twilight gets the best development of the normal characters.

Like always, she’s trying not to let everyone down, but the situation is making it hard. She has a lot of nice moments that give her character even more depth, especially after she became the freaking princess of Friendship. It is a bit derivative of her development in other episodes, even in the first film, but it works on it’s own.

Actually, one other issue with the movie (and the first one) is that it does hit all the marks that the show’s two parters hit. The whole Mad Lib thing Silver Quill came up with came to my mind here, while it didn’t while watching Twilight’s Kindgom, even after his review. But the way they make it work is fine.

But seriously, when you think about, the plot as a whole is The Return of Harmony meets Luna Eclipsed. (We’ll get to that in a second).

So now onto the EQG exclusive characters. First. I’ll just address the Elephant in the room. I was not a fan of Flash Sentry in the first one, as he was just a romantic interest, and nothing more. In this one…he’s not in it that much.

There’s a minor thing with him hating on Twilight thanks to the Dazzlings magic, but his total screentime barely clocks in at 4 minutes. If that. Fans of him will get enough, (all 2 of them) whole others will be happy he doesn’t do much. Also, he spends pretty much most of the being a prick which is awesome. Though the fact that’s a tad obsessed with Twilight is ….creepy I mean, the Twilight he likes is not a human. She’s originally a pony, and is thus a pony at heart.

Yeah…think about that for second.

Anyway, let’s got into the character with the best development…Sunset Shimmer. Yeah, I’m not joking. She didn’t suck in the first film, but she wasn’t the best. But now she’s reformed and awesome.

She’s a good guy, but as you would expect, no one outside of the Humane 6 is really accepting her. She’s trying her hardest, but she can’t quite fit in. Yeah, that sounds a lot of like the plot of Luna Eclipsed (Adding to the Derivative thing I mentioned) but it still works because of the…quality of her character in the first one.

She has some really nice moments that work very well. These moments tend to be either sweet or badass, and that’s cool. One of the best involves her and Twilight talking about their problems. No spoilers, but it’s pretty awesome.

Her development, just works really well. Everyone has praised her, saying she was the best part…and yeah, she was. I grew to really like her by the end, which I didn’t expect. Next you’re gonna tell me Sombra will comeback and become a fully complex villain!

…Nothing? Usually when I say that I get faced with something showing me that while I said will happen. ..Huh, guess he’s just that dull. …Yes, I know he’s kind of in the comics….sort of. I think.

The other normal characters like Celestia are just there but they work. Spike doesn’t get as much to do, which sucks, but he’s still Spike so that’s cool. But seriously, even a background pony…er human gets more to do in the plot! …Shit, I’ve said too much.

And lastly, we have our villains, Adagio Dazzle, Aria Dusk, and Sonata Blaze, voiced by Kazumi Evans, Diana Kaarina, and Maryke Hendrikse. I should mention that they continue the trend of the head villain of an EQG movie being voiced by the singing voice of another character. (Kazumi sings as Rairty and Luna)

Are they an improvement over Sunset? Is Applejack a silly pony? Yep, even the villains are better. Their whole shtick is that they are using their weird siren powers to make everyone fight. Throughout the whole film, they are actually somewhat threatening and cool.

They plot a much bigger part in the plot than Sunset and that makes far more interesting. They also happen to very entertaining when they appear. Mostly because Sonata is kind of dumb, and Aria is a bitch to her, which leads to funny moments between the 3. It’s typical but it works.
They aren’t all that complex, but they are still surprisingly enjoyable. They have an interesting backstory, which I won’t say since it may be a spoiler, even if it’s stated about 20 something minutes in. But I will say I liked that found a way to cover up a potential plot hole.

It’s hard to explain, but these villains manage to be cool. Mostly due to having an insulting nature, with interesting animation and awesome songs. Everything about them is cool, and that’s even without comparing them to Sunset.

Overall, the characters as a strong bunch. The Mane 6 have fun interactions, Twilight gets decent development, Sunset is awesome, and the villains are fun. Now these are characters I can get behind.

Final Thoughts:

Once again, the writers have listened to fan complaints and took them into account. This sequel outdoes the original in mostly every way. The story uses cliches and an odd premise very creatively, with good humor. The animation is impressive, the songs range from Good to Awesome, and the characters are well written.

While some minor things were probably better in the first one, pretty much everything that mattered was better here. However, it does have more issues, mostly with the cliché stuff, if you ignore the first one and pretended this is the only one. But even on it’s own., it has creativity, solid songs, and very nice moments.

With the first one, Meghan and the crew managed to handle the concept well but they obliviously had trouble completely selling us on it. Here, they did it. They made me fully care about pastel humans. Obviously, it’s not as good as the show, but it’s kind of it’s own thing, so it’s unfair to fully compare. Besides, this one mostly has the same quality we come to expect.

The creators put hard work into the first one and it payed off, and it pays off even more here. It’s not the best thing ever, and if it was an episode, it may only crack Number 10 in a list of the best episodes of that season, but that’s still pretty good.

Overall, it’s a fun sequel that fixes the problems with the first one keeping everything that made it good in the first place. Pretty much every Brony should see this, if they are open to it.. If you aren’t a fan, because you haven’t gotten around to watching the show…watch a bit of that first, but still check it out.

It’s pretty good. Oh, and as a side note, stick to the end of the credits. No, we don’t have see the Humane 6 eating Shawarma…but it’s still VERY interesting indeed.. ..I’ll spoil it below.

Story: B

Animation: B+

Songs: B+

Characters: B+


See ya, Non Spoiler guys.


Okay, there are only 2 points to discuss, but they are interesting. First, the Dazzlings backstory. They come from Equestria, and they are actually Sirens. They were doing their siren thing, using music to corrupt people.

And so Starswirl the Bearded banished them to the Human World, hoping that would get rid of their powers, as they require Equestrian Magic to function. That went sour though, as their necklaces light up…due to the climax of the first film. Way to go, Celestia…or whoever I should blame.

The important is that Starswirl did it. First, he was introduced in Luna Eclipsed. Told you this was a mash up of that episode and another one! 2Nd, when I heard at the start that they were from Equestria, I wondered why they weren’t’ sent to Pony Hell like Tierk.

Well, it’s because Starswirl handled that, and I assume he doesn’t have that jurisdiction. That was a pretty smart move on their part. There a lot of theories as to why he handled that. Most say that this all happened while Luna was in the moon, and thus, Celestia is a bit too busy to do all this crap. Idk.

Another thing to praise about these villains is that they don’t turn good, even though it seemed lke they would go that way. Mostly because one of them isn’t all that evil. Since Sunset turning good was rushed, I’n glad they stayed evil to the bitter end.

Now for the 2nd important part. Now, back when I even heard of the first film’s premise, I wondered is there was a real Human Twilight/Dog Spike. After all, it doesn’t make sense that this world would just exists without a specific pony person. Keep in mind, the Dazzlings were banished here a bunch of moons ago, before Twilight was even born. Why would she just not exist in that world, along with Spike?

…In the stinger, we see a Human Twilight, with glasses, saying that something weird is going on at that school. Dog Spike barks.

Well, that’s interesting.

…See ya.

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Top 10 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 4 Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

As reviewer, it’s really hard not to piss people off by covering a certain subject too many times. It seems like every reviewer will get bashed for covering a subject too many times.

Thankfully, no one has bitched at many for talking about Adam Sandler or Phineas and Ferb too much. Even if I do.

My point is that -yeah the punchline is ponies. It’s no secret that some people are hated for talking about ponies if they don’t do it as their bread and butter. I mean, when a reviewer discusses ponies in any capacity, you’ll see at least one comment bitching about that “gay pony shit”.

Well, at least that’s the case for Youtube. You know they suck when even the series itself poked fun at Youtube Comments in Equestria Girls. My point is that if you dislike the series, than don’t watch any videos focused on it. If you are bitching about a reference in another video…well, you don’t bitch about a reference to any other overexposed show. What makes ponies different?

Now, why am I saying all this? Cuz this is like the 4th time I’ve talked about Ponies on here. There was that short list of best songs, the Equestria Girls general review, and of course, the Mare do well review. I still don’t hate it

This will not be the last time I discuss ponies on here. I have another list coming up for it, a remake of the song list, and I will be reviewing Rainbow Rocks when that comes out. So don’t bitch about me talking about it too much.

The odd thing is, I’m not exactly into it as much as some other shows. Yet I plan to discuss a lot in depth. Why is that? I don’t know. I don’t love it the way some others do, yet when I talk about it, I sound as into it as others.

It’s weird. But either way, the show is pretty solid for the great flash animation, likable characters, and solid writing. And today, we’ll be looking at the 4th Season. This past Season sure has been a blast with two story arcs, our first Rarity episode since Season 2, and one hell of a finale.

With the ….feedback from Season 3, you think everypony-…i mean everyone would hate this Season. But nope, it seem to be well liked. Hell, people like Mr Enter say it’s the best Season yet! Granted, the usual band of people hate it…as well as “professional” analyst (Not gonna name names…), but it mostly well received. And for good reasons. After Season 3, it was nice to get another 20 something episode Season, and like Season 2, it had a lot of variety. On top of that,. They did a good job dealing with Twilight’s princess…ness and Discord’s reformation but I’ll get to that in due time.

We had a ton of new writers, and the old writers were as good as ever. But which episodes from this past year were the best? Which had the best humor, the best writing, and the best stories?

Since it’s not like everyone else has agreed on the best episodes, I’ll be looking at the very best this season had to offer.

This, is the Top 10 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 4 Episodes

Why Top 10? Cuz shut up.

Just be warned, this is a boring list for all you pony fans. My top 10 is the same as Everyone else..with only two curve balls. And even those are in the top 10 of a reviewer that I may or may not have mentioned before.

Also, each section has SPOILERS!

HONARBLE MENTION: Princess Twilight Sparkle

Writer: Meghan McCarthy

I REALLY wanted to put this in the top 10. Hell, it probably deserves a few eps that made it in. But I also really wanted certain episodes on here, and I didn’t feel like sacrificing them for this one. I won’t go in depth on this one like I will the others, being the runner up at all.,

Yes, I could have just made this up a top 11….but I didn’t have a lot to say about this one, so I took it out.

This was a pretty excellent Season opener. I’m not sure if it’s as good as The Return of Harmony, but it’s at least on par. It picks up not too long after Magical Mystery Cure, as Twilight is getting used to her new status.

Then Ponyville is attacked by evil plants and the other Princesses vanish. Adventure ensues. This Season opener was interesting, as it was the first one not to have a real villain. The conflict comes up through magic stuff and not an actual being. Though the plants do have as much as personality as Sombra.

(NOTE: I like Sombra but the joke was too easy)

It was nice to have an Adventure without a villain and it worked very well. It also addressed all of our concerns from Season 3. They address Twilight’s new role and how it affects her life and they address Discord’s role as a good guy. Like everyone else, I felt that “Keep Calm and Flutter on” (Worst title ever, or best title ever?) was kind of rushed when it comes to Discord’s whole deal.

But here, they are sure to tell us that he’s still the same Discord, and he’s well written here. On top of that, we get to see the moment where Luna became Nightmare Moon and it’s really awesome.

There’s some solid World Building, as we find out about the “Tree of Harmony” and where the Elements came from. There’ also good comedy and all the usual things two parters give us. Like all the two parters, we get a big scale adventure where everything is done well.

Then there’s the cliffhanger. Remember how I said there were two Story arcs? This is the big one. At the end, the tree of Harmony sprouts a flower containing a chest with six keyholes. We don’t find out where the keys are or what is in the box…..but we figure it out as the Season goes along.

See, each of the Mane Six have an episode to themselves as their Element is tested. At the end of their episode, they get an object that glows. Fans suspected that that object was a key that would open the box. Yes, there is a reason that random objects open the box.

The fans were right. I have to say, that this was a very well done arc. A great way to show off each characters strength and unlike the other arc, it didn’t piss off anyone with the conclusion!

As for the key episodes themselves….Only two are on the list, but others were good. Well, except for Rainbow Falls but I still kind of liked that one, if only for Bulk Biceps.


There isn’t too much else to say here. While I feel this is better than Crystal Empire (which is still awesome) and the pilot, those give me more to discuss. For some reason, the contents of this ep keep slipping my mind, and I watched this recently for this very list!

It must be memory, but since I remember more of the weaker eps, this is odd. But hey, I still remember how good it is, so that’s a plus. Like every two parters, it’s epic and reminds me of why I enjoy this series.

It’s quite good.

Are there any other runners up? Well, two others almost made it on the list. “Filli Vanilli” for the amazing title, and mature handling of the ending with how Fluttershy doesn’t quite get over her stage Fright. But it also had….Pinkie Pie. Yeah, everyone bitches about her actions (I won’t spoil it cuz I don’t feel like talking about it here) and I sort of agree. She was still…kind of funny and she didn’t hurt the episode, but the fact that she never feels remorse for what she says, really brings it down.

The other is “Bats” for the amazing song, and how both sides are valid. Also, Merriwether Williams wrote a critically praised episode for once, it’s one of the better Applejack episodes, and FLUTTERBAT. Why isn’t it on the list? I don’t know.

It deserves it more than a certain entry we’ll get to, yet I don’t have the….enthusiasm for it that I I have for the ones on the list. I don’t know. It’s still great though, so there you go.

Now for the actual list.

10. Daring Don’t

Writer: Dave Polsky

Now for the first curve ball! This is one of those really divisive episodes. And in a show where every episode seems to be divisive, that’s saying something. You either love it (Mr Enter) or hate it (Every other analyst),

I’m on Enter’s side, if you can’t tell.

Rainbow Dash is eagerly awaiting the release of the next Daring Doo book. But when it’s delayed two by two months, she and the others head to the author, AK Yearling’s (GETIT) house to find out what the hold up.

When they get there, they find out that …AK Yearling IS Daring Do, and she’s trying to stop her nemesis, au-…auti…George, from doing evil stuff.

How much you like this episode will depend on how you much to can buy Daring Do being real. If you can buy it, you like the episode. If you can’t, you won’t. For me, it doesn’t matter if I can buy it. It just depends on how good the story is.

The story is good.

Now, can I buy it? Eh, sure. After all the shows and movies I’ve seen, I can buy anything as long as it’s entertaining. There was no evidence that Daring Do ISN’T real, so I can buy that she’s really. Really, my issue was that they didn’t really explain very well. They find out AK is Daring and…that’s it. They don’t ask questions and they move on to RD fangirling over Daring.

The explanations I’ve heard make sense: Daring pretends to be AK and writes about Daring to keep her exploits a secret and make everything she’s fake. Also, extra money.

But I would like these explanations to be in the actual episode. They just kind of force us to accept it. Maybe if they explained it better, this epi8sode wouldn’t be divisive. But that’s honestly a nitpick for me, since everything else is awesome.

For one, it shows how good the continuity in this show is. It all started in “Read it and Weep” where Rainbow gets into reading through Daring do, and learns that reading is magic. Since then, Daring do has been subtly reference every once in awhile.

And now we have an entire episode about her obsession. It’s cool. Daring do is essentially Indiana Jones as a pony, and that’s why the DD segments in RIAW were the best parts. As a casual IJ fan, I really dug that aspect of this episode.

We get some action set pieces, and it’s a lot of fun. Granted, some bits are convoluted but that’s part of the fun. George isn’t the best villain but much like Mane-iac in Power Ponies, he’s not meant to be a real villain in the way that Discord or Tierk is. (Well, was, in Discord’s case).

Also, this line:

“Now, Ahuizotl, you know I love you, but I can’t give you the ring ’til I’ve properly proposed. “


But most of all, I actually like the lesson. Being a big fan of Daring, she puts her on such a high pedestal, that she doesn’t see her own worth anymore.

“I got so wrapped up in how awesome she was, I almost forgot about how awesome I was. “

That is a surprisingly solid message. As a fan of people, I can certainly relate to it. It’s a nice thingy for Dashy to learn, and on top of that, Daring learns that something to have to let someone help oyu sometimes.

Granted the “TEAMWORK IZ KEY” thing has been done, but it’s a nice add on to the main message. Without it, I wouldn’t like this episode as much as I do. Sure, the adventure stuff is fun but it’s not quite enough to make for a great FiM episode.

Thankfully, they put in a message that actually fits with the story. It’s nice and it works. I also like the conversations between RD and Twilight, as they are both fans of Darting, which means it’s full of nerdy talk.

Though it does make think me think Dave Polsky has been on a few message boards. It’s uncanny. Anyway…what else can I say?

We have a fun adventure story with cool action and a solid villain, Rd fangirling, and a great message. What else is there to discuss? I think the reason I’m not going in depth, is cuz I’m going deep into the plot, like I do in my Haunting hour blogs and even that P&F Season 3 list. I’m not going over George’s plan or anything, cuz it’s not really important.

It feels weird. Ah well, I think I explained why I like this episode so much. If you want a more detailed response to the critics against this episode, check out Mr enter’s video on it. Man, for someone I have issues with it, I sure do mention him a lot. Well, he is pretty cool for the most part.

Overall, this was fun episode with a sweet message. Sure, they didn’t explain things well, but it doesn’t matter since this episode is awesome. And really, that’s all I need to say.

Daring Don’t…..insert pun here.

9. Testing Testing, 1, 2 3.

Writer: Amy Keating Rogers

Here’s an episode that wins the award for most relatable episode ever. What do I mean? Well…

Twilight worries that Rainbow Dash is underprepared for a test on the history of the Wonderbolts as part of her entrance exam to join the Wonderbolts Reserves. She tries to tutor Rainbow using standard academic methods, but Rainbow proves too bored and restless to pay any attention. Their friends offer to help Rainbow study through other unique means, only for Rainbow to become overwhelmed by their clashing methods and arguing on whose method is best.

Have you ever had any trouble studying thanks to the broken school system which forces you to use Twilight’s way? Well, here you go. Amy Keating Rogers said this is her favorite episode she has written, and that’s a big part of why.

While RD is a tad bit Flanderized for the plot to work, it’s fun cuz the plot is so good. I’ve had trouble studying (Though not to this extent) in the past, so I’m one of the many people who can relate to this episode.

Most of it it features fun character interactions, and it works pretty well. RD, while a bit too dumb at some points, has some funny lines during the first “act”. At one point, she goes through every “Impatient kid in class” line in the book, and it’s awesome.

Then there’s. the methods the others try. Fluttershy ,being a visual learner, tries out a play on the history of the Wonderbolts. Rarity is also a visual learner, and she tries out clothes based on old Wonderbolts fashion. Applejack, being….Applejack learns through experience. And Pinkie….learns through-

“Musical intervention!”

…Yeah. More specifically,, she uses a rap. ….Yes, really. There’s a rap in My little Pony. And it’s AWESOME. Yes, really. Mostly because the song itself is a spot on parody of 80’s rap videos, instead of just being a typical lazy rap.

Which method is closer to mine? Pinkie’s.

Anyway, the various methods are pretty cool and we get some amusing bits from RD during all this. I don’t know what I can say about this episode before we get to the ending. It’s just an amusing episode with cool character interactions.

Anyway, since she fails to grasp all of these methods, Dashy just wants to give up. While on a flight with Twilight, the others figure out what RD’s method of studying is. See, Dashy says that while she’s flying, she has super sight or something, which means she keeps a really good eye on what is below her and memorizes all of what she says, even while she’s talking to Twilight.

As you would guess, Twilight has the other ponies in Ponyville help do History of Wonderbolts around town during her next flight, so RD ends up remembering it all. So she aces the test, and it’s a happy ending. The End.

As you can tell, the reason this episode works is the moral. As I said before, The public school is rather…broken, forcing you to use Twilight’s method of studying, and if you fail, you must be some kind of idiot.

This episode says “Screw it” and tells us that everyone has a different method of learning. And that lesson is pulled off very well. A lot of people related to the episode for that reason, and I can see why. It’s the show at it’s best.

See Lizzie McGuire, that’s how you do that moral. Seriously, even HANNAH MONTANNA got it right!

….This is a good episode. And in this test, that gets a …B+. Hey, an A is a truly great episode.

Not much else to say except it’s a good episode with a good moral. Let’s move on.

8. Pinkie Apple Pie

Writer: Natasha Levinger

We had a ton of new writers did this Season. Most of them were fine, with the ones with the strongest starts, not being that amazing afterward. Natasha is no different, as she penned the Breezies episode after this. But she’s one of the stronger new writers of the Season.

This was a good debut. Not the best new writer debut (we’ll to that one later) but it’s still good.

Through the power of some thing I won’t get into, Pinkie finds out that she’s releated to Applejack. She’s very happy to be part of a family, but Applejack isn’t sure how true this is. So they head off on a road trip to visit an family member they know that is an expert on this kind of thing.

People were mixed on Pinkie in this season. I for one thought she was perfectly fine for most of it. Her actions in the premiere, Castle-Mania and Three’s a Crowd were freaking hilarious. I don’t see why people had issue with her in those.

Then there’s Fily Vanili but I already mentioned that. Either, those people were still happy with her solo episodes, this being a prime example. Okay, this is actually a Pinkie/Applejack ep, but you get my point.

I actually like this one for Applejack more than Pinkie. Pinkie is certainly awesome in this, but she mostly takes a backseat to the Apple family. Applejack wants Pinkie to feel at home with the family, so she they all pretend to be nice to each other, even they get pissed.

And with Big Mac over packing their mode of transportation, Applebloom losing the map, and Granny’s poor navigation skills, that ends up being hard. It’s a lot of fun to see all this go on, as things get worse and worse as the trip goes on.

I especially love this bit when Applebloom thinks she has the map:\

“To the M-A- to the, that’s right, P,I’m Apple-”

….If you get that joke, then you were as happy/shocked as I was, seeing that.

I also like how they play with Big Mac’s …limited vocabulary. Eeyup. Pinkie is mostly a bystander in all this, but she’s pretty amusing when gets some time to shine, For the most part, this is just a fun episode without much to analyze. That is until the message, and ending.

At the end, with the help of Pinkie, Applejack learns that being a good family isn’t about being perfect and never arguing. It’s about getting through the hard times, and looking past each other flaws. They didn’t need to put on a nice act for Pinkie, cuz their need to be nice lead to Granny taking them through

“Bein’ a good family isn’t about bein’ perfect as much as it about bein’ able to get through the patches together. About bein’ able to forgive each other for mistakes”

Once this again, this is a great message. There are plenty of shows that have nice family moment, but usually they favor the fighting because Comedy. While this does end with them arguing a bit, it’s still funny and the message is excellent.

It’s refreshing and sweet to see, and it’s a nice message to cap off the episode. This is another simple episode where you can’t say that much.

It’s a fun little adventure has good comedy and a solid message. But there is a bit more to say about the whole Pinke/Applejack thing. At the end, they never find out if they are related or not. It’s left ambiguous.

That sounds bad, but it’s done well. Saying “No” would be too obvious, and “Yes” would open too many questions. And that’s not really the point. Pinkie is accepted into the family anyway, for being so awesome. In the end, it doesn’t matter cuz either way, she’s an Apple to the core.

…Oh yeah, there’s also an awesome song called Apples to the Core.

The ending was well done, and I really like the Apple family in general. This episode was a good showcase for them, with a solid story, a good song, a good message, and a well handled ambiguous ending.

There’s also the issue of Pinkie. She knows so much about how families are supposed to operate, yet she doesn’t talk about her family all that much. Some people say something happened in her back story that is…rather interesting. And the episode coming up doesn’t address that. I personally think she had a bad experience with the family, and when she learned how a family should be, she got obsessed with it to avoid that happening ever again.

Just my two bits.

So yeah, this episode has a lot offer. It has a good story, a good song, good character writing, and of course, a good message.

That’s really I can ask for. I don’t like Apples but I do like Apples! ….As in, I like the famly, not the fruit.

…Pinkie Apple Pie is a good episode…with a great title.

7. Rarity Takes Manehattan

Writer: Dave Polsky

There seems to be a belief that the 7th episode of each Season is cursed. :Let’s see how true that is.

SEASON 1: Look before you sleep. It has a mixed reception, with some liking it (me) and others (Enter) hating it. It’s nothing great but it’s fun and okay.

SEASON 3: Apple Family Reunion., The reaction was mostly “Meh”, so it’s a step up. It was okay. Nothing wrong with it. Also, the song is great.

SEASON 2: The Mysterious Mare do Well. …Okay, maybe there is truth to this.

There’s another trend: Rarity episode are always good. She hasn’t had a bad solo episode yet. So they decided to make a Rarity ep8isode the 7th episode to see if they could break the “curse”.

They did, as this was a beloved episode. And it’s more than deserving of aapot on this list.

Rarity and the gang head to Manehattan so Rarity can enter her Designs in Fashion thingy #4554. She lets let this one chick borrow a bit of out her line, and she ends up stealing it as her own. So now Rarity must have her friends make a new line, even if it means they can’t do the fun stuff they wanted to do.

First off, I must mention the best line in the whole series, which comes RIGHT before Rairty start a a song. Applejack says Dashy doesn’t like musical.

“I know. Ponies just bursting into song at random places at the drop of a hat. Who does that?”


With that out of the way, let’s go over the episode. Dave Polsky was pretty interesting this season. Before now, he was known as a Comedy write. He was good with Comedy, and not so good with everyone else. I thought the stories in his episodes were okay enough (Except for one episode, but that’s a topic for another day). But there’s no doubt that he was better at Comedy.

Until now. For whatever reason, all of his episodes in Season 4 were focused on Story rather than humor. Even Daring Don’t had more of an Adventure feel. This, and some other eps further down the list, had great stories, and they didn’t focus too much on Comedy.

I have no idea what happened to him, but I’m glad he’s switching things up. And this was a good one for him. This one was odd for me.

This usually isn’t the kind of episode I don’t crazy for on my first viewing. Usually praised episodes such as this, take a few viewings to do a lot for me. But for some reason, I really liked this one when I first saw it.

In the first half, I was just liking it, but in the 2nd half I got really into it, like everyone else did. I mostly like the direction it goes in. You think it would be about Rarity trying to get back at Suri (I think that was the name) for taking her designs.

But nope, it’s more about her trying to make her friends create new dresses. She works her friends a bit too much, and forces them to miss out on this musical they wanted to see. So it ends up being a story about not letting people take advantage of your generosity, and not taking advantage of your friends and all that.

I certainly didn’t expect that from how the plot it set up, but it works. It’s hard ot really sum up here, but it’s a sort of nice Rarity story. Most of her episodes are about her being very un- generous. Which makes sense, as she needs to show off he flaws to be a well rounded character. But seeing as the others regularly show off their element to begin with, its nice to see her be generous to start with.

I’ve heard people complain about the fact that Rarity is randomly generous here, when she usually isn’t. It doesn’t help that she has a whole song about it.

But here’s the thing. The song starts with this line:

“Oh Manehattan, what you do to me”

Her love for Manehattan is bringing out her generous side. It’s kind of obvious. Plus ,did you consider that maybe this is the result of her development? Now she’s learned to be generous to start with. That is also kind of obvious.

Anyway, it’s nice to see her learn a lesson that doesn’t boil down to “Be Generous” or something. The two main things that Rarity sort of learns were done very well, and they hit many emotional chords.

Eventually, the others make Rarity’s dresses and she presents them at the thing. However, they don’t show up, making Rairty think they ditched her due to what she did. Spoilers, they just woke up late or something.

But given what she put them through, you see why she thinks this. This leads to a really depressing reprise of the song, which is depressing. It’s a really cool emotional moment. Did I mentioned that Rairty lost the fashion week thingy?

Yeah, that’s part of the emotional thing too. Also, Rairty doesn’t thank her frienda for their help. Wow, this ep more to it than I remember. Using the MLP wiki for Research is really helpful sometimes!

Anyway, this is all done very well. This is all started out because Rarity just gave away her fabric willy nily, and someone took advantage of her generosity. So yeah, it’s a nice moral that gives us development for Rairty.

“I learned that while there are ponies who will take advantage of your generosity, you should never ever let that cause you to abandon your generous spirit. Nothing feels worse than taking advantage of the giving nature of your friends.

But wait, I have to mention Coco Pomel. Rairty actually leaves before she can find out if she won or not, and Suri tells the other manes that Rarity loss. She doesn’t care because friendship. Suri lied cuz if Rarity doesn’t claim her trophy, it counts as a forfeit, and boom Suri wins.

Huh, she’s one of the smarter villains on the show and she wasn’t even that much of a villain.

Coco went with the ruse until she the generosity shown between Rairty and her friends. So she quite her job and she’s off to do other stuff. Also, she gives Rarity a spool of thread and yes, this is the first Key episode.

The point of the key episodes, is I said before, is too show how each pony learned more about their element, and used it to help another pony find the way. Like how Fluttershy learned that being stern is part of being nice in the Breezy episode. I mention that one cuz it’s not on the list.

(But I did like it, even though people dislike it ala Daring don’t).

It’s a complex, and interesting idea and this episode did it it the best, at least on a critical level Even if another certain key ep was better. No guesses as to what it is.

Anyway, the thing with Coco adds more cool stuff to this episode. She’s become a somewhat popular character (Though in a fandom where a background pony can become popular, I wouldn’t take this seriously) and I see why. She isn’t the most interesting character, but she’s adorable and serves the story well.

Before I wrap this, I’ll say that the song is pretty good. Not one of my favorites, but it’s pretty catchy and I like it. Not much else to say there.

As a whole this episode works pretty well. They pack in a lot of things to help make this an interesting Rarity episode that goes into her character very well. Whenever I see a good Rarity episode, I am reminded of how good a character she is. Admit, it took you awhile to warm up to her when you started the series.

If the writers failed, she could have sucked but thanks to episodes like this, she’s kind of awesome. There are a lot of cool elements to this one, and it even has good world building, since it shows off Manehattan and all.

It’s easy to see why this was a popular one. It’s well written, it gives us a good message, and it uses the key arc to great effect. It also cemented Dave Polsky one of my favorite FiM writers.

Also, I should bring up one thing that was a big deal at the time. In one scene, Twilight tries to hail a cab and fails. Since she’s a freaking princess, people were confused by this. Actually, throughout the Season, (until “Twilight Time”), people were bitching about the fact that Twilight’s role as a princesses didn’t change much,.

Let me get this straight: People were hating on Twialicorn cuz they thought it would change everything about her. Then people bitch bitch about her not being changed by this.

….I don’t get it.

Anyway, I think this not only makes sense, but it also sends an okay message to kids. For one, this is the pony version of New york we’re talking about. Of course everyone’s gonna be an asshole, regardless of your status.

2nd, this arguably teaches kids that sometimes you can’t get what you want, even if you are a freaking princess. Maybe I’m reaching, but there you go. Either way, it’s no big. And trust me, we’ll discuss this topic later.

Anyway, there isn’t too much else to say. It’s a very good episode with a well written story, a nice message, and wonderful development for Rarity.

It’s pretty good, but it would have been better if Rarity found out that the Muppets and Jason beat her to taking Manhattan. ….Come on, I had to make that joke!

….Good episode, let’s move on.

6. Equestria Games

Writer: Dave Polsky

Oh hey, another choice that will get me crucified. I suppose now is a good time to discuss the Equestria Games arc. It…was not that good. Mostly because they shot themselves in the foot with Rainbow Falls.

See, they built up the Equstria Games thing since “Games Ponies Play” which was a decent episode, by the way. (Also by Dave Polsky, oddly enough). In Season 4, more episodes came along to hype up the games.

A lot of people were looking forward to the big Equestria Games episode. But as it turns out…it’s a Spike episode. Let me explain.

Spike is chosen as the torch lighter for the Equestria Games in recognition of his role in saving the Crystal Empire. But At the opening ceremony, Spike succumbs to performance anxiety and is unable to ignite his fire breath.

As some of you may know by now, people were…not happy to see that this was a Spike episode. People expected it to be about the games, cuz it;s in the title. So an episode focused on Spke was shocking to see.

Some people still liked it, while others hated it. Before I explain why I like, I’ll defend it a bit. Now, Rainbow Falls is why this episode had to be the way it is.

That episode had Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps trying out to represent Ponyville in the Ariel relay in the games. That episode hand waved the fact that those 2 had to be there, by saying ponies can only be in one event, and all the other pegasi picked a different event for some reason.

That lead to a lot of issues with the episode, the biggest one being the …choices for the event, among other things. While that episode is flawed, I don’t find it really awful, and it has some saving graces. Like Bulk Biceps.


But everyone hated the episode anyway. Mr Enter feared that this episode wold suck as ghat one dropped the ball. Thus, this one would either reinforce the one’s issues, or rehash stuff from other episodes.

The writers must have realized this, and thus they made it a Spike episode, focusing on the pressure he feels at the games, as the Crystal Empire kind of worships him. This was pretty much the only way to go, as making it about the games would open up problems.

Now, if Rainbow Falls either didn’t exist, or had no issues, it would be about the games. But no, it did suck (for some) and this was the only way to go. Sorry guys, but it was the only option they had.

Would you rather have an episode about the games that had the issues you bitched about before, or an episode using it a backdrop that has a good story? …The former? Ugh, I hate the fandom sometimes.

But whatever, let’s ignore that. Spike episodes have a repuatation for being…not good. I like all of them, but I will admit they tend to be rather average. Not to mention that Spike is rarely treated with dingity.

The previous episode, Inspiration Manifestation, happened to be a Spike episode (the best up to that point, no less), which didn’t help matters. So yeah, two episodes written by Cory Powell doomed this episode. Yay.

Anyway, this episode is a pretty good one. It’s very simple in terms of plot, but it doesn’t matter because it has a great moral. When Spike fails to light the torch, Twilight does it for him using magic.

So thus, he thinks he can light things on fire with his mind. Because ponies. This leads to good Comedy, but eventually he learns the truth. It makes that bit pointless but at least it’s funny.

Most of the episode has antics with episode, most notably him having to sing the Cloudsale Anthem…even though he doesn’t know it. So he improvises. It’s hilarious. And yes, the actual VA made it up just like Spike did. The stunned reaction makes it even funnier. Also..

PINKIE: Nailed it!


In the climax, an accident happens and this big ice thing descends on the stadium. The Unicorns can’t help because thing thingy took their magic so they wouldn’t help the competitors cheat and stuff. Spike sees this and uses his fire breathe to melt the ice, saving the day.

Yeah, Spike is awesome. But he doesn’t think so, as he feels no real pride.

“I just saw what needed to be done and reacted. Just so happens I can breathe fire and… if any of you could do that, you’d have done the same. “

Yeah, even after that, Spike isn’t over his problems. Thankfully, Twilight gives him a speech and Spike lights fireworks at the closing ceremony, while giving us our moral:

“You know, it’s kinda weird. No matter how many times others tell you you’re great, all the praise in the world means nothing if you don’t feel it inside. Sometimes to feel good about yourself, you gotta let go of the past. That way, when the time comes to let your greatness fly, you’ll be able to light up the whole sky. “

Yeah….that’s kind of one of the best morals the show has ever taught. The people that loved this episode say they needed it badly, and I see why. In most shows, they just get over their problems, or they just “suck it up”, roll credits.

But this episode tells us that no matter how much people praise you, it doesn’t really matter unless YOU like you. That’s actually a very good message, that you don’t see often.

And honestly, I’m glad Spike learned that lesson, as it gave the character even more depth. A lot of people ignored that cuz OMG WE DON’T THE GAMES WORST EPISODE EVER.

Yeah, no. This is not an example of a dissapoint,g o bad epoisode. Call me when a character drives another to suicide, a dog gives a baby herpes, or our heroes do gross thing to get someone to barf.

All of those are real episodes of real shows.

I understand some may not like that it doesn’t focus on the games, but just take in what is there. As I said, this is the only way they could write the episode so it doesn’t suck. Personally, I prefer this over what we could have gotten.

Spike is treated with dignity, he goes through good development, and of course, he learns a great moral. Besides, the games are important to the plot, so the title doesn’t lie.

So yeah, this was a really good episode. I’m not sure it deserve to be placed above Rarity Takes Manehatten, but this is my list, and I liked how it treated Spike. So there.

Overall, it’s a good episode for Spike with a moral we can relate that. That’s a pretty good thing to me.

5. Maud Pie

Writer: Noel Benvenuti

Pinkie Pie is eager for her friends to meet her visiting older sister Maud, whom she says has much in common with each of them. When Maud arrives, however, Pinkie’s friends find her to be a dull pony with an unusual interest in rocks, and fail to find any common interest with her despite their best efforts.

This episode was somewhat of a sleeper hit with the fans. Suddenly, everyone was calling it one of the best Season. And yes, it is. Why is so popular? The titular Maud. Man, was she popular.

Why was she popular? Well, you see, Her dull nature means she gives the show a chance to try out dry humor. Something you don’t really expect in this show.

“What is that delightful frock you’re wearing now saying?”

“It doesn’t talk. It’s a dress”

That’s funny on it’s own, but imagine it being said in the driest voice possible. Also, there’s no music when she speaks. All of this creates a very funny and popular character. This may very well be the funniest episode of the Season.

Everything Maud says is funny, and it’s made even funnier by the voice acting. Both her dry nature and rock obsession make for good Comedy. She even has a pet named Boulder. But it’s not a boulder.

SPONGEBOB: It’s a rock!


By the way, Maud puts a sandwich next to Boulder, and the next time we cut to them, the Sandwhich is gone.


There are a lot of funny pats outside of that, as she bugs the others with her Rock obsessed. As a said before, they don’t see to eye and this leads to a lot of funny moments. My favorite is when Rainbow is talking about Maud:

“That pony is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an igneous.
Don’t you mean “inside an enigma”?
“Nope. I mean igneous. It’s a kind of rock.”

….I’ll save the obvious joke for later.

Anyway, is there more to this episode than humor? Oh yes. If it weren’t for the sweet moments, this would be lower on the list. You would think the conflict would be about Pinkie accepting her sister’s lifestyle.

…That came out wrong. Anyway, that’s not it. Infact, Pinkie is pretty okay it. She’s pretty much oblivious to the fact that they are complete opposites. They never have conflict have each other. That’s pretty impressive, really. They actually have a ….rock solid relationship.


I deserved that.

This show seems to get sibling stuff down perfectly. Well, except Somepony to watch over me but I digress. For the most part, the sibling stuff in the show has been realistic. Well, as realistic as you can get with magical pastel ponies.

This is a good example of that. On the Maud side, we see that she really does love Pinkie despite their differences. At one point, Maud uses super hum-er pony strength to save Pinkie from this obstacle course thing. Don’t ask.

Maud is awesome in more way than one it seems. I can’t stress how well written their relationship is in this episode. Pinkie really wants the others to bond with Maud, but it is just isn’t going to happen.

Okay, so they find something they all agree on, and they bond, right? Actually, no. By the end of the episode, the rest of the Mane 6, and Maud, don’t 100 percent see eye to eye on everything. However, they do learn that it doesn’t really matter, as they have one thing in cmoon:

They love Pinkie Pie. And that’s good enough.

While that is still cliché (learning to accept each others difference), this did episode did throw me for a loop in some small parts. But wait, I was talking about Maud herself. Time to spoil the episode to make a point!

See, Pinkie has been making Rock candy Necklaces the whole episode, and she’s been making for Maud for awhile. At the end, it turns out Maud hasn’t eaten any of them.

“I don’t really like candy. But I do love Pinkie Pie.”


Pretty much everything about Maud herself works. She’s funny and she gives us 2 important orals.

1. Two people who are completely different can get along but..

2. Sometimes two people just won’t be able to connect because they’re worlds apart, no matter how much they want to, but sharing a common friend can be enough to be friends.

Both of these are important lessons, and they are pulled off very well. I don’t think anyone expected this episode to be so dry, but I don’t think anyone expected it be so sweet with such a good lesson.

And by coating in some great humor, it makes it easier to watch than the more dramatic episode. It’s easy to see why people loved this episode so much.

Pinkie is her usual admirable self, the humor is hilarious, and the lead pony is awesome, giving us some great morals.

It’s just another episode that shows that this series can do things no one expected. It can also dabble in different types of humor, and I respect shows that can change things up.

This episode had a lot to offer, and I bought all of it. It’s pretty good, is what I’m saying. All in all, Maud Pie….rocks.

I’m so sorry.

4. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils

Writer: Dave Polsky

Sweetie Belle is best CMC. I’m just gonna throw that one out there. While Scootlaoo almost gave her a run for her money, Sweetie Belle is my favorite. Mostly because of the relationship between her and Rarity as shown in Sisterhooves Social, and now this.

Sweetie Belle asks Rarity to help with her costumes for a stage play she put together herself. After the play, Sweetie Belle finds that Rarity’s dresses garnered more praise than the play itself, and accuses Rarity of upstaging her on purpose. Angry, The night before Rarity is to deliver outfits to singer Sapphire Shores in Canterlot, Sweetie Belle spitefully sabotages one of the pieces. …Stuff ensues.

I’ll hopefully get into this another time, but I really like the way Sweetie and Rarity relationship is written. It’s shockingly realistic with a lot of aspects to it. Sister hooves Social looked at Rairty’s side, with her at fault. This time, it’s Sweetie at fault.

Rairty’s dresses upstage her…rather lackluster play, and she’s not happy. Yeah, Sweetie, I love you but you are not an actor, writer or director. Sorry. She admits this at the end, by the way.

A lot of people with an older sibling have felt this sometime in their life. When they feel they are overshadowed by their older sibling. I don’t feel this that often as the stuff my brother does isn’t all that interesting to me. So, I guess I didn’t’ need to learn the lesson ,unless I feel that deep inside and I’m not admitting it. …Nah, I mean what I’m saying.

While Sweetie sabotaging the dresses is a bit sudden, it’s understandable. See, this how you make a character do something bad to learn a lesson. You make their actions understandable, and you make them actually likable. And if you must them flat out jerks, make sure they learn their lesson instead of ruining it with a dumb joke.

…I’m still bitter about No Rhyme or Treason.

The point is, Sweetie is well written in this episode. By the way, I don’t know hwy, but I love this line, where Sweeite asks a guy what his fave part of her play was:

“…i like those lines you said!”

I’m gonna use that someday. Anyway, after doing the dirty deed, Sweetie has a bad dream. Then she is visited in her dreams by Princess Luna. Yep, Luna’s whole Dream thing is back . It’s a bit confusing, but it was used to great effect in Sleepless in Ponyville and that’s still true here.

By the way, Luna says she symaphethisez with Sweetie because her own sister, Celestia upstages her as well …Yeah, they don’t go into it…but that’s interesting. Mostly cuz, as you know, Luna kept her feelings bottled up and kind of turned evil or something.

Luna takes Sweetie Belle to the past to give us a flashback. During Sweetie’s 5th Birthday party, her awesome-ish dress got upstaged by Rarity’s as the kids liked Rarity’s party favors more than Sweetie. Yeah, that’s part of why Sweetie got so mad at Rarity. She’s always been upstaging her.

But then Luna shows her the truth. Sweetie was taking so long that the guests got bored, and wanted to leave. To make sure they stayed, Rarity pulled out the party favors. The rest is history. Yep, Rairty wasn’t upstaging her all along, and the whole was kind of Sweetie’s fault.

Whoops. She is taken to the present, (well, earlier that day, actually) as she sees that Rarity was genuinely working hard on those dresses. I should mention that she had to skip out on the play because she stayed up all night working on both Sweetie’s dresses, and the stuff for Saphire Shores.

So yeah, in this case, Rarity is working hard to please Sweetie, and she’s being kind of a bitch in return. I kind of like the angle, and Sweetie’s further development was well handled. And then Luna shows Sweetie what will happen if Sweetie doesn’t fix her mess with the whole sabotaging thing.

The scene we get then is …pretty damn awesome. Rarity is embarrassed, and she goes insane, checking and re-checking the dress to see where things wrong. She becomes a laughing stock and she refuses to make dresses for anypony.

…Yeah, it’s scary, depressing, and awesome. It’s a really cool, and somewhat scary scene, showing how bad that thing Sweetie did was. It gives her a wake up call (literally) and she goes to fix things. You can fill in the rest of the plot.

Though I do wonder how exactly Luna has the power to show past events she was not present for. I know it’s a dream, but does that mean she time travel? …Yeah, I small the fanfics from here.

This episode does a really good job with it’s message and stuff. It basically shows that if you’re sibling is upstaging you, you should, you know, talk about it. Or make sure it’s not all in your head.

Also, sometimes one can get so emotionally invested in their own work that they might fail to see its flaws and shortcomings. A lot of writers could learn from THAT lesson.

I like that they made most of the scenario’s Sweetie’s fault in some way. It’s harsh but in a good way. It’s nice story for Sweetie Belle with some interesting deveolpment. Plus, I loved the whole dream angle.

…Wait, someone shows a character their past, present, and future, to teach them a lesson about their ways. ..Sounds familiar….Eh, I’m sure it’s nothing.

Either way, this episode is very good. It’s interchangeable with Maud Pie, as I hard time deciding which one was better. I put this one above it cuz…people like it more. And it deserves all of it’s praise.

I gotta hand it to Dave Polsky, he did a great job this season, and this is his best work to date. If he keeps this up next season, he may replace MA Larson as best “Normal” Writer.

Not much else to say here. It’s a good episode with a solid story, great morals, and nice development for best CMC. What more could you ask for?

Also, I love the title.

And now we reach the top 3. Every list I’ve seen has the same Top 3…and this is no different. While the rest the list may have thrown you for a few loops, this will not. The only question is, which order will they be in? Let’s see…

3. Flight to the Finish

Writer: Ed Valentine

Speaking of the CMC, here’s another great CMC episode! This episode is insanely popular for two reasons. For one, it’s about Scootaloo. The other reason? Well…

The fillies and colts in Ponyville compete under Rainbow Dash’s coaching to be the town’s flag carrier for the upcoming Equestria Games. The Cutie Mark Crusaders put together an impressive routine that showcases how all three races of pony live harmoniously in Ponyville. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, who are also vying, attempt to sabotage the event by pointing out Scootaloo’s inability to fly at her age. Their plan works, and Scootaloo’s inability to fly bugs her, big time.

I’ll be honest. When this episode came out…I didn’t LOVE it. I liked it but I was confused to see that I wasn’t falling in love for it like everyone else. But after watching/reading reviews of it, and re-watching it…twice, I’m on the train. This episode is freaking awesome.

So why is so lauded? The subject matter. I’m just gonna say it: This episode is about disabilities. Scootaloo’s inability to fly, due to her wings, is very much a disability. Needless to say, this is a very mature subject to discuss in a kid’s show, much less one in the My Little Pony franchise.

And thankfully, they pulled it off perfectly. The big hing people like to mention is Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon’s …attitude. They aren’t simply confused by her disabilty. No, they single her out for it. They want to bring the CmC down, but they had no other way to do it.

“We already called them Blank Flanks!”

And so they picked on her disability, just to make her feel bad. I’m not usually on the Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon hate train, for reasons I’ve gone into before, but here…they were eviler than Tierk ever was.

I mean, he took the magic of the Unicorns, and Pegsai, but he never mocked them for it! …Anyway, as you can imagine, this gets to Scotaloo, and this leads to a very emotional story.

When I re-watched this episode for this list, (and then watched it again cuz it was just that good), I actually had not seen the Season 1-3 episodes in awhile. At least, not a lot since they first aired. So this was the first time in awhile I completely invested in the story here, on an emotional level.

Then I re-watched most of the others on here and the rest is history. Scootaloo’s disabilty gets to her, and she has the routine changed so it will give her a chance to try her hand at flying. She tries really hard to fly with her tiny wings, but it just doesn’t work.

She forces her friends to work really hard to get the routine changed, and this really has a negative effect on the new version. They get tired due to this, and they call Scootaloo out. Long story short, they fight.

This whole episode is just insanely emotional. You feel so damn bad for Scootaloo was she tries to get over her disability but just can’t. It’s a classic case of someone’s Semi-Jerk-y ness being understandable, while the others are still likable. It just gets more interesting as it goes on, leading to a very emotional climax.

And of course, we have our moral.

“Listen, Scootaloo. Maybe you’ll fly someday, or maybe you won’t. You’re all kinds of awesome anyway”.

Yeah, the lesson is that disabilities aren’t really a big deal unless you make it a big deal. In Scootaloo’s case, she’s perfectly capable of being awesome without flying. Yeah, that’s kind of an amazing lesson.

I like that they left her ability to fly ambiguous Will she ever fly? We don’t know, and this episode says it doesn’t matter either way. There’s no doubt that this is one of the most mature stories the show has done to date.

The only problem is that it takes halfway through the episode to get to this…but I don’t mind. Mostly because they had to set up the concept of them doing this whole routine based on the different type of ponies in Ponyville. So the whole no flying thing will hit even harder, and it gives the villains a bigger reason to do this outside of…the Evulz.

So while you could say they spent too much time setting up the Equestria Games, I say it’s just to rightfully set up the conflict of the episode. Besides, the stuff leading up to is still enjoyable.

Oh, and it has a great song. I won’t say too much, cuz I may have a chance to discuss it again (hint hint) but I will say that right after the song is my favorite joke in this season: At the end of the song, they jump in the air, and it pauses.

…Then there’s a close up shot where the CmC fall, realizing there’s nothing supporting them. That was hilarious.

You really have to applaud the writers for tacklng a mature subject in a kid;s show. But I must also applaud them for making it work within the story. This easily could have been A Very Special Episode, but instead it’s a very sweet story with Scoots that happens to tackle a mature subject.

THAT’S how you do it, writers.

There’s really not much else to say that hasn’t already been said. Why isn’t this ep higher despite being objectibly the best? Eh, I just ENJOY the next 2 more. This is techinlly better than the next one, but the rather heavy subject, and minor filler, make it less enjoyable for others.

But despite that, this episode was fantastic, with emotional moments, mature writing and solid development. Plus, a great song.

….I like it. What else do you want out of me?!

2. Pinkie Pride

Writer: Amy Keating Rogers and Jayson Thiessen (Story)

Yeah, obvious choice is obvious. I don’t think I’ve seen so much love for an episode since…ever. Everyone,and I mean everyone, says this is the one best episodes ever. Even the most harsh critics of the Season say it was good. That’s how good it is.

I’ve gone through various stages on my thoughts, from loving it so thinking it has flaws making it weaker than Flight to the Finish. But in the end, I put it here for a few reasons…

A party planner named Cheese Sandwich arrives in Ponyville on the same day Pinkie Pie is planning a party celebrating Rainbow Dash’s birthday and anniversary of her move to Ponyville. The townsfolk, including Pinkie’s friends, are entranced by Cheese’s partying and allow him to plan the festivities instead, leaving Pinkie dejected. Refusing to be outdone, Pinkie challenges Cheese to a “goof-off” to determine who will headline the party.

Okay, let’s just get the obvious thng out of the way: Cheese Sandwhich is voiced by Weird Al. That’s…amazing. How did we go from..

“She’s our Sweetie Burp”

to this?!

Weird Al has appeared on plenty of cartoons (Johnny Bravo, Lilo and Stitch, Wordgirl, ….annoying orange?) so it isn’t too shocking he would be in this show. But it’s still…weird.

I may as well talk about his performance first. Normal Celebrity appearances suffer from having the Cleb be either boring, shoehorned in, or both,.

Weird Al isn’t a normal celebrity. So he was awesome. This is mostly because the writers actually give Cheese a character outside of Weird Al as a Pony. He’s kind of like that, but it works. He’s not just “Goofy Weird Al” all the time.

As the episode opens, we see him observing a town in Clint Eastwood garb, with a rubber chicken on his back, talking about his next party. This sets the tone perfectly. Al manages to very serious despite having silly diakouge, and stuff like that,

This means he gets to act instead of just spouting dumb jokes. That makes his performance awesome, thus not falling into the usual traps. His character is fun and so is he, but we’ll talk more about him later.

Let’s talk about the story itself. At first glance, it seems rather cliché. New guy shows up, updataging our hero at their own game and becomes more loved. Didn’t they already do with in “Owl’s Well that Ends well”?

However, they manage to put an interesting spin on it. For one, both sides learn an important lessson. They don’t just say Cheese is the best thing. It’s just that that …anyone would follow Weird Al if he popped up, let’s be honest. Also, Rainbow is used to a Pinkie Pie party and she just liked a change of pace. She even tells Pinkie n”no offense” when she says she wants Cheese as her new party planner.

While it may seem like it, they don’t just prefer the new guy out of nowhere. However, hey do ditch Pinkie a bit too quickly, and they apologize for that. However, it’s Pinkie learns the more important lesson. In these stories the moral is “Don’t be jelly” but this has a few others along with it.

After Cheese takes her audience, Pinkie starts questioning her own worth. And after a couple minute, she sings a sad song and decides to give up. …Yeah, that’s the only flaw. Pinkie gives up WAY too quickly. However, it still works because the song is so damn good. We’ll get to that in a minute.

So Pinkie decides to upstage Cheese by challenge him to a Goof Off at high Noon…er 3:10. As in, a contest where they just goof off, and Rainbow decides who gets to plan her party. As stated in the Goof off Rulebook..

“She has a rule book for just about everything”

Long story short, no one wins because Pinkie’s antics put Rainbow in danger. Pinkie then realizes that SHE was in the wrong the whole time. She let her pride get in the way of actually making Rainbow happy with a party.

“No. I’m sorry I let my pride get in the way of you having the best birth-iversary ever. Cheese Sandwich really is a super duper party planner, and he’ll be a terrific headliner. I should’ve been a big enough pony to admit that and let you have your day. “

Usually when this type of story says our hero in a in the wrong, it falls flat. But it works here…because it’s kind of true. All Cheese did was show his stuff, and she let her pride get the better of her. But the odd thing is, you root for her because you feel bad for her. Cheese is so seemingly better that she thinks she shouldn’t be a party planner anymore.

And thanks to that sad song, we are on her side. But seeing her almost hurt Rainbow makes us realize that she was in the wrong for trying to upstage Cheese. That’s pretty impressive, really. I bet someone had found ways to say this story sucks but for me, it was way better than expected with these cliches.

Of course, they assure Pinkie that while Cheese is a great party pony, Pinkie is their best friend, and Ponyville’s peromany party pony.

“. Nopony could ever take your place, and we could never have a party without you.
“ Rainbow Dash is right. I never meant to take your place in Ponyville. “

That leads us to the twist. Spoilers, but at this point, you’ve turned away to write angry comments, if you care about spoilers.

As it turns out, Cheese became the party pony he is today, because of a party he saw in Ponyville…being thrown by Pinkie Pie.

“So I was the pony that threw the awesomely spectacular party that inspired you to become an awesome spectacular party thrower?’

Now that’s a great twist. It makes Cheese very interesting, as he was only doing this to impress his idol, in a way. His back story is interesting and this adds depth to a character I didn’t think would have any.

And so we have our happy ending, and oh look it’s a key episode. Cue polka filled credits. So yeah, this episode was awesome.

Not only is it very funny, with a great performance by Weird Al, with good songs, but it has a surprisingly good story that twists some old cliches. No one is the bad guy here, and they make you root for Pinkie while still making her in the wrong.

And oh yeah, it’s a musical episode. Not quite as big Magical Musical Cure, and while the songs in that one were better-.

…Anyone else hear an explosion?

-this was still great. The songs move the story along fine, and they are all good. Yes, Weird Al gets the best ones, and oddly enough, he didn’t wrong them. Yet he sounds like he did, which is impressive. My favorites are “Super Duper Party Pony,”, Cheese’s true intro, and “Pinkie’s Lament” the aad one. Though I also like “The Goof Off” for two reasons:

1. It has the best gag in anything ever. I won’t ven spoil it.

2. Cheese sings the Smile Song.

“That’s my song!”

‘I have no idea what you’re talking about’/

I want a Weird al pony medley. Thanks MA Larson! …I mean Meghan McCarthy. I mean Amy Keating Rogers! Bah.

It didn’t need to be a musical, even more so than MMC, but you got Weird Al, so you may as well use him. By the way ,as a side rant to the makers of the most recent itunes Soundtrack:

You had several songs, many of them sung by Weird Al. And which one made it on the soundtrack? The Auto Tuned pop song at the end no one remembers. H, i’s good in it’s own right but…seriously?

But Overall, this episode is just as great as everyone says it is. It’s funny, it’s catchy, it has a good story, and it has Weird Al. It’s just awesome.

Though to be honest, I almost put FTTF above it, for being more emotional. When it ended, I was still thinking about awesome it is. With PP, that happened, but it was more of “Well that was awesome” feeling than anything.

So why is this higher? It’s easier to enjoy, I suppose. But why, it’s awesome no matter how you slice it. It takes an odl story and makes it work, by adding good writing and Weird Al.

Not much else to say. When the Brony fandom unanimously likes something, it’s a big deal. Glad it went to an episode that deserved it.

It’s good.

So what the hell could top that? Well, the Pony savvy guys reading this may notice there’s only one notably good episode left. So yeah, you already know.

My Number one MLP Fim Season 4 episode is….

1. Twilight’s Kingdom

Writer: Meghan McCarthy

MR ENTER: zomg, Ten out of ten, best episode ever!

…Not sure if I would go that far bu HOLYSHITTHATWASAWESOME!

…Yeah, let’s talk about it.

Twilight Sparkle laments her unfulfilling duties as a princess, but Celestia, Luna, and Cadance affirm that she will have a duty to serve. News arrives that Tirek, a powerful centaurian foe from Equestria’s past, has escaped from Tartarus and is draining magic from ponies to grow stronger. They send Discord to take care of him but….well, a lot of shit ensues.

I’ll be hones. For once, I don’t know where to begin. There’s so much awesome-ness to talk about it, guys. So I aplolgoize if this section is more clutterd than the others, which is saying a lot.

I suppose I might as well narrow it down by the three main Elements that make it worth.

1. Tierk

This show has had a reptuon for hit r miss villains. Nightmare Moon was arguably the most interesting due to whole villain thing, but she wasn’t the most badass thing ever. Discord is amazing but he turned good so he doesn’t count. Queen Chrysalis is pretty awesome but some say hwer plan made no sense. Sombra is said to be boring, Sunset Shimmer is just an Alpha-Bitch, and Mane-iac wasn’t meant to be taken seriously so she doesn’t count.

People have noticed that the 2 big villains people hate (Smbra and Sunset Shimmer) were penned by Mrs McCarthy herself, so thus, it’s said that making her villains is her weakness. Yet she seems good at using villains others have created (See: Discord in Princess Twilight Sparkle, Three’s a Crowd, and this).

So she figured she may as well dig something out of the depths of G1, and we have the best villain the show has had to date. But sense he’s taken from the best Non-G4 villain, that’s not shocking.

Since I’ve kind of reviewed Triac’s debut, I may as well compare the two. They so are different, that Tirek may as well be an original villain. Tirac was mostly about scaring the crap out of people and capturing people with a rainbow of darkness, and turning them into dragons for no reason.

Tirek is more about manipulation, and getting shit down himself. Sure, Tirac did stuff but he mostly had his weird dragon monster things do to work for him, and when he went out to take over, he tasted the rainbow, going down fairly easy.

Tirek was able to get a former villain to join his side, and while he had help from him, he was still able to suck out the power from all the ponies by himself. Tirac is pretty badass, but mostly compared to what I expected.

Tirek is just badass in general. He’s an awesome presence, that can be manipulative and super powerful. I honestly saw him as a real threat, and I was on the edge of my seat as he got even more powerful, He’s just so amazing.

Sure, he aint’ got a complex back story, but a good villain just needs to be smei-interesting and BADASS to be worth my time. Besides, he kind of has a backstory. He and his brother Scropan came to Equestria to take it over, but Scoropan fell in love with the ponies (Okay, that’s directly from G1) and turned on him. So Tierk was banished into Tartus.

How did he escape? Well, in the Season 2 Episode “It’s About Time”, Cerbus left his post. Yes, that episode said that a version of HELL exists in this world. This is still for little girl’s, right?

Anyway, Tierk was able to escape due to that. Yes, a minor little thing from one episode that people forgot about, had a huge impact on the plot. Damn. Hey wait a minute. Discord was the only one who could defeat Tierk, and Twilight being an epic Alicorn was the only backup plan.

…That means Celestia had them reform Discord, and gave Twilight a test to become an Alicorn, cuz she knew about Tierk and made sure they could stop him if he gets powerful.


Anyway, the short version is that Tierk is a badass. And now onto my 2nd thing./

2. Twilight (and the Key Arc)

Twilight certainly got some development in Princess Twilight Sparkle, as they established that she would still be the same after growing wings. But here she got some of her bes t development to date.

As I said, her role as a Princess isn’t adding up to all that much. Wait, didn’t fans bitch about that, as I discused way earlier? Whoa, it was on purpose! THESE WRITERS ARE INSANE GENUISES!

….The princess assure her, through an amazing song(I won’t talk about it later, so I’ll get it out of the way now) that she is important, but Twi still isn’t sure. Then they discover the whole key thing, and Twi realizes that she hasn’t gotten hers yet.

This is where the keys thing comes in. Everyone has had their key (Rarity’s is a spool of thread, Rainbow’s is a Wonderbolts medal thing, Applejack’s is one bit, and Pinkie’s is Cheese’s Rubber chicken, boneless) in those episodes, and here they tell us that. We were the ones that figure it out, the show hadn’t said that yet.

I put the Key Arc up there, as I didn’t want to mention it anywhere else. This episode resolves it in a very nice way. While the other members of the Mane 6 don’t do a lot in this episode, they do a lot in the other episodes that affects this one. They did something involving their elements, and they got something that will help open the box. So they pretty much did their share of the work, so get off your lazy ass, Miss Sparkle!

…So yeah, the key thing was cool here. Before has a chance to think twice about the keys, Tierk shows up and starts taking all the magic. And loooong story short, the princesses give Twilight their magic, so she hide it from Tierk. Too bad they forgot that there is a little picture of Twilight right in that big ass room. Good thing he missed it until the plot told him too.

Despite that nitpick, doing this made sense for reasons Enter went into. As a side note, which his review if you have questions I skip over. That, and it’s one of the best reviews of anything ever.

Twilight hides but eventually Tierk finds him thanks to that pictu”re, and…he blows up her tree/library.


“None of those ponies had anything valuable enough to trade for my books. Not because these books belong to a princess, but because they helped make me who I am…..I may not ever need to read these again, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have value.”


Holy shit, this was awesome. That thing was the center of a lot of adventures for her, and it’s just…gone! I thought that soing this was an awesome move on their part.

…Yes, I know about the petition. Don’t remind me.

So Twilight gets mad? How Mad? She runs at him AND BLASTS HIM WITH A FUCKING BADASS Beam. And then it leads to an epic DBZ fight scenes that ruins the landscape, and has them blasting each other left and right!


….Sorry. But let’s think about this for a minute. This show has had figt scenes before, but this scene has bee n compare to Anime, like Dragonball Z. DRAGONBAL Z! MY LITTLE PONY CAN BE TRUTHULLY COMPARED TO DBZ!

That is amazing. It’s the best fight scene in MLP. And I love that I can say “Fight scene” and “MLP” in the same sentence!

…Anyway , long story shorty, stuff with Discord happens, and they get the key to open the box. And it contains a badass rainbow power which they use to blast Tierk into hell for good. This is almost as awesome, though I will agree that the rainbow powers look kind of dumb.

In the end, Twilight finally realizes that she has a role in Equestria: Princess of Friendship. Meaning, she has the power to unite people as friends. So she went from Bookworm who knew nothing about friendship into an Alicorn Princesses who can harnesses enough power to fight an epic villain, and unite ponies as friends.


Her development in this episode was really good. It was on it;s own, addresses something that bugged fans, but it really capped off everything she had learned in the past 4 Seasons. It has wonderful and it showed just why Twilight is best pony.

…But Fluttershy is still my favorite.

And last, but certaintly not least.

3. Disord

Speaking of development, holy crap. Any complaints I had about KCAFO are gone, cuz this did the same arc 1000000 times better.

Tierk uses the old trick of telling the reformed villain that is weaker now, and that he should be a bad guy again. Discord had shown to faithful now, at least to Fluttershy (see, he’s on my side) so why does he change sides like that?

Well the rest of the episode makes that clears. Discord had a nice friendship going on, but he didn’t have the true power he did before. Tierk offers some power AND friendship, so Discord gives in and becomes evil.

Now, people have been arguing over whether Discord had a plan or not. What do I think? I think he’s Discord, and he was doing whatever Discord wants. I think at first he planned to betray Tierk latter, but got sucked into his promises of friendship But he payed the price later.

But before that, he captured and mane 6 ,and we had this moment:

“Surely you must have seen this coming”

FLUTTERSHY: I didn’t. I really didn’t.

God. Damn. It. It may seem small, but it lines up with the most emotional moments in the whole series. Applejack holds Fluttershy as she cries during this, and the look on her face say DISCORD YOU WILL DIE.


As expected, Tierk turns on him, even though he gave Discord a freaking medal as a sign of their friendship. And he takes away Discord’s magic to make it worse.

APPLEJACK: Surely you saw this comin’.

“I didn’t. I truly didn’t.”

Look, there’s only so many times I can GOD FUCKING DAMNIT in one post. It’s…heartbreaking to say the least.

And then we have this bit later on, as Discord is captured along with everypony else:

“We aren’t worth it!”

“Oh, but you are, Fluttershy. You’re the pony that taught me that friendship is magic. -I had magic and friendship, and now I don’t have either.”

Yeah, this is one of the msot amazing things ever. You get it. And to cap it off, after Twilight gives up her power to Tierk in exchange for her friends…

“Tirek tricked me into believing that he could offer me something more valuable than friendship. But there is nothing worth more. I see that now. He lied when he said that this medallion was given as a sign of gratitude and loyalty. But when I say that it is a sign of our true friendship, I am telling the truth.”

Okay, I’ll cut to the chase. Discord’s development is excellent here. His stuff in Keep Clam was okay but this is what it should have been. Wait, people said that KCAFO should have been 2 parter, to flesh out his reformation.

…Meghan McCarthy, you insane genius.

Every step of the way, his development was incredible. He really did learn that nothing is worth more than friendship, and he learned it the hard way,. It has many heart breaking moments, and it’s just awesome.

Infact, this may be the most story arc we’ve seen in the shoo. Yes, really. And those are my main 3 points, and in the process I just gushed about single little thing in this episode.

Yeah, sorry this was so ….cluttered. Let’s just wrap this up. There’s another song, that’s catchy I suppose, where we see all the characters from the key episodes that lead us here. Yes, even …the Breezies, which is weird since this happening cuz a rainbow is spreading all over the land, the Breezies are kind of in another realm. Dimension traveling rainbow?

When the song ends, so does the episode. It’s a bit rushed, but it works. And it’s only a nitpick n this otherwise amazing episode.

I’ve pretty much said everything I need to say. But I need to address one more thing. A lot of people say that the two parters are a lot alike, and this episode was just checking the boxes. Silver Quill even made a Mad ibs for it!

While I do agree they tend to hit the same notes, I didn’t realize it until someone pointed it oiut. And honestly, this does it better than the others. Mostly because it gave Twilight’s dilemma lot more weight, it gives us extra development with Discord, and it raises the stakes, making us care more.

And it has one of the best fight scenes ever, showing off some of the best flash animation I’ve ever seen in my life. So now, it isn’t “Calculated” at all.

And that’s part of why it’s so good. It takes the traitors of the other 2 parters and takes it up to 11. It makes it stand out, and I like that.

Well, I think I’ve gushed enough. I pretty much spoiled every little scene, as I always do. Overall, this Season Finale was fantastic. It had a great story, great development, great conclusion to a story arc, and great….everything!

From the minor Comedy moments, to the epic fight scene, it has everything I could want. While all the other episodes on this list hit my good buttons, either for Comedy or Emotion, this one had the latter in spades. It had many “big dumb smile on my face” moments, which only Flight to the Finish accomplished prior.

I’m not sure if it’s my favorite episode , I would need to re-watch some to decide, but it’s still amazing. Al that and more makes this finale, the episode episode of this awesome Season.

And that was my list. Hope you enjoyed me stating everything everyone else has said, and spoiling everything or those not into the show yet. Overall, it was a great Season with a lot of fantastic moments, and proof the show is only getting better.

I’m very much looking forward to Season 5, and what it has in store. I mean, it will have Episode 100! That’s gonna be awesome I the mean time, we always have Rainbow Rocks!

..I’m kind of looking forward to it.

Now, you may wondering: What are my favorite episodes of the other Season? Well..


See ya.

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